Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 3

Thanks for the great feedback on the earlier chapter. I really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy reading this update too.

Part 3 - The burglar and the brat

Aranv was lying on his bed, tossing and turning unable to slip into oblivion. His thoughts strayed on the fact that just a night ago, she had lain here…her gorgeous, curvaceous body lying on his bed, her long thick hair fanned out on his pillow..He couldn’t help but wonder what kind of nightdress she wore, or maybe like him, she slept in the raw. Oh my sweet heavens...did she? He gulped at the thought. To add more fuel to his imagination, a half an hour ago, he had found something poking his back, only to find the reason to be in the form of a pink colored bra, scattered with lavender rose buds. The innocent undergarment was so contrasting to her feisty passionate personality, that he found it oddly arousing, piquing his curiosity to know her.

He got up from his bed, too restless and hot to sleep, heading down to the kitchen to grab a cool drink, when he saw the motion detector monitoring the pool side blink furiously. What shit! Who dared prowl around his home, and went stealthily to the poolside to confront the intruder.

Khushi was pacing near the poolside, enjoying the peace in the cool night breeze. Sleep eluded her tonight; she was feeling a little restless today, unable to put a finger on the cause and unable to pinpoint the source of restlessness. She was lost in gazing at the stars when a strong form grabbed her from behind and pushed her roughly to the wall. Both her hands were held behind her and a strong muscular body pinned her body as a prisoner against the wall. Khushi’s heart started beating fast in fear, she tried screaming out aloud, but no voice came from her throat. 

“Who the f*** are you and what are you doing in my home?” He growled menacingly. His home?? Khushi breathed in a little relief as the implications on the identity of the person holding her sunk in. However the fear and shock still held her tongue motionless as the aftershocks rippled through body. “Answer me!!”  he threatened, pressing his body even more into her. Khushi could feel his hard body bite into hers, his counters molded to hers in a punishing grip as she weekly replied, “Arn-Arnavji,  it’s me…Khushi.” 

“Khushi? What are you doing here at this time?” he asked, backing off a little but still not loosening the grip on her hands. Slowly he pushed her towards the door, towards the faint beam of light where he could see the face of the girl he held captive, he wanted to confirm that it was indeed she. The light illuminated her face, her eyes tightly clenched shut, her lips parted, gasping in air in short bursts. He still held both her hands behind her back, which welded their lower body tightly together and provided her already generous breasts more prominence. Her breasts were heaving with the fear and shock and he watched in fascination as they gently brushed against his chest with every breath she took. His jaw clenched, he wanted her breasts naked, he wanted his shirt out of the way, and then he wished they were in the same position so he could feel her bare breasts on him with every breath she took. His thoughts were now starting to affect and show on his lower body and he pushed her away with a muttered curse. Damn this woman who took his control away and made him behave worse than a teenager!

Khushi came back a little to reality as he snapped at her “Khushi what are you doing here at this time? Glad it was I who noticed it, else you could have caused to alarm in the entire house to trip!”

“Sor-Sorry..I didn’t realize that. I had forgotten my book here, so I came here to pick it up.”  Still trying to calm her breath.

Arnav was watching her through hooded eyes, desire for her unwilling to leave his body, no matter what he did. “Left the book here, did you? Looks like you have a habit of leaving your things around. You shouldn’t be so careless!” he said in a condescending voice.

“What?? What rubbish! I am not careless and I don’t have a habit to leave anything behind!” she replied back, irked at his tone.

“No? Really? Well I certainly don’t wear a pink bra with lavender rosebuds!” He said with a smirk!!

Khushi was shocked, and heat started creeping up on her cheeks. She blushed furiously and involuntarily touched her heated cheeks “ARNAVJI!!” she exclaimed in shock!

Arnav was fascinated at her reaction – so naïve and so innocent! The mere mention of her bra had embarrassed her tremendously, as if she had not experienced any man finding her underwear or for that matter even talking about her underwear. He knew many women who would leap at a chance like this to start an affair with him, but this girl standing here was genuinely shocked and embarrassed. And Aranvji... Who called him Aranvji, probably no one he knew. His interest was once again piqued, and he really wanted to get to know her better.

“Are you coming?” He asked her

“Where?” she asked

“To take back you left behind…” he said trying to spare her some embarrassment. “Unless you want to leave it in my room!” He said unable to stop himself from teasing her.

“Aranvji!!” She exclaimed again. Hearing the 'ji' again,  he couldn’t stop the laughter that escaped him.

“Let’s go.” She huffed and walked ahead of him.

Aranv distinctly and deliberately held out her bra as they entered the room…his hazel eyes filled with laughter, as he said… "here you go.”

Khushi was seething in anger, goaded beyond reason as the events of the day took toll on her. She snatched it from his hand and snapped at him “You could learn some more finesse, it would do you well to remember that you are talking to a lady! But I guess not…I shouldn’t expect you to know how to behave politely, considering the kind of company you keep!” she said insultingly and turned to leave, but in an instant, she was pulled roughly against him,
for the second time in the night, with one of her hands twisted behind her back,

“Apologize!” He thundered.

She defiantly kept mute, looking at him straight in the eye. “Apologize right now Khushi! Before I really show you how impolite I can behave with you” he said menacingly, pulling her closer, her lower body totally in touch with his.

Fear, mixed with an unknown strange exciting feeling shot through her. “Sorry…but you shouldn’t have made fun of me! I don’t take it lightly.”  She said, her lips quivering with emotion. The unknown  feeling was slowly increasing, starting to scare her and she tried
to free herself from his hold.  He was soothed a little at her apology, but he did not relent, he was not yet ready to let go of her warmth that fast.

“Let go of me” she said, but he continued to ignore her.

She started struggling against him; “let me go…” she struggled, wiggling her body against him, in an attempt to free herself. He still did not release her. She struggled and finally stomped her foot on his, causing him to yelp in pain and surprise. “What the!”  He said startled, his grip loosening on her.

She took the opportunity and freed herself and ran out of the door, pausing at the door and shouted, “I take back my apology, I am not sorry at all!”  And stuck out her tongue at him before ran to her safe haven in Anjali’s room.

Arnav looked at uncomprehendingly for a second,. What the! What happened here? A moment ago she was in his arms, and then suddenly she had stomped his foot and run away and stuck out her tongue at him! Stuck out tongue at the great ASR!! How dared she? Who did she think she was? Well he would teach her! He would teach her to how to make better use of that tongue!!

And with those to occupy him, he drifted off to sleep.

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