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FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 13

Part 13 –Destiny

“Bhai, when you fall in love, you will not be able to stay away from her. You will feel an intense unexplainable pull to her…”

“What nonsense Anji…” he stated

“… You will be happy when she will be happy, and sadness will engulf your heart when tears will flow from her eyes..” Anjali continued as if he had not interrupted at all.

“Me sad? Because somebody else is crying? Are you serious Anji?” He said with mirth

“Yes!! You! Trust me it will happen! Moreover If somebody else will touch her, you will feel like ripping that person’s arms! You will feel happiness, sadness, protectiveness, jealously just because of that one person…You can laugh right now but it will happen one day!” Anjali retorted

Arnav shut his eyes as he remembered Anji’s words from earlier. He did want her to be happy and felt like to shielding her and protecting her. He remembered the time the power had gone out, how tender and protective he had felt towards her! And he certainly wanted to sock NK for being so near her! His blood boiled every time he touched her..Did that mean that he..

FU*K!  his mind denied the unsaid words… This can’t be…. He rejected the idea instantaneously! He refused to be governed by trifle things like emotions and destiny. He Arnav Singh Raizada did not believe in love and he was certainly not going to be ruled by it . He made his own rules! He carved his own destiny! Enough of her thoughts dominating him! He did not give that power to anybody! Nobody! If she wanted to be with NK, then that was her prerogative. Nothing he would loose sleep about! With that rationalization, he decided to proceed ahead with the evening, failing to understand a simple matter that destiny could not be planned,  carved or controlled!


Khushi was well aware that she looked attractive when she made an effort to dress up. Usually she did not bother with the shenanigans, unless she walked on the ramp. However today was a different matter!  For today’s dinner celebrations, she had gone the entire way , and dressed up to the hilt. She was wearing a very short red satin dress that embraced and loved her curves, showcasing her gorgeous body to the hilt. She had paired it black high stilettos that made her already long legs look endless. Her hair was brushed till it shone and lay like a curtain of silk on her back. Her eyes were done with dark smoky look that cast a mysterious, alluring spell over her eyes. And her lips were colored in nude, deliberately drawing the eyes to the contrast between the scarlet of her dress and the nude of her lips. In short she was dressed to kill and her most important accessory was the fearless,  defiant, attitude exuding from her eyes.

NK let out a slow  wolf whistle on seeing Khushi. “Oh my my Khushi! Who do you plan to kill today? You look fantastic! And that’s an understatement.” NK said, pure admiration lacing his voice. Khushi smiled at NK, happy to have found an unexpected alley in him. He had been so supportive since evening; he was a good person and even better friend. “Thanks NK!” she replied. NK admired Khushi and had a massive crush on her since college days, however meeting her last few times and especially today, he had understood her interest lay elsewhere. If he was not mistaken she was smitten with Anajli’s brother. He also felt there was something from Arnav’s side too as every time Arnav had seen Khushi with NK, he had felt waves of intense dislike bouncing towards him from Arnav. But he could not understand where Lavanya fit in. Anyways that was none of his business, all he knew that he did not want to see Khushi sad. If she could not return the same feelings he experienced, he at least wanted to be a good friend to her. 

“Khushi, it’s your best friends’ birthday…smile and if that is not a reason enough, you are in the presence of the the one and only great NK…you have got to smile…” making Khushi burst out laughing..  “Now that’s like a good girl…” NK replied with a laugh

A table for 6 had been set out under the stars, the ocean and the frothy waves providing a spectacular setting for an intimate gathering. Subdued lighting in the Cabana, cast soft shadows on everything it touched. Slow soulful music played by the live band lent a dreamy and a romantic ambiance to the restaurant. The food prepared by the chef was top-notch and to top it off, Arnav had ordered a bottle of Dom Perignon to mark the milestone of Anjali's 25th birthday. Nevertheless to say Anjali had better birthdays was a total understatement. 

The tension between Khushi and her brother was very palpable. Arnav openly scowled at Khushi, while throwing daggers at NK every now and then. Lavanya was constantly touching Arnav, leaning on him while laughing or touching and stroking his arm on pretext of wanting something. Khushi on the other hand was talking  animatedly to everybody with the exception of her brother. She also avoided looking at Lavnaya who was touching Arnav and she rarely drank, but today she was quite liberal with the champagne. Anjali sighed at the situation and went back to talking with Shyam.


Arnav was in a dark brooding mood. Khushi was looking magnificent, he couldn't take his eyes off her at all, but she was talking incessantly to NK and totally ignoring him. If there was one thing he could not tolerate, was somebody ignoring him, and especially if that somebody was her. As if this was not enough to grate on his nerves, the bumbling idiot of a waiter had spilled some water on Khushi’s dress.  And since NK was sitting right next to her, he had helped her mope the water, touching her bare legs in the process. It had taken all of Arnav’s will power and then some more, to not throw out NK from there. It was Anji’s birthday and he did not want to ruin it with a fistfight.

Khushi felt his intense heated stare on her through out the meal but she was determined to ignore it. What did he think of himself? First he ignored her completely in the car and now he was openly staring at her in front of everybody! Well let him! She didn’t care or at least she would pretend not to. However after a couple hours of pretending, her head was starting to reel and she excused herself to go to the restroom.

Seeing her get up, he excused himself too, finding a perfect opportunity to talk to her. He pulled her towards him as she came from the ladies room, “Let’s dance..”

“No” she defiantly replied

“I was not asking you!” He said pulling her in his arms and molding her body close to his. His one hand was holding her at the base of her spine, other buried in her hair.

“Let me go” she said in anger

“No” he flatly replied

I was not asking you!” She retorted, mimicking his earlier words…

She was in his arms, fighting back with him! Finally he felt alive... “Well…Still the answer is no. You are staying where you are.”

She tried pulling away from him, only to find him yank her even more closer to his body. They were pressed so flush against each other that even air would not be able to pass between them. Khushi gasped, a shiver ran down her spine as his  hand moved lower to caress and cup one of her buttock cheeks. “Arnav stop please, what are you doing? Everybody will see us.” Khushi said with a whimper

“So, let them” he replied caring a fig about who would see them.

“Arnav please.”

He laughed aloud without mirth. “Ahh I see now, you don’t want your lover boy to see you like this with me…” he said in a derisive tone.

Khushi stilled, drawing a deep breath before harshly retorting back  “No I was more thinking on the lines of Lavanya. Otherwise you might spoil your chances for fun later in the night ”

He swore under his breath and tightened his hold on her. “Don’t drag Lavanya in to this and change the subject…What’s going on between you and NK?” he hissed

“It is none of your business!” she snapped.

“I am going to repeat one more time…listen carefully. Everything about you is my business…what is between you and NK? Why was he holding your hand?” he asked very close to loosing his patience

“And I am going to repeat one last time…listen carefully…It’s none of your business… He can hold my hand, or kiss me, or do whatever he likes! That is between me and him!” she retorted back, almost shouting at him in the process

Arnav started to see red at her words. He glowered at her darkly for a good minute before taking his phone and calling Anji…”Anji, Khushi is not feeling that well, I think she has had too much to drink. I am taking her back. No need for you guys to break up the party…you guys continue…Ok munchkin?”

“Sure bhai…. Take care of your Khushi…er I mean Khushi” and smiled her first genuine smile after she had entered the restaurant, knowing everything would be OK between them. “Honey, we are staying her for a long time, you want to order more drinks for everybody?” she sweetly asked Shyam. “But you said just minutes ago that let’s leave when Khushi comes back” asked Shyam in a puzzled tone.

“Well I have changed my mind…and they are not coming back” she told him with a wink. “Lavanya, bhai was telling me about this great venture you had started….” she gushed at Lavanya making Lavanya talk for a long long time…

“Let’s go Khushi.”  Arnav commanded. “I am not going anywhere with you.” She retorted back, intending to stay put right there.

“Khushi let’s go…don’t test my patience…” He said through clenched teeth

“I am not going with you…let’s see what you are going to do about it…” but before she could finish her sentence Arnav had lifted her over his shoulder and started walking towards the car. Khushi was struggling constantly, alternating between ‘put me down’ and cursing at him under her breath, the alcohol loosening her tongue. 

“Khushi stop struggling else I am going to give your bottom a good spanking” he threatened, patting her butt once in warning.

Khushi immediately stilled and stopped struggling and looked at him with a sullen pout. Arnav had a sudden urge to spank her once more and see her pout again, but he ignored it for the moment and drove her to the cottage, heading straight for his room, locking the door and dumping her in his bed.

“So what were you saying Khushi about you and NK? He asked her with a dangerous softness

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