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FF- Soulmates and Bedmates Part 7

Part 7 –  The Awakening
Arnav was sitting in the dark with a glass of single malt scotch in his hand, brooding over tonight’s events when she came down wearing some old pajama top that reached her mid thighs. It showed off her beautiful slim legs as she had not bothered with the pajama bottoms. Looking closely he saw that her glorious breasts were swaying freely, which also meant that she had forgone her bra for tonight and her magnificent breasts were bare underneath that top. He itched to touch them and feel their warm weight in his hands. He ached to take her breasts in his mouth and suck them to his hearts content. Just looking at her made him so very hard! What was it about her that made him react so instantly and so intensely? He was at a loss to understand why he had behaved the way he did an hour ago.

1 hour ago.
”ASR I am so glad you are staying over tonight.. ”
”What do you want to do tonight? ”
”ASR shall I wear my red lingerie… ”
Arnav drove on with a talkative Lavanya by his side. He wished she would keep quite, but she constantly yakked in spite of him answering her in monosyllables. They had reached her apartment and Arnav was badly regretting his rash decision to come here with Lavanya. Before he could utter a single word to Lavanya, she had started pressing herself against him and kissing him. Arnav was in a auto-pilot mode , just standing there while Lavanya’s hands were going all over him. He wanted to tell her to stop it, when Lavanya pushed him on the couch and sat on his lap. Arnav closed his eyes and instantly an image of Khushi sitting on his lap burst in his mind and he pushed Lavanya aside, apologized and went home leaving both of them totally at a loss to understand why he had behaved the way he did…

Khushi walked downstairs trying to fix herself a cup of hot chocolate, hoping to find solace and peace in the drink, against the hurtful images of Arnav and Lavanya that kept darting in her mind. She walked to the kitchen unaware that the silent figure sitting in the dark had gotten up and followed her. “Khushi…” he called out to her as he followed her into the kitchen, feeling frustrated with the desire he felt for her, and feeling compelled by the sway of her curves he saw. 
Khushi turned around in shock, her hand clutching her erratically beating heart to find some other person in the house besides her. Anji was still with Shyam and she had faked a headache to come home and escape any company. “Arnavji…Aap…You scared me. I thought I was alone. Weren’t you supposed to be with…” she kept the sentence hanging midway.  
Khushi felt very conscious about the state of her dress and the lack of her PJ bottoms, fidgeting and trying to pull the top lower to cover more of her legs. However what she did not realize was that pulling the t-shirt down only emphasized her breasts more. The top was thin and worn out and with all the pulling  and stretching,  he could clearly see the outline and dark shadow of her nipples though the top. 
His eyes darkened and glittered, and he slowly sauntered towards her and said “I changed my mind.” Daring her with his eyes to ask him the reason…ask him why.
“Oh!” was all she could mutter, as he was standing right in front of her, looking at her with intense heated gaze. He stood there merely looking at her, not touching her, not speaking anything, just gazing in her eyes deeply, as if trying to pry some secrets from her soul. Khushi felt she would die of hyperventilation. Her heart was slamming very hard in her ribcage. The entire evening she had been aware of him and his nearness and now when he was intentionally so near, it created havoc on her senses. She started babbling to hide her nervousness. “Woh Anjali is not here, it’s just us and I could not sleep so I wanted to make myself some hot chocolate. Do you want some? It’s pretty good…” She jabbered nervously, trying to move away and create some distance between them, but noticing this, Arnav moved even closer.
Her heart slammed in her chest, “Arnavji..Pl…Please let me go.”
“Why?” he enquired..
“Because I can’t breath..”
“But you are breathing… I can feel it.” he said enigmatically
“Wh-What? She asked perplexed
“Look here” he whispered, showing her that how with every breath she took, her breasts torturously brushed against his chest. Khushi was stunned at the sight. It was strangely erotic to see their bodies touch like this. Her breath caught in her throat and she felt an unfamiliar heat pool at the pit of her stomach. She looked up to find him watching her. While she was watching their bodies touching, he watching her watching it! Khushi blushed deeply and helplessly looked at him, not knowing how to react, too much of an innocent to hide or mask her desire for him. 

Arnav groaned and closed his eyes at her unspoken helpless invitation, trying hard to control himself to not touch her. He was heavily aroused and once he started touching her, he would not be able to let her go. He knew very well where it would lead and she was too innocent for it at the moment.  Clenching his jaw in frustration, he took a deep breath and moved aside. 
Khushi stood still for a moment, unable to decide whether to be happy or relieved and then lethargically moved herself to go to her room and she was half way there when everything went pitch dark.
Khushi froze…”Arnavji” she called out….and then started screaming out “Arnavji…Arnavji…” totally freaked out by darkness.
“Khushi I am coming. The power seems to have gone out…Don’t worry.” He reassuringly replied back.
But Khushi was beyond rational thought. “Arnavji…Arnavji” she called out for him desperately. “Khushi…Here I am…what happened?”

Khushi didn’t reply, just hugged him, as if trying to hide herself in him. Arnav automatically opened his arms to hug her trembling form, rubbing her back to relax and reassure her. “Sorry Arnavji…I am very scared of the dark…when my parents... when my parents..” she stopped unable to continue and hugged him tighter. “Ssh Khushi…it’s OK. I know…Anji had told me…I understand.” He replied back concern and reassurance lacing his voice, his hands caressing her hair to calm her down. 
“Khushi, you wait here, I think there is a torch in the garage, I will go get it.” He said. “Nahi Nahi…” she instantly responded, “I will not wait here alone, I will come with you” and held on tightly to his hand. They went in search for a torch but came back empty handed after a long search and after a lot of banging into things that haphazardly lay around in the garage. “Let’s go to my room,  If I am not mistaken, there is a torch there too.” he said slowly heading to his room, careful not to bang into anything again. 
Arnav and Khushi were sitting on the couch in his room, which was still bathed in darkness. They had found the torch but the batteries were dead and they had decided to simply wait for the power to come back. Khushi’s head lay on the armrest and she was sitting respectably away from Arnav, but her grip on Arnav’s hand was resolute. She was not letting him go, finding comfort in holding him and having him next to her.  His other hand went on caressing her hair and slowly she relaxed and her eyes started drooping and within few moments she had dozed off to a light sleep.

Arnav sat still, listening to her calm even breathing, knowing that she had finally slept. He closed his eyes as he remembered how her soft, warm body had felt when she had been in his arms. He had tried to be noble and concerned for her, but he was a man after all and a heavily aroused man at that. When she had hugged him tightly downstairs, he could feel each and every curve of her soft body against him. It had taken all his strength to not reach under her t-shirt, hold her butt and grind her against him. But she had needed comfort and reassurance at that point of time and it made him feel a little warm and fuzzy inside to know that she found comfort holding him close to her. He released a deep sigh waiting for either sleep to claim him or power to come back and relieve his body from the tormented aroused state.

Sunrays filtered through the blinds illuminating their faces and Arnav slowly stretched and opened his eyes. The first sight his eyes saw was her face lying peacefully on his chest. She was lying half on her tummy with her head on his chest, her hand holding his waist. He could feel her soft breasts against his chest and one of her leg was flung over his thighs. He felt he was in heaven! He felt his lower body stir under her bare leg. He gently bent down to kiss her lips and nudge her awake. Khushi slowly stirred, her body protested at being awakened from sweet slumber and she instinctively snuggled closer to his warmth. The warmth, the solidness, the stability felt so good, she could lie like this forever. “Khushi…Khushi..wake up” she slowly opened her eyes, looking at him through sleep befuddled gaze, not comprehending for a moment where  she was. Looking at Arnav, last nights event dawned on her and she struggled to get up and in the process brushed herself against Arnav’s hardness. She stilled and gasped and jumped away from the couch as if scorched, looking everywhere but at him.  

Arnav smiled and told her “Khushi, I can’t help it. It’s an involuntary reaction, nothing I can do about it. He said. “Nothing for you to be embarrassed about.”
Still somewhat in a sleepy state of mind, Khushi asked without thinking “does it hurt when it..?” and then clamped her hands over her mouth as she realized what she had said aloud…”No.. No.. I didn’t mean to ask..” she said blushing a deep red.
Arnav looked at this innocent child-woman in front of him. How could one be so gorgeous to make a guy forget his own name and yet so untouched and innocent, he wondered in awe. Did it hurt, no it did not hurt…but he sure ached…ached to be buried deep inside her warmth…he thought to himself.
“No Khushi, it does not hurt…but it is a sweet torture. Maybe one day you can learn for yourself” he added
Khushi looked at him incredulously to see if he was joking or mocking her, but her eyes widened with shock as she realized he was very serious, with a promise in his eyes. She gulped and ran from his room as fast as her legs could carry her.

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