Monday, May 7, 2012

FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 12

Part 12 – Fireworks!

Shyam sipped his morning coffee, reminiscing about his meeting last evening with NK and Lavanya. They had come to him with a plan for Anjali’s surprise birthday celebration. He wouldn’t have agreed but NK, his best friend was so enthusiastic about doing something for Anjali, that he did not have a heart to refuse him. He had tried to convince NK about the unsuitability of the idea when Lavanya had jumped in, gushing about the wonderful beach cottage they had booked. She had furthermore enthused about  reservation at the elusive and popular sea cabana restaurant, one of Anjali’s favorite,  known for it’s sea food delicacies.  Finally he had bowed under pressure and agreed to them and now they were all set  to go away for the weekend. It seemed such a cohesive group for all-purposes, Anjali, himself, Arnav, Lavanya, NK and Khushi. But only he knew how odd the group really was, and how convoluted the group dynamics really were!

NK liked Khushi, but he knew Khushi didn’t feel the same about him. She may have feelings about Arnav, but he was not that sure as she was very shy about men. Arnav liked Khushi, he could see that Arnav was intensely attracted to her, but officially he was still linked with Lavanya, or atleast that’s what Lavanya thought. Then there was Lavanya, perfect for his brother-in-law on the surface, but totally unsuitable for him otherwise. And finally there was Anjali who was hell-bent on getting her brother and her best friend together. She would not be happy about this weekend arrangement which included Lavanya, but he couldn’t say anything to her as this was a surprise for her. And for once, he agreed with Anjali about Khushi and Arnav. Shyam had never really liked Lavanya, she was seemingly pleasant, but there was something unpleasant about her. It was as if something vile was lurking in the background, her balance hanging on some thread of sanity…He could not put his finger on it, but he was pretty sure that there was more to her than met with the eyes… He had an ominous feeling about this entire weekend. And he sincerely hoped he was wrong!


Arnav woke up, feeling absolutely sure that he was in heaven! Reluctantly he opened his eyes, not wanting to let this mysterious sweet feeling slip out of his hands, only to find the reality much more sweeter than he could have ever imagined. Khushi was snuggled up against him, their bodies intimately entwined with each other. His hand possessively cupped her right breast and her fingers lay intertwined with his. What a wonderful feast for his eyes, no wonder he felt like he was in heaven! He lay still looking at her, taking his fill, trying to prolong the moment as much as he could. However his hand moved of it’s own accord, and unable to curb his impulse, he brushed against her nipple to find it instantly peak at his touch. He repeated the motion once again, and Khushi uttered a throaty moan, and instinctively arched her body against the pleasure.

Arnav was always left awestruck at the contrast of her innocence against her unrestrained response to him. It gratified him so much to know that she reacted so wantonly and uninhibitedly to his touch...ONLY HIS TOUCH and he intended to keep it that way! He was gazing at her, his eyes filled with a strange sort of reverence when Khushi stirred and he quickly shut his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Khushi slowly opened her eyes, a little disoriented to find herself in a strange room. She looked around to find herself intimately sleeping against Arnav. She gasped and wondered how she came about to lay here. Last she remembered, she was waiting for him to come back, maybe he she had dozed off and he had carried her here.  But why not to her room? she wondered. She turned around to see him sleeping so innocuously and peacefully. How innocent he looked in his sleep, so unlike his regular laad governer self! 

She smiled at him, and reached out to brush a lock of hair away from his forehead, her fingers running through his soft wavy hair. She gently caressed his face, brushing her fingers over his lips, tracing them, trying to learn his soft mouth, which was so often set in a stern line.  Darting a quick look at him to ensure he was still asleep, she moved her hands over his t-shirt covered chest. She loved touching him; his body was so taut and hard, so unlike her. Her hands strayed lower over his firm abs, reveling in the feeling the the hard contours underneath and then she paused and hesitated, her courage faltering to go any further.

Arnav was doing his best to not move or give away that he was awake, letting her satisfy her curiosity about his body at her own pace. However as she stilled her hands on his abs, he opened his eyes and glanced at her and what he saw, made him  gulp and swallow hard. She was staring at his arousal with a mixture of awe, nervousness, fear, excitement and curiosity. He could see that she wanted to touch him there, but was hesitant. Dear Lord, he thought in sweet anticipation of her first touch. “Baby, is this what you want to do, but needed a little help with it?” he whispered as he caught hold of her hand and slid it inside his boxers, both of their hands entwined over his bare hard length.

“Arnav!!” she gasped and trying to free her fingers. Arnav however held her hand gently but firmly,  and slowly guided it to move and slide over his entire length. Arnav gradually let go, willing her to explore him on her own, but the moment he let go, she tried to pry her hand away, however he immediately caught it and brought it back against him, “don’t get shy, touch me if you want to… I want you to…” and moved his hands away, leaving it up to her to continue or not.

 "Wh...what should I do Arnav? I don't know..." she asked.

Arnav smiled at her innocence and replied back "Do whatever you feel like...I don't mind you touching me however you like..." Khushi a little reassured, moved her trembling hands over his velvety length. She closed her eyes, as a surge of primitive feeling assailed her. She had never felt more aware of being a woman in her entire life as she felt in this moment. He felt so good, so hard, so powerful under her hands. He was so big, so so very fascinating!

“What are you thinking baby?” Arnav asked as he saw her deep in thoughts. “You are so big!” she instantly replied unaware of the connotations it carried. “And it worries you? Don’t worry, I can be very gentle” he whispered against her

“Me? Why should it worry me?” she whispered back, not really thinking straight.

“Why indeed!” Arnav muttered to himself. Aah! she was so temptingly naive! he would have to teach her a lot of things…and then all thoughts flew out his head as her thumb unexpectedly grazed firmly over the tip, creating unbearable pleasure for him. He bit out a harsh moan as raw unadulterated pleasure washed over him.

Khushi instantly removed her hands and looked at him “Sor—Sorry. It hurt?”

“No Khushi, it felt good” he whispered back in an agonized voice, unable to elaborate further. He was so close to loosing it, he tried taking deep breaths to control himself.

“Oh..” she said, not understanding his actions completely. If she didn’t hurt him, why was he taking such harsh breaths.. And how come he was always so hard and turned on? She wondered

“Arnav…” she asked after some time, “How come you are always that?”

“Like what…?” he asked, feeling a bit calmer but still trying to control himself

“Like you are always so turned on..” she whispered.

Arnav laughed inspite of himself, “Khushi I can’t be always like this, it’s not physically possible…but yes I am always like this with you around. You know you are responsible for it.. Its all your fault” he joked.

“What!! Well excuse me for breathing! It’s not my fault! I can’t help it!”  She retorted back, affronted a little for being blamed for something that was not her fault!

“Oh but you can help Khushi! You definitely can! Actually only you can help!” He countered with a smirk

“How?” she asked, intrigued, not realizing that he was talking about something entirely different.

“Let’s see…”  he said pretending to think.

He took her hand and put it back under his boxers, moving it against his entire length. “You could continue doing this and eventually I would no longer be so hard…at least temporarily…” he roguishly whispered, waiting for Khushi to react, as his meaning sunk in. And sure enough, Khushi gasped his name in shock as she finally understood what he was getting at.

“Arnav Please..” and snatched her hand away. But he was not done. He lifted his hand near her face, inserting one of his fingers completely in her mouth.. “Or you could do this, till I am satisfied and...” leaving the sentence hanging midway. Khushi's breath left in a whoosh! She was stunned speechless, the images of the shocking things he was saying enthralling her, mesmerizing her, arousing her and making her moan his name aloud.

But Arnav was still not done... “Or we could do something else, maybe that’s when you would worry a little if I was too big” he  whispered in here ears. He was turned on to a throbbing point; his body was begging for mercy, yearning for a release. Khushi looked at him with glazed eyes, unable to conceal her emotions, her desire openly evident in her eyes. Arnav groaned, he closed his eyes for control but couldn’t help himself indulging, maybe just for a moment... In an instant he rolled over her, pining her under him, her body flush against him, his hard arousal pressing against her warm femininity. He moved against her, creating ripples of pleasure for both of them.

“Baby does that feel good?”  He asked…She nodded, unable to deny him anything. “I want to feel you like this, but without any clothes between us…just you…and just me and it will feel even better. It will be like fireworks between us...” He whispered wickedly.

“Arnaaav” Khushi squeaked, blushing to the roots, unable to look him in the eye anymore and tried to push him away. Arnav rolled over and Khushi made for the door, but he held her back for the moment. He cupped her face, looking deeply into her eyes “Khushi…Thank for you waiting for me last night…but you didn’t have to”

“I know…but I wanted to…” she replied back and then impulsively planted a wet kiss on his mouth before running out of the door…leaving him happy and frustrated all at the same time.


Arnav was driving to pick them up from his home. Shyam had called him earlier saying there was a surprise planned for Anji’s birthday and they were going away to Oceania for the weekend. He loved the idea except for the fact that NK & La would be there. But this was for Anji, so he would be game, no matter what and then there was her. She would be there too! His heart leaped with joy looking forward to spending couple of days on the beach with her and no likes of Lavanya or NK could bother him.

Lavanya, NK and Khushi were waiting for Arnav to pick them up. Lavanya was going on talking about ASR and how wonderful it would be for her to finally spend some time with him after their hectic schedules. Khushi was a little nervous, not sure if she wanted to spend time with Lavanya or see Arnav spend time with her. The dynamics were a little different now, they were... right? she asked herself. She was so confused and the thought of Arnav and Lavanya together made her heart scream in pain. Was it possible that she was jealous? Did that mean that she….She was lost in her thoughts  when NK got a bouquet of white carnations and presented to Khushi. “For you Khushi!” He said. “Oh!” Khushi said feeling a little awkward, she did not want him to get any wrong ideas. “Don’t worry Khushi, this is just for our friendship” NK said sincerely. Khushi relaxed and smiled  “Thanks NK! BTW did you know, that white carnations are my favorite? ”and extended her hand to take the flowers. 

It was unfortunate that Arnav Singh Raizada arrived at the same moment to see Khushi accepting flowers from NK with and smiling sweetly at him. Lavanya noticed the entire scene and smirked. She was not the one to let any opportunity pass by and pounced on the moment and said, “Oh how sweet!! looks like something is blooming there between them… and it’s certainly not the carnations!”

Arnav reeled back in surprise, his jaw muscles clenched and face scowled in anger as he watched NK and Khushi together. WTF! he thought and  abruptly yelled at nobody in particular “ Why the F*** are we standing here, let’s go! ” making Khushi jump back in shock. Khushi looked at him, but he refused to look back at her or acknowledge her in anyway whatsoever. Doubt being to creep in, why didn’t he look at her or say hi to her? Was it because Lavanya was here? He didn’t want Lavanya to know about what was happening between her and him? She would have gathered courage and said hi to him herself, but she lost her nerve seeing his demeanor and she quietly seated herself in the backseat of the car. Lavanya opportunistically sat next to him in the front leaving NK to seat next to Khushi in the back, making Arnav fume even further.

Khushi was feeling a little flabbergasted and hurt at Arnav’s behavior, he had been so sweet just in the morning…. She tried to conceal her feelings and gazed out of the window, seeing things passing by, yet seeing nothing. NK sensed something was not right with Khushi, and in an attempt to make her smile, took hold of her left hand. “Khushi, you know I know palmistry very well…and I am never wrong…” He traced a line on her hand and continued “See this line here means that your name starts from K and this line here means that you are going for 2 days vacation…Am I right? ” he asked seriously. Khushi laughed in spite of herself. He continued further..."and if I am not mistaken,  my inner eye tells me, that your vacation is going to be near a big body of water, maybe near an ocean?" he asked again. She smiled and replied “Yes… you are right NK baba” and extracting her hand from his grasp. NK gave a reassuring squeeze to her hand, before he let go, knowing she was upset over something, not sure what, but still wanting to comfort her. 

Arnav seethed with rage, a muscled ticking furiously in his jaw, as he watched the entire scenario in the rear view mirror. How dared that bastard touch her hand, caress her hand!! He wanted to stop the car and throw NK out of the car and for good measure punch him too! how dreadful this was turning out to be! However the person sitting next to him had other ideas! Perfect! Lavanya thought, smiling to herself.  This could not have gotten any better. The weekend was off with a great start and things were only about to get better, she thought with malicious glee. All she had to do was wait and watch the fireworks!

What's the verdict?? Feedback please...


  1. Finally an update! :D

    Ah shyam has a sharp brain here. good he feels something fishy about lavanya. I hope nk does too soon.
    And arnav better not jump to conclusions here! He already lost a bit of his temper.

    Khushi really that naive?! Doesnt know how big can affect her? ;)

    Im excited to read anjalis excitement when she finds out about the surprise.

    Keep writing!

    1. Glad you liked...Wait and watch what is La's plan ;-)


  2. Priya - ArhiDeewaniMay 7, 2012 at 2:13 PM

    Ahahha Khushi is too innocent!!


    This was so hot ;)

    Glad that Shyam senses something is fishy!!

    And oh dear, Arnav's temper is back!!

    Urghh Lavanya :@ :@

    Update soon!!

    This was amazing!!


  3. Let's hope ASR won't do something stupid to get one up on Khushi...

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    So la is full on with her plan
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    Pretty hot morning scene here....


  5. Wow, what a smart boy Shyam is in understanding those people around him!!! Poor Khushi will agin be left confused with what Arnav is doing......and I think I will definitely enjoy see a jealous Arnav during this vacation!!!!

    Thanks for PM


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  10. loved the update shyam realizing something is wrong with la and la started play her dirty games loved the morning teaching so cute arnav and khushi awesome update thanks for the pm

    Shyam is so clever and i love him for not liking Lavanya!
    Very clever planning by La as Khushi and Arnav both are jealous and Arnav is pissed off!
    Oh my their morning encounter was just sweeeeeeeeeeeeet ;)

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  17. very appropriate name for the chapter FIREWORKS!

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  19. Thanks for the PM. Very nice update. An amazing morning. NK is sweet but he is not going to get anywhere. Of course Arnav is angry again. La has some big plans it seems.

    - desisweetheart9 from IF.

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    Khushi, what an innocent this girl is and Arnav is so eager and impatient....mmmmmm, delicious combo.
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    As always, a superb job Nancy.
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    Jealousy angry Arnav is always cute and a danger too!

    Please PM me next time!

  33. Wallah! This really had the fireworks sparks.You know, Nancy...the inquisitive conversation of Khushi and Arnav was filled with innocence yet bringing out raw Us atleast ..LOL!!
    Shyam being the wise a surprise but a welcomed relief.LA has to be pushed in a ditch.
    You take ur time Hun....don't have to hurry understand how it's with Inlaws.But, when u r back...after they leave...I need a full passionate scene.You are so good at it...with lots of conversations:-)
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