Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 15

Part 15 –  Cracks
Arnav looked at the girl sleeping next to him… no, not a girl, but a woman now, in all senses. She looked so beautiful, so ethereal, so innocent, however she had astounded him with the generosity of her body and spirit a few hours ago. She had opened to him, welcomed him, both with her heart and with her body, braving the pain, as he had loved her, as he had became her first man. 

“… Khushi, are you sure? ”
“… Yes Arnav please don’t stop…love me… ”
“… Khushi, it will hurt a little baby…Look at me Khushi…Look into my eyes…Stay with me Khushi…”
“…Aah Arnav, I am….I am going to…I can’t hold on anymore…” 

She had come in his arms, not once, not twice but three times, all the time moaning his name aloud. It had taken all his strength to not thrust into her and claim his pleasure. He was her first, he knew that….but in some ways she was his first too. He had never made love to a virgin before. Every woman he had gone out with knew the score. They knew what he expected of them, what they expected of him. It was a relationship based on selfish mutual expectations, however there was nothing remotely selfish in what happened with him and Khushi few hours ago

“…Khushi, are you OK?” He asked his desire for her still not sated…
“Yes, I am fine Arnav”
“I meant, are you sore there?”
“oh…A little…” she replied blushing prettily
At that he had pulled her closer and hugged her, intending to snuggle off and sleep with her but had been taken with surprise at her next words
“Arnav…Can I.. you know the other day you told me…” she paused stammering and faltering, unable to continue..
“What baby? …you know you can ask me anything…Don’t be shy..”
“Arnav...can I…Can I....I want to kiss you there…” she asked hesitantly, her head burrowed in his chest…
He drew in a harsh breath and shuddered as pleasure rippled through and started to tell her that she didn’t have to when he felt her first hesitant touch of her mouth on him
“…Arnav …what do you like…teach me”
He had groaned and pushed his hands in her head to show what he liked, finally splintering into oblivion at her loving ministrations….

That was few hours ago and looking at her lying next to him, the beast within him growled again. He caressed her lips with his, to which she immediately responded by moaning his name in her sleep and moving towards him. He found his body stirring unbearably, amazed at how he could not get enough of her!  But not today, today he needed to go slow with her.
“Khushi Baby wake up…”
“ummm….I need to sleep..”
“Sweetheart wake up, its morning ”
She was barely able to get up and replied drowsily “umm..let me sleep” she mumbled
“Sweetheart it’s morning and you asked me to wake you up..”
Khushi rubbed her eyes and slowly stirred into wakefulness... “I am feeling so tired” she muttered hazily and blushed prettily at hearing Arnav’s wolfish reply to the reason…

“Smile and say cheese everybody,” NK said as he was taking pictures and video of everybody to create memories for Anjali’s birthday. They were sitting at the dining table eating breakfast and Anji asked Khushi if she was feeling better and she if slept well. Khushi involuntarily looked at Arnav and blushed before replying to Anjali that she had slept very well. Arnav smiled at the answer as images of her soft warm body snuggled against his filled him, rousing his desire for her once more.

Before this thoughts could go any further, they were interrupted by Lavanya’s loud voice “Anjali, NK & I have a surprise for your birthday… everybody let’s go to the living room” and she dragged everybody near the big screen TV as she put a DVD in from a stack of DVDs lying next to it.

The big screen TV flashed images of a younger Anjali, Arnav celebrating Anji’s birthday. The next clip showed a clip few years  later, Arnav now sporting a beard wishing Anjali happy birthday and then Shyam entering and lifting her off the ground to wish her. Everybody was laughing at the old video clips that Lavanya had collected for Anji’s birthday when suddenly the screen showed an  image of Arnav lying on top of Lavanya on a bed. Arnav was kissing Lavanya hard on her mouth as his hips rocked her up and down…” Does this feel good baby?” “Aah… yes ASR..” moaned Lavanya and then the rhythm changed to a faster one and Lavanya’s moans became more high pitched….

“OH NO!! DAMN” Lavanya swore as she tried switching off the TV, and then finally yanked the wires out, her cheeks red with embarrassment…”I am sorry for the mix-up…” she squeaked to nobody in particular, tears running down her eyes as she ran to her room and closed the door shut.  She leaned against the door and a slow smile spread across her face. “Part A of the plan… check.”

Everybody in the room broke up in a burst, trying to cover the embarrassing moment in sudden flurry of conversation with the exception of one person. Khushi sat still, her face deathly pale as if all blood had been drawn away from it. Her heart twisted with pain as the images of him with her replayed in her mind over and over again . A sob broke from her throat as she got up to flee to the sanctuary of her room…

“Khushi…” Arnav called after her..

But she didn’t listen to him lest she break down in front of him… She quickly went to the room, oblivious of other people’s sympathetic looks, bolted the door and holed up in the corner as sobs racked her body. Pain like she had never known plagued her body as she cried mindlessly to escape it… What had she done…She had given into him…She loved him, but this was a normal occurrence for him, nothing special. She would last for a little while for him…but her heart was forever branded as his for the rest of her life... More tears poured out of her as her heart cried out his name. 
She ignored it just as she ignored a voice outside her door calling her name…

I know it's a short update...but an update nevertheless :-) Let me know your feedback


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    I am surprised at the extent she went through.

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  6. OMG!!! Lavanya is such a BITCH.
    What a scank.
    Poor Khushi. Feel so sad for her. She is heart broken.
    Loved how they made love it was so sweet.
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    Its one thing knowing your man is no angel but its another thing having a first had visual of it to stain your memory forever!

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  65. What an explosive update! I didnt expect Lavanya to stoop THAT low! To show a sex tape to all those people just proves how lacking in CLASS she is! ASR sure knows how to pick em!

    Poor Khushi! To be subjected to THAT, when she herself just slept with the guy the night before! That is tough! I bet she feels like a price fool! ASR will have a tough time on his hands to prove to her he has ANY seriouse intentions towards her now!

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    Dee (drdee142)

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  68. (Copying my comment here as well :-))

    I am not too much of a comment-er as I'm usually not too keen on uttering nothings like 'too good', 'awesome' etc.

    You are one of those writers who write passionate, sensuously erotic, and yet pleasant OSs and FFs.

    I'll be very honest (and I'm sure you can take it well since you are not Gautham Hegde ;-)). For the very first time ever since I started reading your work, this update left a bad taste in my mouth :-( That video tape scene left me feeling really sick. While I trust you to make it all better and make me forget it, I don't really know how. I mean knowing that my guy has a past is one thing, but having to see a video of him enjoying with another woman and calling her baby and during the act and all of that is a bit too much - I feel like I'll be too scarred to ever be with him again, you know?

    I really beg of you to make it better - I don't know how, I'll leave that to you - make it morphed or someone else was in the video or something.. but, the thought that Khushi had to see Arnav in that situation makes me feel really really sick :-(

    And please take this as a compliment that I'm saying all of this. Please do NOT take this as offending. This is a very sincere thought from an ardent fan and follower. Because, I love your work from the bottom of my heart and it's what I go back to on a bad day to pep me up with :-) I mean every word!

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  110. Hi there! I remembered this awesome FF and reread it... of course I also hoped that you maybe have already updated! Unfortunately not. Please update this awesome FF, Nancy. I am eagerly waiting to know how Arnav is going to fix this mess and how he will react to Lavanya when he finds out about her plan.
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