Sunday, April 29, 2012

FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 11

 Part 11- Solace

“Please please Arnav let me go. ” Khushi hoarsely replied…

His answer was to hold her more intimately against him..He moved his face closer to her and whispered against hers… “I will, I promise but first you tell me how you dream of touching me and what things you feel like doing to me… Tell me Khushi”

“Arnaaav please” she said with her heart slamming against her breastbone. But he refused to relent.."Tell me Khushi."

“I feel like kissing you…” she whispered

“Where do you feel like kissing me?” he whispered back. She looked at his lips and blushed and looked away

Arnav felt the sweetest kind of torture with what was happening between them. He knew this was not going to come to its natural conclusion, but still he couldn’t help himself. “Do you feel like putting your hands under my shirt and touching me?" he murmured

Khushi’s breath hitched and she trembled in his arms. Arnav was watching her face carefully, and slowly took her hands and guided them inside his shirt. Her hands quivered as she slowly and tentatively took the initiative to explore his muscled body underneath. He was so hard and lean and strong, so different from her own self and her nails clenched on his chest. Arnav’s eyes closed as he willed himself to hold on and bear the gratifying agony for her sake. However powerless at the mercy of his body, he took her hands and put it against his hard arousal. “Do you dream of touching me here? Are you curious about how I would feel in your hands?” he whispered against her hair.

Khushi’s eyes flew to his, coming out her stupor, and tried snatching her hand away as if scorched. He knew she would be shy and could gauge her nervous reaction, but he held her hand firmly pressed against him. Maybe it was a little too much for her, but he couldn’t help it against the torrent of feelings going through him. “Baby I dream about it all the time…” he whispered…” I wonder how good it will feel when you touch me..

Khushi whimpered, mesmerized by his words and the feel of barely leashed raw power under her hands. He felt so warm, hard and alive beneath her hands. A natural curiosity to explore and discover him assailed her. How would he react if she moved her hands over him, she wondered and tentatively reached out to touch him. He had not expected this and he uttered a guttural moan at her hesitant but willing touch. Before any of this could go any further, a shrill ring from his cell phone broke the spell and Khushi pulled back with a jerk.

Arnav uttered a frustrated oath and barked hello on the phone and his body stiffened and tensed at what Aman told him on the other end. “I am coming right now.” he stated in a troubled tone.

“There’s a fire in one of the factories... I don’t think there were any people involved in the accident but I need to go to make sure nobody's hurt..” he said in response to the silent question in her eyes.

“Arnav…take care.”  she whispered..

“I will…don’t worry.. You sleep off.” He said and left without looking back. Arnav took a deep breath, trying hard to fight the images of his mom and dad caught in the fire and the plight of a small boy looking at helplessly them.

Khushi went upstairs to change in to her nightwear, remembering what Anjali had told her about their's parent's accident  and how Arnav silently suffered due the incident. Khushi made up her mind, she changed and came downstairs to wait for him to return.


Arnav returned home, disturbed and depressed, his demons coming back to haunt him. He could still vividly remember the scene of his parents trapped in the fire in front of him. The little boy in him had cried out for his mom to soothe him and calm him, but the person who could pacify him could no longer reach out to him. Over the years he had  come to terms with that horrifying incident, but somewhere the small boy still lived within him and yearned for a loving affectionate touch to soothe away the recurring nightmares from the aftermath. He had grown a backbone and become strong for his little sister but he still mourned in private, and still suffered in silence. Today the nightmares had returned back in full force and bleak coldness was spreading through him. He went to pour himself a stiff shot of whiskey, when he saw her lying on the sofa. She had changed in to her PJs, her hair still slightly wet and she was dozing with her head resting on the sofa. The knowledge she had come to down to wait for him filled him somewhere with a warm fuzzy feeling. A gradual warmth spread through him slowly ebbing the bleak feeling, knowing that she cared.

He came near her, lifted her, taking a deep breath to take her sweet smell in. He picked her up and walked upstairs. However instead of dropping Khushi to her room, he carried her further to his room and lay her down on his bed. He took a quick shower, wore his pajama, courtesy her presence and slid on to the bed next to her. There was some strange feeling of solace with her lying next to him and he snuggled her close against him and dozed off in a light peaceful sleep.


Lavanya was sitting with NK sipping coffee. “So NK how’s it going…you and khushi are an item huh?” she asked in a teasing tone. NK felt a little embarrassed at her teasing but replied back happily… “Not yet, but hopefully soon..”

“How nice! Hey I have a great idea, Anjali’s birthday is coming up soon how about you and I  with Shyam give Anjali a surprise." she suggested. "However Shyam may also be so busy with his wedding preparations, so it would up to you and me to arrange for Anjali’s birthday. We will keep it small and cozy, It would be just us 3 couples Anjali and Shyam, Arnav and I and you and Khushi,”  she said in a conspiratory tone. “I know this great beach front property in this cozy romantic town. It will be awesome!”

NK flushed with pleasure at the thought of spending uninterrupted time with Khushi in the coming weekend. It would be so splendid to be with her and lost in his thoughts, he missed the calculated gleam in her eyes. “Sounds like an excellent idea. I am with you, let’s go and talk to Shyam today itself.” He enthused.

Lavanya smiled…that had been too easy, she thought to herself. “Oh BTW do you know that Khushi loves red roses and believes in astrology.”  “Really?" NK asked, "how do you know all this..”

She remembered the information in the dossier marked as Khushi and blatantly lied through her teeth. “Oh I think Anjaji had mentioned it.”

“Thanks much Lavanya for the information!” he said. “Oh no not at all..That’s what friends are for!” she replied.

I know this is hastily written and not the best update but have lots going please bear with me. As usual I would love to know your feedback and comments!


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