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FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 14

Part 14 - Love
Arnav headed straight for his room, locked the door and dumped Khushi on his bed.  “So Khushi, what were you saying about you and NK?" He asked her with a dangerous softness.

Khushi bristled at the way he was behaving with her. Who did he think he was… “I said NK can hold my hands if he wants to and he can..”

“KHUSHI!! be very careful of what you are saying…” he commanded in menacing tone

“Why you laat governor!” yelled Khushi “You think I am scared of you! I said If NK wants to kiss…” but she could not go further as at that instance she found herself being hauled from the bed and pushed and pinned to the wall. “Care to say it one more time?” He dared her coldly.

Khushi looked at him speechlessly, momentarily dazed at his actions, before the fire returned back. “Looks like you have a hearing problem, I said NK can…” but before she could complete her words, her mouth was captured by his in a merciless kiss. He pressed his lips on to hers, and nipped her bottom lip to gain access in her mouth. He plunged his tongue ruthlessly inside her mouth, and kissed her relentlessly till she could not stop her body responding to the raw passion in this kiss. A moan escaped her and her hands went around the nape of his neck to deepen the kiss. However he abruptly broke the kiss and looked at her. “Don't ever think you can say that again! You belong to me! And this..” and he gave another hard kiss on her mouth and continued “belongs to me… do you understand?”

Khushi refused to answer him back, trying hard to control her body’s response to him. Her muteness incensed him further and he lowered his head to her neck, sucking and biting the delicate flesh there, making her moan again. His hands moved lower and deftly opened the buttons of her dress and pushed his hands inside the bra to cup her bare breasts and mold them. He tweaked her nipples, plucking them making her close her eyes in pleasure and helplessly moan out his name. “This also belongs to me…do you understand? Do you?”

Khushi couldn’t help herself this time, she moaned his name, lost under the heavenly feel of his hands.

“Say you belong to me..” he whispered hoarsely, his eyes on her face which reflected the pleasure she was feeling.

“I belong to you Arnav” she whimpered

Arnav was soothed a little, but still not completely appeased. His hands moved still lower, slid inside her dress and palmed her femininity through her panties. Khushi squealed at the foreign touch at her most private part and tried to close her legs and push his hands away. But he thrust his leg in between hers, keeping her legs parted for him and keeping her accessible to him. He slowly moved his hands back and forth, deliberately arousing her, all the while keeping his eyes on her face. He saw her pupils dilate with pleasure at his touch and knew she was lost. He ruthlessly asked her again, “Who does this belong to?”

“You Arnav..”  she said helplessly

“Say it one more time…” he commanded his hands continuing the sensual assault.

“You..You” she moaned

“Only me?” he asked insatiably

“Yes, only you Arnav…” she moaned.

Touching her femininity, seeing her spontaneously respond to him was taking him over the edge and right now he did not want to feel vulnerable. “Good! Remember that next time.” He said and moved back feeling finally placated.

Khushi looked back with confusion and discontent, feeling bereft at the loss of his touch. Seeing him  move away so effortlessly after making his point made her finally loose it. She erupted like a volcano, and all the unsatisfied desire, anger, frustration from the day exploded. She pulled him back and yelled “Fine! I belong to you…Happy!!!” “Nobody else has touched me besides you.. Happy?”  she shouted. “And I don’t even like if anybody else touches me..” she continued shouting. “Only you make me want and crave these..these things…Are you happy now??”

He took a deep breath at her words, feeling sadistically happy and elated hearing her her violent confession. However she continued on. “But you have no such problems do you…?” she shouted, shoving him to the wall, the roles seeming to be reversed now.

“What….” he asked in astonishment

“Oh…ASR can you please pass me the salt...”  she said, caressing his arms and batting her eyelashes at him in an accurate imitation of Lavanya…

“Oh ASR, you are too funny…” she said, with a fake laugh but leaning on him in the process and pressing her breasts on him.

Arnav was stunned. She was jealous of Lavanya! Actually jealous of Lavanya! Her confession that she only liked his touch combined with her jealousy of Lavanya made him feel immensely exalted and a powerful rush of emotion surged through him. Good! He was not the only one suffering; he was not the only one burning! He felt  too gratified to see this possessive and jealous side of Khushi and was not ready to let this end so soon.

“It’s nothing like that Khushi, I am sure she does not mean anything..” he said, knowing that his denial to acknowledge it will make her more incensed. “Oh really! how about this then?” she muttered furiously. She grabbed him and pushed him roughly on the bed and walked towards him pretending to trip and softly landed on his lap. “Oh..I am so sorry ASR to land in your lap and rub myself against you.”  she cooed with phony sweetness.

A laugh escaped his throat at her words, riling Khushi even further. She pushed him on the bed and lay herself on top of him. The see-saw of emotions from the entire day, combined with the effect of alcohol, making her very bold.

“If I belong to you, then you, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada belong to me, and this belongs to me!” she said and kissed him passionately on his mouth, biting his lips and thrusting her tongue in his mouth, just the way he had done it. Arnav uttered a guttural moan at the first feel of her tongue in his mouth. She flicked open a couple of buttons on his shirt and pushed her hand inside, feeling the hard muscled of his chest under her hands. She grazed his nipples, with her nails, and retorted. “This is mine too, do you understand?” Arnav closed his eyes shut, as intense pleasure coursed through his body. He clenched his fist asking for more patience from her gods. 

However Khushi was not over her outburst. She moved her hands lower and cupped his maleness, gently squeezing him, “This is mine too…do you understand?” A raw animalistic moan escaped him and he couldn’t control it any more.  He flipped her over so that he lay completely on her his and for a moment he seemed to be fighting something within himself. He silently stood up coming to a decision, pulled her up, and led her towards the patio door and on to the beach. 

“Arnav?” She looked at him questioningly, surprised by his unexpected action. But he did not answer and quietly led her along till they were on a secluded cove on the beach.

“Anji and I used to come here to this beach as kids with our parents before they….” he paused unable to continue. He took a deep breath and continued. “We used to set up a campfire at this cove and roast marshmallows,” he said his face softening with memories. “Anji and I always used to fight over who would get more marshmallows and I would not fight fair and would always get more…and then Anji would whine and complain to my mom. My mom however never got angry at me but rather talked me into sharing with her, telling me that Anji was younger and next year, she was sure that I would get more. I would then ask her how she knew that. And she would reply that  she knew because I was special and she loved me very much...”

“After my parents died, my body couldn't handle sugar and I can never ever eat marshmallows again. I…I..have many flaws”… he said, “ not being able to control my temper, not being able to ever express myself, not playing fair, always wanting to win, just the least of them."

"You may not want me to belong to you Khushi” he said in a strangled whispered. 

“Oh Arnav..” Khush cried, her heart wept for the small boy who was still trapped in there, who still wanted to be loved and indulged. “Arnav, look there..” she murmured pointing to the stars. “I believe my parents have turned into stars after they died. See! that one over there is my mother, and the other one next to that is my father. You know Arnav, that one shining brightly over there must be your mom, watching over you, making sure that she is always with you, watching over you, proud of you...”

“You think.. you think she would be proud of me, proud of what I have become?” He achingly asked

“Yes Arnav…” she whispered. She hugged him, gently kissing him on his cheeks, his eyelids, and his hair. She kissed his lips, gently licking and sucking his bottom lips, loving him generously, unconditionally, asking back for nothing in return. Arnav eventually pulled her in to him and savagely took her mouth with his, letting himself feel emotions he had always denied. The kiss went on for eternity or for a moment, none of them could say. The kiss was timeless, tinged with their newly realized love. 

The tenor of the kiss slowly changed as Arnav pulled her more close, his hands roaming all over her back and his hands slid inside her dress to touch her bare buttocks and squeeze them and pull her direct contact with him. Arnav drew apart and haggardly whispered against her hair, “Khushi..I want to see you baby…”

Khushi looked at him questioningly with a confused expression.

“I want to see you…just you..will you let me?” He murmured 

Khushi trembled a little at his request, but did not deny him.. she stepped back a little and unbuttoned her dress and slid it down. She unclasped her bra and cast it away, unable to look him in the eye anymore. She took a deep breath and before her courage deserted her, slid down the last of her item and stood bare before his eyes.

Arav’s breath caught in his throat at seeing her naked. Her face glowed in moonlight, her eyes closed in shyness as she offered herself to him. Her full breasts were inviting him to taste her and worship her with his mouth and her femininity..oh god! her femininity making him ache and throb harder than he ever had in his entire life.  “Look at me Khushi..” he husikily commanded, catching her chin in his fingers and making her meet his eyes. “ Khushi, I have never seen a more lovely sight,  you are magnificent!” he murmured with reverence.

Khushi quivered at his words, unable to take the heat in his eyes and plastered herself to him, hiding her face in the crook of his neck.  Arnav groaned her name, loosing the last vestige of control at the feel of her soft her soft naked body pressed against his… “Aah.. Khushi… … you don’t know what you are inviting…” he rasped and took her mouth in an urgent kiss..

Lavanya was happily talking to Anjali when she realized that it had been a long time since Arnav and Khushi were missing. “Anjali, where is ASR?” she asked.
“Oh..Khushi was not feeling well, so he went to drop her to the cottage.” She said
“It’s high time he should be back now.. don’t you think?” she asked
“Oh, he is not coming back.” She replied, watching Lavanya carefully

“What?” Lavanya’s first reaction was to shake Anjali for withholding that information from her for so long. But she controlled herself in time. She looked at NK, trying to gauge his reaction to this information, but he did not seem to be that disturbed. Whatever! She would have to carry out the plan herself, she thought. Tomorrow was the last night in the cottage and she would have to make most of it. Things were getting out of hands, so it would not be her fault if she used extreme measures. She was not ready to part with ASR under any circumstances.

She smiled at Anjali and said “Oh, I see. Maybe we should all head to the cottage now? Tomorrow is a big day too…”

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