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FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 5

Chapter 5 – The sweetest thing

Khushi and Anajli were sitting by the poolside sipping chai, discussing her marriage plans when Arnav dropped in. “Hey munchkin” he greeted Anjali with a hug and then surprised Khushi by addressing a ‘Hi Khushi’ to her.

Khushi blushed and involuntary her hands went to her mouth remembering the kiss he had given her last time and then quickly removed her hand as she realized what she had done. Arnav’s shrewd gaze however did not miss her actions and could not help smirking as he accurately guessed the reasons behind it. He got up to leave after chatting with Anjali for a bit and while leaving addressed Khushi, “Come to my study in 30 minutes to discuss Anji’s bridal wear. And keep your portfolio ready and get it. I would like to see it before we start working.” He said in a little haughty tone.

Khushi bristled…What a laat governer! He didn’t even think of asking if she was free in 30 minutes. What if she had made plans! Mr. Laat governor didn’t even think of checking with her! And he could have requested for her to get her portfolio instead of ordering her..Well she was not going to take his attitude lying down. “OK I will see you in 30 mins but you also keep your portfolio ready and get it. I would also like to see it before we start working ” she replied being equally condescending.

His eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched in anger at her impertinent reply .But Anjli was here and he walked away from there without saying anything... 

Thirty mins later, he was sitting on the recliner, waiting for her and looked up as she came in the study but did not speak anything to her. She entered the study and hesitated as to what to do but then went near him with her portfolio “Arnavji here’s my work.” Aranv did not say anything but rather grabbed her hand and pulled her hard, making her land squarely on his lap.

She yelped in surprise, feeling his strong muscles under her and struggled to get up. But he held her firmly by her waist. “Let me go!” she exclaimed.

“After you Apologize,” he said softly

“Apologize?? why should I apologize?” she questioned 

“For being so impertinent! I told you nobody behaves like that with Arnav Singh Raizada!” he arrogantly answered her.

“It was not my fault and I wont say let me go!” She said, struggling to get up from his lap.

“You are staying where you are till you apologize.. Samjhi tum?”  However his anger was slowly turning in to some other emotion with her constantly wiggling and moving against him.

“I wont apologize! I was not at fault!”

“No problem, then keep sitting here. I like how your soft bottom feels on my lap..”

“Aranvji!!!” She said, blush staining her cheeks deep red. A  strange heat coursed through her body. She now started struggling in earnest, trying to fight the weird feeling she was feeling. 

Arnav swallowed at the sound of his name on her lips …when would it be without the ji? He wanted to hear her say his name, whisper his name, moan his name, scream his name over and over again...

“Let me go…. What do you want?” she said interrupting his thoughts 

“You know what I want…”

“Fine! Sorry..Are you happy now?” And tried to get up, but he still did not release her..

“Arnavji!” She looked up him in surprise. “I said sorry, now let me go.”

“Say like you mean it. Who knows, I will let you go and then you will stomp my foot and stick out your tongue at me again..” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Fine I mean it..please let me go now…please.”  She was feeling a strange excitement sitting so close to him, it made her heart beat fast, made her feel heady and all of this was confusing her. All she wanted to do was hate him and rage at him, but instead of that she was liking this closeness. She got up as his grip loosened and with hands on her hips, eyes spitting fire, her breasts heaving with an effort to be civil, she angrily hissed at him, “don’t ever do that again!”

He didn’t answer anything but quietly continued looking at her.

“Didn't you hear me? I said don’t do that again.”

“What did I do?”

“You know what you did.” 

“No I don’t know, What I do?”

“ made me sit in your lap.” She said glaring at him, unable to prevent the the blush getting deeper.. 

“And you didn’t like it? Tell me so and I will never do it again” He asked looking straight into her eyes

"I ..I …I" Khushi stammered unable to deny it and a slow smile broke over his face. He slowly got up from the recliner and walked towards her, his eyes not  leaving her face even for a second. She gulped and stole her gaze away from his.

 “What are you so scared of Khushi? Me or yourself?” He asked her

“I am not scared of anything.” She replied 

“In that case, come near me.” Khushi swallowed and slowly walked towards him and then before he could do anything she pushed him with all her might and ran out of the room leaving Arnav flabbergasted at her odd quirks and actions. 


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