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FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 9

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Part 9  - The way ahead

Lavanya sat in her room looking blankly across the wall. She needed to tread carefully, with cool level headedness. If ASR ever found out what she intended to do, he would not take her interference lightly. What she needed to do was get into the enemy camp, know her better and then when the time was right, strike back. The girl was nothing more than a pawn here; her real game was with ASR. He had to understand that only she, Lavanya Kashap, would be a suitable partner for him. And if that bitch got hurt amidst this, so be it, it was just collateral damage, she thought with a sneer. She picked up the phone and dialed a number. “Ya it’s me Lavanya. I need you to dig information on this girl. I am faxing you whatever stats I have. Make sure you get the work done!” she snarled.

Khushi donned a light blue spaghetti top, and navy cotton pajamas preparing to sleep. However all she did was tossed and turned in her bed, her thoughts fixated on him! Stop! She told herself, but she could not stop thinking about him or prevent her mind from replaying his kiss again and again. Every time she thought of him, and how he had thrust his tongue in her mouth, she felt a heavy heat pooling somewhere near her stomach. Maybe this was what her friends were talking about when they talked about being ‘turned on’, but she didn’t know… she was so confused! She wished she could talk to somebody about these strange alien feelings invading her body. She got up and decided to go to Anjali’s room to distract herself.

Anjali and Khushi were chatting and giggling away when Anjali had a brainwave. She said, “Khushi, let me go and make hot cocoa just like old times!” and went downstairs to the kitchen and intentionally made more than enough cocoa to satisfy 4-5 people. Before she came to her room, she called Arnav, “Bhai, Khushi and I were just chit chatting and decided to make some cocoa but I made so much more. Do you want join us to have some?” she asked, smirking inwardly knowing full well what her brother would do.

Anjali entered her room with tray on her hand and casually told Khushi, “I made so much cocoa by mistake that I asked to bhai to join us. Hope that’s OK with you..” Khushi was a little disconcerted to hear that Arnav was joining them and self-consciously looked around but didn’t say anything as Arnav walked in at that moment.

Arnav picked up the cup of hot cocoa, smiled at Anji and glanced at Khushi. Her face was scrubbed clean and her long silky hair were let loose. Her t-shirt left her creamy shoulders bare to his gaze and the way her breasts thrust against the top, he could pretty much wager that she was not wearing a bra underneath. All he had to do was to slid those thin straps down her shoulders to expose her splendor to his gaze. His body clenched at his wayward thoughts and he took a deep breath to calm himself and come back to the present. He vaguely heard Khushi teasing Anjali for something to do with Shyam and Anjali threatening to retaliate back with promise to tickle her if she didn’t stop. Aah! so she was ticklish ..he tucked the information away for future use. He was amicably enjoying the hot drink when Anjali went to get some fluffy white marshmallows, leaving him and Khushi alone for a bit.

“Hi Khushi” he greeted her playfully. “Hi” she shyly replied unable to stop herself from blushing a little. He smirked at her blush and carefully put his drink down and pulled her towards him, so that she half fell against him. 
“Arnavji, what are you doing?” she squealed in shock.

“Why nothing! There was just some cocoa on your mouth, I just wanted to help you clean it..” he replied with mischief written all over his face.

“Let me go please, Anjali will come soon.” She requested fidgeting around

“In that case, you better let me help you clean it soon!”  he whispered roguishly and bent down to take her lips in a quick hard kiss before releasing her. Lost in the heated kiss, she groaned her disappointment as she felt him move away and hearing her disappointed groan, he laughed triumphantly. “Don’t worry baby, I promise this is not the end for tonight, we will continue later..” and let her go as Anjali joined them again. Eventually the cocoa and marshmallows were finished and Anjali pushed them out on pretext of needing her beauty sleep, grinning to herself for her ingenious plan.

Arnav watched Khushi as they walked together from Anji’s room. Her eyes were downcast, refusing to meet his, trying to find a way to escape him. As if he would let her…he thought wickedly. “Khushi, you know when I was little and I could not sleep, my mom would give us hot cocoa and then envelope us in a warm hug and a soft kiss. ”

Khushi innocently looked at him and smiled and said “how nice…”

“I know, it had been such a comforting tradition …I can’t sleep tonight either…” he said continuing to look at her with a wicked expression.

“OK, so..?”  asked Khushi with confusion, not really understanding and then blushed as it dawned on her where he was going with it

“Now look here Arnavji, I am not going to hug you or…or kiss you”
She huffed

“Why not?” he asked

“Because… because…” trying to search for some excuse “you are not a small boy any more and besides anybody could see us…Anjali could come here..”

Arnav saw an empty room and pushed the door open and shoved both of them inside. He kicked the door shut with his leg and towered over her and asked her “Any other objections?” ”No? Good! I want a hug and a kiss Khushi…”

“Too bad…we don’t always get what we want…”she snottily replied back.

“Oh ASR always gets what he wants” he said with smirk. “One way or the other! Now are you going to do it when I am asking you nicely?”

“No I won’t” she replied back in mock defiance

“I see, then I will just have to think of another way...” and started tickling her mercilessly till she finally agreed to do what he demanded.

Her heart was thudding against her chest as she pressed herself closer against him to hug him and then slightly leaned in to give a quick peck on his cheek and moved away.

“And that was supposed to be a kiss?” He asked incredulously

“Well that’s how small boys get kissed.” she answered back impishly, mischief dancing in her eyes

Arnav raised his eyebrows, desire surged through his veins at her gumption. Not bad, he thought to himself, but he was ASR after all! and he was not going to let her get away with it. He moved very close to her and bent his head, licking the soft shell of her ears, sending  shivers tingling down her spine. “But baby, I am not small at all” he whispered…
“Wh..what” she asked in a dazed tone, unable to comprehend anything beyond what his tongue was doing to her.

“I said, I am not small in any way whatsoever” and as if to give her proof of his statement, he rubbed his full hard length against her in a way that left her in no doubts to what he was talking about.

Khushi gasped in shock and pleasure as she felt his arousal pressed against her trembling form. “Ar..Arnav!”

“Yes baby?” He whispered continuing to press himself against her. “You still think I am small?” he asked wickedly

“Pl…Please Arnav” she closed her eyes, unable to withstand the surge of pleasure that coursed through her as he moved

But he was relentless… “Answer me Khushi”

“N-No” khushi stammered, powerless to do anything else but obey him under his sensual assault

Looking at her innocent face clenched tightly, he softened a little. “I can’t help it anymore than you can. This is such a natural reaction and your body is reacting the same way…” He hoarsely whispered

Khushi opened her eyes and looked at him in confusion not really understanding what he was talking about.

Without looking away from her, he brushed her nipples with the back of his thumb causing them to harden with desire and strain against the material. He showed her the hard nubs that were visibly pointed against her t-shirt. Khushi scrunched her eyes shut again unable to deal with the strange new feelings flowing through her body. She felt like she was burning and only he could help!

“Khushi, do you even know what happens to me, when I see your body respond to me like this? I want to do things to you that you can’t even imagine. I want to love you in ways that would shock you..” he whispered
“Do you know what I would like to do Khushi?” He huskily asked her

“N-no.” She said in a shocked whisper.

“I want to lift your t-shirt and look at you…I want to see how magnificent your breasts look without anything.” “I want to kiss you there” he continued brushing against her nipples “I want to take you in my mouth and taste how sweet you are.” He muttered hoarsely

“Arnav…please..” she whimpered brokenly. What was he doing to her? she was feeling intoxicated! His lower body was firmly pressed against her and the things he was whispering in her ears and doing with his hands was driving her slowly mad. He was watching her closely as he saw her whimper at his words.

“Please…please what?”

“I don’t know Arnav…make it stop…” she said and pressed herself innocently against him. Arnav took in a harsh breath at what she was telling him unknowingly. He was turned on to a throbbing point! He didn’t know how much more he could take without breaking down, Loving her like this was so damned sweet! 

With one deft movement of his hand, he divested her t-shirt.  Khushi gasped at his action and instinctively tried to cover herself. But Arnav held her hands away. “Khushi, you are gorgeous, please let me see you…” he whispered as he took in her naked form on the top. “ you are so beautiful that I am almost afraid to touch you” he whispered with reverence. He was filled with humbleness to know that nobody else had seen her like this.

He gently molded her breasts to fit his palms, eliciting a throaty moan out of her, at his first touch. He closed his eyes, his primitive urges taking over and he bent down to take a peak in his mouth and sucked at it till she cried out in pleasure. He offered the same tribute to the other breast, kissing it and suckling it till she wreathed under him,

“Aaarnaav..” she moaned, lost under the torrent of powerful feelings he aroused with his sensual onslaught.. His body clenched hearing her guttural moan. Oh god, what was he doing… she was an innocent, and if he didn’t stop now, he would just take her, right here as they were. He took a deep breath and with control worthy of ASR, he kissed her one last time, put her t-shirt on and moved away a little.

“See wouldn’t it be simpler if you had just given me a hug and kiss…remember it next time” he ordered her in a mock command. Khushi was still trembling from his earlier ministrations and continued holding him for support least her knees should buckle. “Next time? There will be a next time?” she whispered her thoughts aloud

“Oh yes, you bet there will be. There is no turning back now. You better understand that Khushi….”

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