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A job for Khushi - OS

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Should she talk to him? Should she broach the topic with her husband today? Khushi was walking in her room, pondering in an agitated state of mind. Finally deciding to bite the bullet, she approached her husband who was furiously pounding at the computer by the poolside.

"Arnavji.." approached Khushi
"Hmm" came his non committal reply
"Arnavji I need to talk to you'"
"Ya, I am listening" he said without lifting his eyes off his laptop..

"Woh Arnavji, I was thinking since many days to do something. I wanted to take up some kind of work. I have so much time on my hands and wanted to something worthwhile..."

"OK'" he said

"Arnavji are you even listening to me?" Khushi pouted at her husband who was still looking at the computer

"Ya, I am listening...continue'" he said his eyes glued to his laptop

"So as I was saying I want to do some work, take up some kind of a job." she said in a defiant tone.

"Ok come to AR Fashions, we can find something for you to do there..some kind of admin or accounting work.." he said

"No.. No.. Arnavji I want to do something with my own hands. See, I liked the tiffin service, I got make food with my own hands. I also loved making diyas with Lavanyaji that we did by ourselves...

"I want to do some kind of hand job.." she naively said

That got his  full attention, his eyes jerked up at her words "What the!! What did you just say?"

"What do you mean what the Arnavji.. You heard what I said. And I am going to do it, no matter what you say." she said her voice rising defiantly

Khushi did you just say you want to do a 'hand job'??? he asked incredulously 

"YES!! so what!!  Is it a crime? And not necessarily a hand job, any job will do, but I prefer to do something to do with my hands..."  

"Not necessarily a hand job... any job will do'" he repeated her words, trying hard to smother his laughter at what she was saying

"And why suddenly this need to do er..a job ?" he asked with mischief sparking in his eyes 

"Arnavji, you didn't listen to a single word I said earlier! Fine I will repeat for you! I have so much time and energy during the day, i thought i should do something different...

"yes, preferably with your hands..something different.." Arnav completed with a wide smirk, his imagination getting more wilder by the minute..

Khushi frowned..something was not right, why was this laat governor smirking so much...

"And when would you do er.. 'this job' Khushi? What if it starts interfering in our lives?" Arnav asked further keeping a straight face

"Oh don't worry at all, I will do it during the day time. It won't disturb our life I promise. When you come back in the evening, everything will the same, I won't get tired..." she said earnestly trying to convince her husband

"I see" he muttered closing his laptop and getting up. "Let's go Khushi" he said, taking her by her hand and pulling her in their room.

"Where  are we going Arnavji? asked Khushi feeling utterly confused

"Well Khushi, I have a 'job' for you to do," he said with full blown laughter, a naughty look gleaming in his eyes as he pulled her inside and shut the doors..

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Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 15

Part 15 –  Cracks
Arnav looked at the girl sleeping next to him… no, not a girl, but a woman now, in all senses. She looked so beautiful, so ethereal, so innocent, however she had astounded him with the generosity of her body and spirit a few hours ago. She had opened to him, welcomed him, both with her heart and with her body, braving the pain, as he had loved her, as he had became her first man. 

“… Khushi, are you sure? ”
“… Yes Arnav please don’t stop…love me… ”
“… Khushi, it will hurt a little baby…Look at me Khushi…Look into my eyes…Stay with me Khushi…”
“…Aah Arnav, I am….I am going to…I can’t hold on anymore…” 

She had come in his arms, not once, not twice but three times, all the time moaning his name aloud. It had taken all his strength to not thrust into her and claim his pleasure. He was her first, he knew that….but in some ways she was his first too. He had never made love to a virgin before. Every woman he had gone out with knew the score. They knew what he expected of them, what they expected of him. It was a relationship based on selfish mutual expectations, however there was nothing remotely selfish in what happened with him and Khushi few hours ago

“…Khushi, are you OK?” He asked his desire for her still not sated…
“Yes, I am fine Arnav”
“I meant, are you sore there?”
“oh…A little…” she replied blushing prettily
At that he had pulled her closer and hugged her, intending to snuggle off and sleep with her but had been taken with surprise at her next words
“Arnav…Can I.. you know the other day you told me…” she paused stammering and faltering, unable to continue..
“What baby? …you know you can ask me anything…Don’t be shy..”
“Arnav...can I…Can I....I want to kiss you there…” she asked hesitantly, her head burrowed in his chest…
He drew in a harsh breath and shuddered as pleasure rippled through and started to tell her that she didn’t have to when he felt her first hesitant touch of her mouth on him
“…Arnav …what do you like…teach me”
He had groaned and pushed his hands in her head to show what he liked, finally splintering into oblivion at her loving ministrations….

That was few hours ago and looking at her lying next to him, the beast within him growled again. He caressed her lips with his, to which she immediately responded by moaning his name in her sleep and moving towards him. He found his body stirring unbearably, amazed at how he could not get enough of her!  But not today, today he needed to go slow with her.
“Khushi Baby wake up…”
“ummm….I need to sleep..”
“Sweetheart wake up, its morning ”
She was barely able to get up and replied drowsily “umm..let me sleep” she mumbled
“Sweetheart it’s morning and you asked me to wake you up..”
Khushi rubbed her eyes and slowly stirred into wakefulness... “I am feeling so tired” she muttered hazily and blushed prettily at hearing Arnav’s wolfish reply to the reason…

“Smile and say cheese everybody,” NK said as he was taking pictures and video of everybody to create memories for Anjali’s birthday. They were sitting at the dining table eating breakfast and Anji asked Khushi if she was feeling better and she if slept well. Khushi involuntarily looked at Arnav and blushed before replying to Anjali that she had slept very well. Arnav smiled at the answer as images of her soft warm body snuggled against his filled him, rousing his desire for her once more.

Before this thoughts could go any further, they were interrupted by Lavanya’s loud voice “Anjali, NK & I have a surprise for your birthday… everybody let’s go to the living room” and she dragged everybody near the big screen TV as she put a DVD in from a stack of DVDs lying next to it.

The big screen TV flashed images of a younger Anjali, Arnav celebrating Anji’s birthday. The next clip showed a clip few years  later, Arnav now sporting a beard wishing Anjali happy birthday and then Shyam entering and lifting her off the ground to wish her. Everybody was laughing at the old video clips that Lavanya had collected for Anji’s birthday when suddenly the screen showed an  image of Arnav lying on top of Lavanya on a bed. Arnav was kissing Lavanya hard on her mouth as his hips rocked her up and down…” Does this feel good baby?” “Aah… yes ASR..” moaned Lavanya and then the rhythm changed to a faster one and Lavanya’s moans became more high pitched….

“OH NO!! DAMN” Lavanya swore as she tried switching off the TV, and then finally yanked the wires out, her cheeks red with embarrassment…”I am sorry for the mix-up…” she squeaked to nobody in particular, tears running down her eyes as she ran to her room and closed the door shut.  She leaned against the door and a slow smile spread across her face. “Part A of the plan… check.”

Everybody in the room broke up in a burst, trying to cover the embarrassing moment in sudden flurry of conversation with the exception of one person. Khushi sat still, her face deathly pale as if all blood had been drawn away from it. Her heart twisted with pain as the images of him with her replayed in her mind over and over again . A sob broke from her throat as she got up to flee to the sanctuary of her room…

“Khushi…” Arnav called after her..

But she didn’t listen to him lest she break down in front of him… She quickly went to the room, oblivious of other people’s sympathetic looks, bolted the door and holed up in the corner as sobs racked her body. Pain like she had never known plagued her body as she cried mindlessly to escape it… What had she done…She had given into him…She loved him, but this was a normal occurrence for him, nothing special. She would last for a little while for him…but her heart was forever branded as his for the rest of her life... More tears poured out of her as her heart cried out his name. 
She ignored it just as she ignored a voice outside her door calling her name…

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Note on FF Soulmates & Bedmates


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FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 14

Part 14 - Love
Arnav headed straight for his room, locked the door and dumped Khushi on his bed.  “So Khushi, what were you saying about you and NK?" He asked her with a dangerous softness.

Khushi bristled at the way he was behaving with her. Who did he think he was… “I said NK can hold my hands if he wants to and he can..”

“KHUSHI!! be very careful of what you are saying…” he commanded in menacing tone

“Why you laat governor!” yelled Khushi “You think I am scared of you! I said If NK wants to kiss…” but she could not go further as at that instance she found herself being hauled from the bed and pushed and pinned to the wall. “Care to say it one more time?” He dared her coldly.

Khushi looked at him speechlessly, momentarily dazed at his actions, before the fire returned back. “Looks like you have a hearing problem, I said NK can…” but before she could complete her words, her mouth was captured by his in a merciless kiss. He pressed his lips on to hers, and nipped her bottom lip to gain access in her mouth. He plunged his tongue ruthlessly inside her mouth, and kissed her relentlessly till she could not stop her body responding to the raw passion in this kiss. A moan escaped her and her hands went around the nape of his neck to deepen the kiss. However he abruptly broke the kiss and looked at her. “Don't ever think you can say that again! You belong to me! And this..” and he gave another hard kiss on her mouth and continued “belongs to me… do you understand?”

Khushi refused to answer him back, trying hard to control her body’s response to him. Her muteness incensed him further and he lowered his head to her neck, sucking and biting the delicate flesh there, making her moan again. His hands moved lower and deftly opened the buttons of her dress and pushed his hands inside the bra to cup her bare breasts and mold them. He tweaked her nipples, plucking them making her close her eyes in pleasure and helplessly moan out his name. “This also belongs to me…do you understand? Do you?”

Khushi couldn’t help herself this time, she moaned his name, lost under the heavenly feel of his hands.

“Say you belong to me..” he whispered hoarsely, his eyes on her face which reflected the pleasure she was feeling.

“I belong to you Arnav” she whimpered

Arnav was soothed a little, but still not completely appeased. His hands moved still lower, slid inside her dress and palmed her femininity through her panties. Khushi squealed at the foreign touch at her most private part and tried to close her legs and push his hands away. But he thrust his leg in between hers, keeping her legs parted for him and keeping her accessible to him. He slowly moved his hands back and forth, deliberately arousing her, all the while keeping his eyes on her face. He saw her pupils dilate with pleasure at his touch and knew she was lost. He ruthlessly asked her again, “Who does this belong to?”

“You Arnav..”  she said helplessly

“Say it one more time…” he commanded his hands continuing the sensual assault.

“You..You” she moaned

“Only me?” he asked insatiably

“Yes, only you Arnav…” she moaned.

Touching her femininity, seeing her spontaneously respond to him was taking him over the edge and right now he did not want to feel vulnerable. “Good! Remember that next time.” He said and moved back feeling finally placated.

Khushi looked back with confusion and discontent, feeling bereft at the loss of his touch. Seeing him  move away so effortlessly after making his point made her finally loose it. She erupted like a volcano, and all the unsatisfied desire, anger, frustration from the day exploded. She pulled him back and yelled “Fine! I belong to you…Happy!!!” “Nobody else has touched me besides you.. Happy?”  she shouted. “And I don’t even like if anybody else touches me..” she continued shouting. “Only you make me want and crave these..these things…Are you happy now??”

He took a deep breath at her words, feeling sadistically happy and elated hearing her her violent confession. However she continued on. “But you have no such problems do you…?” she shouted, shoving him to the wall, the roles seeming to be reversed now.

“What….” he asked in astonishment

“Oh…ASR can you please pass me the salt...”  she said, caressing his arms and batting her eyelashes at him in an accurate imitation of Lavanya…

“Oh ASR, you are too funny…” she said, with a fake laugh but leaning on him in the process and pressing her breasts on him.

Arnav was stunned. She was jealous of Lavanya! Actually jealous of Lavanya! Her confession that she only liked his touch combined with her jealousy of Lavanya made him feel immensely exalted and a powerful rush of emotion surged through him. Good! He was not the only one suffering; he was not the only one burning! He felt  too gratified to see this possessive and jealous side of Khushi and was not ready to let this end so soon.

“It’s nothing like that Khushi, I am sure she does not mean anything..” he said, knowing that his denial to acknowledge it will make her more incensed. “Oh really! how about this then?” she muttered furiously. She grabbed him and pushed him roughly on the bed and walked towards him pretending to trip and softly landed on his lap. “Oh..I am so sorry ASR to land in your lap and rub myself against you.”  she cooed with phony sweetness.

A laugh escaped his throat at her words, riling Khushi even further. She pushed him on the bed and lay herself on top of him. The see-saw of emotions from the entire day, combined with the effect of alcohol, making her very bold.

“If I belong to you, then you, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada belong to me, and this belongs to me!” she said and kissed him passionately on his mouth, biting his lips and thrusting her tongue in his mouth, just the way he had done it. Arnav uttered a guttural moan at the first feel of her tongue in his mouth. She flicked open a couple of buttons on his shirt and pushed her hand inside, feeling the hard muscled of his chest under her hands. She grazed his nipples, with her nails, and retorted. “This is mine too, do you understand?” Arnav closed his eyes shut, as intense pleasure coursed through his body. He clenched his fist asking for more patience from her gods. 

However Khushi was not over her outburst. She moved her hands lower and cupped his maleness, gently squeezing him, “This is mine too…do you understand?” A raw animalistic moan escaped him and he couldn’t control it any more.  He flipped her over so that he lay completely on her his and for a moment he seemed to be fighting something within himself. He silently stood up coming to a decision, pulled her up, and led her towards the patio door and on to the beach. 

“Arnav?” She looked at him questioningly, surprised by his unexpected action. But he did not answer and quietly led her along till they were on a secluded cove on the beach.

“Anji and I used to come here to this beach as kids with our parents before they….” he paused unable to continue. He took a deep breath and continued. “We used to set up a campfire at this cove and roast marshmallows,” he said his face softening with memories. “Anji and I always used to fight over who would get more marshmallows and I would not fight fair and would always get more…and then Anji would whine and complain to my mom. My mom however never got angry at me but rather talked me into sharing with her, telling me that Anji was younger and next year, she was sure that I would get more. I would then ask her how she knew that. And she would reply that  she knew because I was special and she loved me very much...”

“After my parents died, my body couldn't handle sugar and I can never ever eat marshmallows again. I…I..have many flaws”… he said, “ not being able to control my temper, not being able to ever express myself, not playing fair, always wanting to win, just the least of them."

"You may not want me to belong to you Khushi” he said in a strangled whispered. 

“Oh Arnav..” Khush cried, her heart wept for the small boy who was still trapped in there, who still wanted to be loved and indulged. “Arnav, look there..” she murmured pointing to the stars. “I believe my parents have turned into stars after they died. See! that one over there is my mother, and the other one next to that is my father. You know Arnav, that one shining brightly over there must be your mom, watching over you, making sure that she is always with you, watching over you, proud of you...”

“You think.. you think she would be proud of me, proud of what I have become?” He achingly asked

“Yes Arnav…” she whispered. She hugged him, gently kissing him on his cheeks, his eyelids, and his hair. She kissed his lips, gently licking and sucking his bottom lips, loving him generously, unconditionally, asking back for nothing in return. Arnav eventually pulled her in to him and savagely took her mouth with his, letting himself feel emotions he had always denied. The kiss went on for eternity or for a moment, none of them could say. The kiss was timeless, tinged with their newly realized love. 

The tenor of the kiss slowly changed as Arnav pulled her more close, his hands roaming all over her back and his hands slid inside her dress to touch her bare buttocks and squeeze them and pull her direct contact with him. Arnav drew apart and haggardly whispered against her hair, “Khushi..I want to see you baby…”

Khushi looked at him questioningly with a confused expression.

“I want to see you…just you..will you let me?” He murmured 

Khushi trembled a little at his request, but did not deny him.. she stepped back a little and unbuttoned her dress and slid it down. She unclasped her bra and cast it away, unable to look him in the eye anymore. She took a deep breath and before her courage deserted her, slid down the last of her item and stood bare before his eyes.

Arav’s breath caught in his throat at seeing her naked. Her face glowed in moonlight, her eyes closed in shyness as she offered herself to him. Her full breasts were inviting him to taste her and worship her with his mouth and her femininity..oh god! her femininity making him ache and throb harder than he ever had in his entire life.  “Look at me Khushi..” he husikily commanded, catching her chin in his fingers and making her meet his eyes. “ Khushi, I have never seen a more lovely sight,  you are magnificent!” he murmured with reverence.

Khushi quivered at his words, unable to take the heat in his eyes and plastered herself to him, hiding her face in the crook of his neck.  Arnav groaned her name, loosing the last vestige of control at the feel of her soft her soft naked body pressed against his… “Aah.. Khushi… … you don’t know what you are inviting…” he rasped and took her mouth in an urgent kiss..

Lavanya was happily talking to Anjali when she realized that it had been a long time since Arnav and Khushi were missing. “Anjali, where is ASR?” she asked.
“Oh..Khushi was not feeling well, so he went to drop her to the cottage.” She said
“It’s high time he should be back now.. don’t you think?” she asked
“Oh, he is not coming back.” She replied, watching Lavanya carefully

“What?” Lavanya’s first reaction was to shake Anjali for withholding that information from her for so long. But she controlled herself in time. She looked at NK, trying to gauge his reaction to this information, but he did not seem to be that disturbed. Whatever! She would have to carry out the plan herself, she thought. Tomorrow was the last night in the cottage and she would have to make most of it. Things were getting out of hands, so it would not be her fault if she used extreme measures. She was not ready to part with ASR under any circumstances.

She smiled at Anjali and said “Oh, I see. Maybe we should all head to the cottage now? Tomorrow is a big day too…”

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FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 13

Part 13 –Destiny

“Bhai, when you fall in love, you will not be able to stay away from her. You will feel an intense unexplainable pull to her…”

“What nonsense Anji…” he stated

“… You will be happy when she will be happy, and sadness will engulf your heart when tears will flow from her eyes..” Anjali continued as if he had not interrupted at all.

“Me sad? Because somebody else is crying? Are you serious Anji?” He said with mirth

“Yes!! You! Trust me it will happen! Moreover If somebody else will touch her, you will feel like ripping that person’s arms! You will feel happiness, sadness, protectiveness, jealously just because of that one person…You can laugh right now but it will happen one day!” Anjali retorted

Arnav shut his eyes as he remembered Anji’s words from earlier. He did want her to be happy and felt like to shielding her and protecting her. He remembered the time the power had gone out, how tender and protective he had felt towards her! And he certainly wanted to sock NK for being so near her! His blood boiled every time he touched her..Did that mean that he..

FU*K!  his mind denied the unsaid words… This can’t be…. He rejected the idea instantaneously! He refused to be governed by trifle things like emotions and destiny. He Arnav Singh Raizada did not believe in love and he was certainly not going to be ruled by it . He made his own rules! He carved his own destiny! Enough of her thoughts dominating him! He did not give that power to anybody! Nobody! If she wanted to be with NK, then that was her prerogative. Nothing he would loose sleep about! With that rationalization, he decided to proceed ahead with the evening, failing to understand a simple matter that destiny could not be planned,  carved or controlled!


Khushi was well aware that she looked attractive when she made an effort to dress up. Usually she did not bother with the shenanigans, unless she walked on the ramp. However today was a different matter!  For today’s dinner celebrations, she had gone the entire way , and dressed up to the hilt. She was wearing a very short red satin dress that embraced and loved her curves, showcasing her gorgeous body to the hilt. She had paired it black high stilettos that made her already long legs look endless. Her hair was brushed till it shone and lay like a curtain of silk on her back. Her eyes were done with dark smoky look that cast a mysterious, alluring spell over her eyes. And her lips were colored in nude, deliberately drawing the eyes to the contrast between the scarlet of her dress and the nude of her lips. In short she was dressed to kill and her most important accessory was the fearless,  defiant, attitude exuding from her eyes.

NK let out a slow  wolf whistle on seeing Khushi. “Oh my my Khushi! Who do you plan to kill today? You look fantastic! And that’s an understatement.” NK said, pure admiration lacing his voice. Khushi smiled at NK, happy to have found an unexpected alley in him. He had been so supportive since evening; he was a good person and even better friend. “Thanks NK!” she replied. NK admired Khushi and had a massive crush on her since college days, however meeting her last few times and especially today, he had understood her interest lay elsewhere. If he was not mistaken she was smitten with Anajli’s brother. He also felt there was something from Arnav’s side too as every time Arnav had seen Khushi with NK, he had felt waves of intense dislike bouncing towards him from Arnav. But he could not understand where Lavanya fit in. Anyways that was none of his business, all he knew that he did not want to see Khushi sad. If she could not return the same feelings he experienced, he at least wanted to be a good friend to her. 

“Khushi, it’s your best friends’ birthday…smile and if that is not a reason enough, you are in the presence of the the one and only great NK…you have got to smile…” making Khushi burst out laughing..  “Now that’s like a good girl…” NK replied with a laugh

A table for 6 had been set out under the stars, the ocean and the frothy waves providing a spectacular setting for an intimate gathering. Subdued lighting in the Cabana, cast soft shadows on everything it touched. Slow soulful music played by the live band lent a dreamy and a romantic ambiance to the restaurant. The food prepared by the chef was top-notch and to top it off, Arnav had ordered a bottle of Dom Perignon to mark the milestone of Anjali's 25th birthday. Nevertheless to say Anjali had better birthdays was a total understatement. 

The tension between Khushi and her brother was very palpable. Arnav openly scowled at Khushi, while throwing daggers at NK every now and then. Lavanya was constantly touching Arnav, leaning on him while laughing or touching and stroking his arm on pretext of wanting something. Khushi on the other hand was talking  animatedly to everybody with the exception of her brother. She also avoided looking at Lavnaya who was touching Arnav and she rarely drank, but today she was quite liberal with the champagne. Anjali sighed at the situation and went back to talking with Shyam.


Arnav was in a dark brooding mood. Khushi was looking magnificent, he couldn't take his eyes off her at all, but she was talking incessantly to NK and totally ignoring him. If there was one thing he could not tolerate, was somebody ignoring him, and especially if that somebody was her. As if this was not enough to grate on his nerves, the bumbling idiot of a waiter had spilled some water on Khushi’s dress.  And since NK was sitting right next to her, he had helped her mope the water, touching her bare legs in the process. It had taken all of Arnav’s will power and then some more, to not throw out NK from there. It was Anji’s birthday and he did not want to ruin it with a fistfight.

Khushi felt his intense heated stare on her through out the meal but she was determined to ignore it. What did he think of himself? First he ignored her completely in the car and now he was openly staring at her in front of everybody! Well let him! She didn’t care or at least she would pretend not to. However after a couple hours of pretending, her head was starting to reel and she excused herself to go to the restroom.

Seeing her get up, he excused himself too, finding a perfect opportunity to talk to her. He pulled her towards him as she came from the ladies room, “Let’s dance..”

“No” she defiantly replied

“I was not asking you!” He said pulling her in his arms and molding her body close to his. His one hand was holding her at the base of her spine, other buried in her hair.

“Let me go” she said in anger

“No” he flatly replied

I was not asking you!” She retorted, mimicking his earlier words…

She was in his arms, fighting back with him! Finally he felt alive... “Well…Still the answer is no. You are staying where you are.”

She tried pulling away from him, only to find him yank her even more closer to his body. They were pressed so flush against each other that even air would not be able to pass between them. Khushi gasped, a shiver ran down her spine as his  hand moved lower to caress and cup one of her buttock cheeks. “Arnav stop please, what are you doing? Everybody will see us.” Khushi said with a whimper

“So, let them” he replied caring a fig about who would see them.

“Arnav please.”

He laughed aloud without mirth. “Ahh I see now, you don’t want your lover boy to see you like this with me…” he said in a derisive tone.

Khushi stilled, drawing a deep breath before harshly retorting back  “No I was more thinking on the lines of Lavanya. Otherwise you might spoil your chances for fun later in the night ”

He swore under his breath and tightened his hold on her. “Don’t drag Lavanya in to this and change the subject…What’s going on between you and NK?” he hissed

“It is none of your business!” she snapped.

“I am going to repeat one more time…listen carefully. Everything about you is my business…what is between you and NK? Why was he holding your hand?” he asked very close to loosing his patience

“And I am going to repeat one last time…listen carefully…It’s none of your business… He can hold my hand, or kiss me, or do whatever he likes! That is between me and him!” she retorted back, almost shouting at him in the process

Arnav started to see red at her words. He glowered at her darkly for a good minute before taking his phone and calling Anji…”Anji, Khushi is not feeling that well, I think she has had too much to drink. I am taking her back. No need for you guys to break up the party…you guys continue…Ok munchkin?”

“Sure bhai…. Take care of your Khushi…er I mean Khushi” and smiled her first genuine smile after she had entered the restaurant, knowing everything would be OK between them. “Honey, we are staying her for a long time, you want to order more drinks for everybody?” she sweetly asked Shyam. “But you said just minutes ago that let’s leave when Khushi comes back” asked Shyam in a puzzled tone.

“Well I have changed my mind…and they are not coming back” she told him with a wink. “Lavanya, bhai was telling me about this great venture you had started….” she gushed at Lavanya making Lavanya talk for a long long time…

“Let’s go Khushi.”  Arnav commanded. “I am not going anywhere with you.” She retorted back, intending to stay put right there.

“Khushi let’s go…don’t test my patience…” He said through clenched teeth

“I am not going with you…let’s see what you are going to do about it…” but before she could finish her sentence Arnav had lifted her over his shoulder and started walking towards the car. Khushi was struggling constantly, alternating between ‘put me down’ and cursing at him under her breath, the alcohol loosening her tongue. 

“Khushi stop struggling else I am going to give your bottom a good spanking” he threatened, patting her butt once in warning.

Khushi immediately stilled and stopped struggling and looked at him with a sullen pout. Arnav had a sudden urge to spank her once more and see her pout again, but he ignored it for the moment and drove her to the cottage, heading straight for his room, locking the door and dumping her in his bed.

“So what were you saying Khushi about you and NK? He asked her with a dangerous softness

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FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 12

Part 12 – Fireworks!

Shyam sipped his morning coffee, reminiscing about his meeting last evening with NK and Lavanya. They had come to him with a plan for Anjali’s surprise birthday celebration. He wouldn’t have agreed but NK, his best friend was so enthusiastic about doing something for Anjali, that he did not have a heart to refuse him. He had tried to convince NK about the unsuitability of the idea when Lavanya had jumped in, gushing about the wonderful beach cottage they had booked. She had furthermore enthused about  reservation at the elusive and popular sea cabana restaurant, one of Anjali’s favorite,  known for it’s sea food delicacies.  Finally he had bowed under pressure and agreed to them and now they were all set  to go away for the weekend. It seemed such a cohesive group for all-purposes, Anjali, himself, Arnav, Lavanya, NK and Khushi. But only he knew how odd the group really was, and how convoluted the group dynamics really were!

NK liked Khushi, but he knew Khushi didn’t feel the same about him. She may have feelings about Arnav, but he was not that sure as she was very shy about men. Arnav liked Khushi, he could see that Arnav was intensely attracted to her, but officially he was still linked with Lavanya, or atleast that’s what Lavanya thought. Then there was Lavanya, perfect for his brother-in-law on the surface, but totally unsuitable for him otherwise. And finally there was Anjali who was hell-bent on getting her brother and her best friend together. She would not be happy about this weekend arrangement which included Lavanya, but he couldn’t say anything to her as this was a surprise for her. And for once, he agreed with Anjali about Khushi and Arnav. Shyam had never really liked Lavanya, she was seemingly pleasant, but there was something unpleasant about her. It was as if something vile was lurking in the background, her balance hanging on some thread of sanity…He could not put his finger on it, but he was pretty sure that there was more to her than met with the eyes… He had an ominous feeling about this entire weekend. And he sincerely hoped he was wrong!


Arnav woke up, feeling absolutely sure that he was in heaven! Reluctantly he opened his eyes, not wanting to let this mysterious sweet feeling slip out of his hands, only to find the reality much more sweeter than he could have ever imagined. Khushi was snuggled up against him, their bodies intimately entwined with each other. His hand possessively cupped her right breast and her fingers lay intertwined with his. What a wonderful feast for his eyes, no wonder he felt like he was in heaven! He lay still looking at her, taking his fill, trying to prolong the moment as much as he could. However his hand moved of it’s own accord, and unable to curb his impulse, he brushed against her nipple to find it instantly peak at his touch. He repeated the motion once again, and Khushi uttered a throaty moan, and instinctively arched her body against the pleasure.

Arnav was always left awestruck at the contrast of her innocence against her unrestrained response to him. It gratified him so much to know that she reacted so wantonly and uninhibitedly to his touch...ONLY HIS TOUCH and he intended to keep it that way! He was gazing at her, his eyes filled with a strange sort of reverence when Khushi stirred and he quickly shut his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Khushi slowly opened her eyes, a little disoriented to find herself in a strange room. She looked around to find herself intimately sleeping against Arnav. She gasped and wondered how she came about to lay here. Last she remembered, she was waiting for him to come back, maybe he she had dozed off and he had carried her here.  But why not to her room? she wondered. She turned around to see him sleeping so innocuously and peacefully. How innocent he looked in his sleep, so unlike his regular laad governer self! 

She smiled at him, and reached out to brush a lock of hair away from his forehead, her fingers running through his soft wavy hair. She gently caressed his face, brushing her fingers over his lips, tracing them, trying to learn his soft mouth, which was so often set in a stern line.  Darting a quick look at him to ensure he was still asleep, she moved her hands over his t-shirt covered chest. She loved touching him; his body was so taut and hard, so unlike her. Her hands strayed lower over his firm abs, reveling in the feeling the the hard contours underneath and then she paused and hesitated, her courage faltering to go any further.

Arnav was doing his best to not move or give away that he was awake, letting her satisfy her curiosity about his body at her own pace. However as she stilled her hands on his abs, he opened his eyes and glanced at her and what he saw, made him  gulp and swallow hard. She was staring at his arousal with a mixture of awe, nervousness, fear, excitement and curiosity. He could see that she wanted to touch him there, but was hesitant. Dear Lord, he thought in sweet anticipation of her first touch. “Baby, is this what you want to do, but needed a little help with it?” he whispered as he caught hold of her hand and slid it inside his boxers, both of their hands entwined over his bare hard length.

“Arnav!!” she gasped and trying to free her fingers. Arnav however held her hand gently but firmly,  and slowly guided it to move and slide over his entire length. Arnav gradually let go, willing her to explore him on her own, but the moment he let go, she tried to pry her hand away, however he immediately caught it and brought it back against him, “don’t get shy, touch me if you want to… I want you to…” and moved his hands away, leaving it up to her to continue or not.

 "Wh...what should I do Arnav? I don't know..." she asked.

Arnav smiled at her innocence and replied back "Do whatever you feel like...I don't mind you touching me however you like..." Khushi a little reassured, moved her trembling hands over his velvety length. She closed her eyes, as a surge of primitive feeling assailed her. She had never felt more aware of being a woman in her entire life as she felt in this moment. He felt so good, so hard, so powerful under her hands. He was so big, so so very fascinating!

“What are you thinking baby?” Arnav asked as he saw her deep in thoughts. “You are so big!” she instantly replied unaware of the connotations it carried. “And it worries you? Don’t worry, I can be very gentle” he whispered against her

“Me? Why should it worry me?” she whispered back, not really thinking straight.

“Why indeed!” Arnav muttered to himself. Aah! she was so temptingly naive! he would have to teach her a lot of things…and then all thoughts flew out his head as her thumb unexpectedly grazed firmly over the tip, creating unbearable pleasure for him. He bit out a harsh moan as raw unadulterated pleasure washed over him.

Khushi instantly removed her hands and looked at him “Sor—Sorry. It hurt?”

“No Khushi, it felt good” he whispered back in an agonized voice, unable to elaborate further. He was so close to loosing it, he tried taking deep breaths to control himself.

“Oh..” she said, not understanding his actions completely. If she didn’t hurt him, why was he taking such harsh breaths.. And how come he was always so hard and turned on? She wondered

“Arnav…” she asked after some time, “How come you are always like..like that?”

“Like what…?” he asked, feeling a bit calmer but still trying to control himself

“Like you know..you are always so turned on..” she whispered.

Arnav laughed inspite of himself, “Khushi I can’t be always like this, it’s not physically possible…but yes I am always like this with you around. You know you are responsible for it.. Its all your fault” he joked.

“What!! Well excuse me for breathing! It’s not my fault! I can’t help it!”  She retorted back, affronted a little for being blamed for something that was not her fault!

“Oh but you can help Khushi! You definitely can! Actually only you can help!” He countered with a smirk

“How?” she asked, intrigued, not realizing that he was talking about something entirely different.

“Let’s see…”  he said pretending to think.

He took her hand and put it back under his boxers, moving it against his entire length. “You could continue doing this and eventually I would no longer be so hard…at least temporarily…” he roguishly whispered, waiting for Khushi to react, as his meaning sunk in. And sure enough, Khushi gasped his name in shock as she finally understood what he was getting at.

“Arnav Please..” and snatched her hand away. But he was not done. He lifted his hand near her face, inserting one of his fingers completely in her mouth.. “Or you could do this, till I am satisfied and...” leaving the sentence hanging midway. Khushi's breath left in a whoosh! She was stunned speechless, the images of the shocking things he was saying enthralling her, mesmerizing her, arousing her and making her moan his name aloud.

But Arnav was still not done... “Or we could do something else, maybe that’s when you would worry a little if I was too big” he  whispered in here ears. He was turned on to a throbbing point; his body was begging for mercy, yearning for a release. Khushi looked at him with glazed eyes, unable to conceal her emotions, her desire openly evident in her eyes. Arnav groaned, he closed his eyes for control but couldn’t help himself indulging, maybe just for a moment... In an instant he rolled over her, pining her under him, her body flush against him, his hard arousal pressing against her warm femininity. He moved against her, creating ripples of pleasure for both of them.

“Baby does that feel good?”  He asked…She nodded, unable to deny him anything. “I want to feel you like this, but without any clothes between us…just you…and just me and it will feel even better. It will be like fireworks between us...” He whispered wickedly.

“Arnaaav” Khushi squeaked, blushing to the roots, unable to look him in the eye anymore and tried to push him away. Arnav rolled over and Khushi made for the door, but he held her back for the moment. He cupped her face, looking deeply into her eyes “Khushi…Thank for you waiting for me last night…but you didn’t have to”

“I know…but I wanted to…” she replied back and then impulsively planted a wet kiss on his mouth before running out of the door…leaving him happy and frustrated all at the same time.


Arnav was driving to pick them up from his home. Shyam had called him earlier saying there was a surprise planned for Anji’s birthday and they were going away to Oceania for the weekend. He loved the idea except for the fact that NK & La would be there. But this was for Anji, so he would be game, no matter what and then there was her. She would be there too! His heart leaped with joy looking forward to spending couple of days on the beach with her and no likes of Lavanya or NK could bother him.

Lavanya, NK and Khushi were waiting for Arnav to pick them up. Lavanya was going on talking about ASR and how wonderful it would be for her to finally spend some time with him after their hectic schedules. Khushi was a little nervous, not sure if she wanted to spend time with Lavanya or see Arnav spend time with her. The dynamics were a little different now, they were... right? she asked herself. She was so confused and the thought of Arnav and Lavanya together made her heart scream in pain. Was it possible that she was jealous? Did that mean that she….She was lost in her thoughts  when NK got a bouquet of white carnations and presented to Khushi. “For you Khushi!” He said. “Oh!” Khushi said feeling a little awkward, she did not want him to get any wrong ideas. “Don’t worry Khushi, this is just for our friendship” NK said sincerely. Khushi relaxed and smiled  “Thanks NK! BTW did you know, that white carnations are my favorite? ”and extended her hand to take the flowers. 

It was unfortunate that Arnav Singh Raizada arrived at the same moment to see Khushi accepting flowers from NK with and smiling sweetly at him. Lavanya noticed the entire scene and smirked. She was not the one to let any opportunity pass by and pounced on the moment and said, “Oh how sweet!! looks like something is blooming there between them… and it’s certainly not the carnations!”

Arnav reeled back in surprise, his jaw muscles clenched and face scowled in anger as he watched NK and Khushi together. WTF! he thought and  abruptly yelled at nobody in particular “ Why the F*** are we standing here, let’s go! ” making Khushi jump back in shock. Khushi looked at him, but he refused to look back at her or acknowledge her in anyway whatsoever. Doubt being to creep in, why didn’t he look at her or say hi to her? Was it because Lavanya was here? He didn’t want Lavanya to know about what was happening between her and him? She would have gathered courage and said hi to him herself, but she lost her nerve seeing his demeanor and she quietly seated herself in the backseat of the car. Lavanya opportunistically sat next to him in the front leaving NK to seat next to Khushi in the back, making Arnav fume even further.

Khushi was feeling a little flabbergasted and hurt at Arnav’s behavior, he had been so sweet just in the morning…. She tried to conceal her feelings and gazed out of the window, seeing things passing by, yet seeing nothing. NK sensed something was not right with Khushi, and in an attempt to make her smile, took hold of her left hand. “Khushi, you know I know palmistry very well…and I am never wrong…” He traced a line on her hand and continued “See this line here means that your name starts from K and this line here means that you are going for 2 days vacation…Am I right? ” he asked seriously. Khushi laughed in spite of herself. He continued further..."and if I am not mistaken,  my inner eye tells me, that your vacation is going to be near a big body of water, maybe near an ocean?" he asked again. She smiled and replied “Yes… you are right NK baba” and extracting her hand from his grasp. NK gave a reassuring squeeze to her hand, before he let go, knowing she was upset over something, not sure what, but still wanting to comfort her. 

Arnav seethed with rage, a muscled ticking furiously in his jaw, as he watched the entire scenario in the rear view mirror. How dared that bastard touch her hand, caress her hand!! He wanted to stop the car and throw NK out of the car and for good measure punch him too! how dreadful this was turning out to be! However the person sitting next to him had other ideas! Perfect! Lavanya thought, smiling to herself.  This could not have gotten any better. The weekend was off with a great start and things were only about to get better, she thought with malicious glee. All she had to do was wait and watch the fireworks!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 11

 Part 11- Solace

“Please please Arnav let me go. ” Khushi hoarsely replied…

His answer was to hold her more intimately against him..He moved his face closer to her and whispered against hers… “I will, I promise but first you tell me how you dream of touching me and what things you feel like doing to me… Tell me Khushi”

“Arnaaav please” she said with her heart slamming against her breastbone. But he refused to relent.."Tell me Khushi."

“I feel like kissing you…” she whispered

“Where do you feel like kissing me?” he whispered back. She looked at his lips and blushed and looked away

Arnav felt the sweetest kind of torture with what was happening between them. He knew this was not going to come to its natural conclusion, but still he couldn’t help himself. “Do you feel like putting your hands under my shirt and touching me?" he murmured

Khushi’s breath hitched and she trembled in his arms. Arnav was watching her face carefully, and slowly took her hands and guided them inside his shirt. Her hands quivered as she slowly and tentatively took the initiative to explore his muscled body underneath. He was so hard and lean and strong, so different from her own self and her nails clenched on his chest. Arnav’s eyes closed as he willed himself to hold on and bear the gratifying agony for her sake. However powerless at the mercy of his body, he took her hands and put it against his hard arousal. “Do you dream of touching me here? Are you curious about how I would feel in your hands?” he whispered against her hair.

Khushi’s eyes flew to his, coming out her stupor, and tried snatching her hand away as if scorched. He knew she would be shy and could gauge her nervous reaction, but he held her hand firmly pressed against him. Maybe it was a little too much for her, but he couldn’t help it against the torrent of feelings going through him. “Baby I dream about it all the time…” he whispered…” I wonder how good it will feel when you touch me..

Khushi whimpered, mesmerized by his words and the feel of barely leashed raw power under her hands. He felt so warm, hard and alive beneath her hands. A natural curiosity to explore and discover him assailed her. How would he react if she moved her hands over him, she wondered and tentatively reached out to touch him. He had not expected this and he uttered a guttural moan at her hesitant but willing touch. Before any of this could go any further, a shrill ring from his cell phone broke the spell and Khushi pulled back with a jerk.

Arnav uttered a frustrated oath and barked hello on the phone and his body stiffened and tensed at what Aman told him on the other end. “I am coming right now.” he stated in a troubled tone.

“There’s a fire in one of the factories... I don’t think there were any people involved in the accident but I need to go to make sure nobody's hurt..” he said in response to the silent question in her eyes.

“Arnav…take care.”  she whispered..

“I will…don’t worry.. You sleep off.” He said and left without looking back. Arnav took a deep breath, trying hard to fight the images of his mom and dad caught in the fire and the plight of a small boy looking at helplessly them.

Khushi went upstairs to change in to her nightwear, remembering what Anjali had told her about their's parent's accident  and how Arnav silently suffered due the incident. Khushi made up her mind, she changed and came downstairs to wait for him to return.


Arnav returned home, disturbed and depressed, his demons coming back to haunt him. He could still vividly remember the scene of his parents trapped in the fire in front of him. The little boy in him had cried out for his mom to soothe him and calm him, but the person who could pacify him could no longer reach out to him. Over the years he had  come to terms with that horrifying incident, but somewhere the small boy still lived within him and yearned for a loving affectionate touch to soothe away the recurring nightmares from the aftermath. He had grown a backbone and become strong for his little sister but he still mourned in private, and still suffered in silence. Today the nightmares had returned back in full force and bleak coldness was spreading through him. He went to pour himself a stiff shot of whiskey, when he saw her lying on the sofa. She had changed in to her PJs, her hair still slightly wet and she was dozing with her head resting on the sofa. The knowledge she had come to down to wait for him filled him somewhere with a warm fuzzy feeling. A gradual warmth spread through him slowly ebbing the bleak feeling, knowing that she cared.

He came near her, lifted her, taking a deep breath to take her sweet smell in. He picked her up and walked upstairs. However instead of dropping Khushi to her room, he carried her further to his room and lay her down on his bed. He took a quick shower, wore his pajama, courtesy her presence and slid on to the bed next to her. There was some strange feeling of solace with her lying next to him and he snuggled her close against him and dozed off in a light peaceful sleep.


Lavanya was sitting with NK sipping coffee. “So NK how’s it going…you and khushi are an item huh?” she asked in a teasing tone. NK felt a little embarrassed at her teasing but replied back happily… “Not yet, but hopefully soon..”

“How nice! Hey I have a great idea, Anjali’s birthday is coming up soon how about you and I  with Shyam give Anjali a surprise." she suggested. "However Shyam may also be so busy with his wedding preparations, so it would up to you and me to arrange for Anjali’s birthday. We will keep it small and cozy, It would be just us 3 couples Anjali and Shyam, Arnav and I and you and Khushi,”  she said in a conspiratory tone. “I know this great beach front property in this cozy romantic town. It will be awesome!”

NK flushed with pleasure at the thought of spending uninterrupted time with Khushi in the coming weekend. It would be so splendid to be with her and lost in his thoughts, he missed the calculated gleam in her eyes. “Sounds like an excellent idea. I am with you, let’s go and talk to Shyam today itself.” He enthused.

Lavanya smiled…that had been too easy, she thought to herself. “Oh BTW do you know that Khushi loves red roses and believes in astrology.”  “Really?" NK asked, "how do you know all this..”

She remembered the information in the dossier marked as Khushi and blatantly lied through her teeth. “Oh I think Anjaji had mentioned it.”

“Thanks much Lavanya for the information!” he said. “Oh no not at all..That’s what friends are for!” she replied.

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