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Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 10

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Part 10 - Revelation

Lavanya Kashap was nothing if not organized. She looked at the file in front of her, where she had categorized the material on Khushi methodically. She re-read the information one more time, recognizing that there was nothing here that suggested there was anything special about that girl in way whatsoever. She was good-looking but then there were so many better-looking girls who had entered ASR’s life. She required to think rationally and tackle this issue from multiple sides. She needed to make Khushi understand, that ASR may choose to f*** her, but in the end he would always come back to Lavanya Kashap and ASR needed to understand that Khushi would easily go and fool with somebody else. If there was one thing that ASR hated immensely was sharing anything he considered his! ASR was extremely possessive! Fooling with another guy when you are with ASR, meant end of road with him, permanently.

She sat still, in deep thoughts when a slow smile lit her face. She knew how to kill two birds with one stone. It was perfect!! She removed her cell phone and dialed him. "Heeeyyyy NK! How are you doing? This is Lavanya," she cooed

It was as if his pen had a will of it’s own and the ink went on flowing on the paper. Arnav Singh Raizada was in a creative mode today and had designed a personal piece for somebody after a hiatus of eight years.  He had started his business of high fashion with a very humble beginning of creating costumes for a play but then business had soon picked up. And as time went on, he was more involved with the business side of things with little time available to get creative.

Arnav looked at the latest sketch of his creation in front of him. It was a stunning mauve colored lehnga with bright fuchsia border and crystals of various hues of blue adorned the lehnga. The color and the fabric would just flow on Anji to bring out her natural beauty. He felt immense satisfaction and pleasure to see his vision materialize on paper. Anji would look gorgeous in these dresses. He had designed three dresses for Anji, but he was not done for the day, he still felt some creative energy bursting in him.

He mounted another piece of paper, took a deep breath and his hands started rendering again, however with a different mood and a different state of mind. He was finally finished and stepped back to look at it. It was a black colored georgette and satin short nightwear that would simply caress her curves. He could already imagine her hardened nipples jut and push against the satin revealing her desire for him. He could also imagine the soft curve of her bottom and her femininity visible to him through the see through skirt.  Jeez, she would look fantastic in it! He was going to gift her this and what’s more, he was going to make sure she would wear it….for him! 

His pulse started beating erratically and his lower body instantly surged as he imagined it on her sinuous curves. He frowned a little at his body’s immediate and complete reaction to her. This was getting a little out of control and if there was one thing that he liked, was to stay in full and complete control. She was starting to get under his skin and he was not sure how comfortable he was with it. He wanted to have a relationship with her, but without much emotional attachment. It was natural that there would be some emotions involved from his side, but they needed to be absolutely within his control.  This was getting a little out of hand, maybe he needed to cool it and avoid her for a few days.

However what Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada didn’t know was that there was nothing predictable about Ms. Khushi Kumari Gupta. He never got a chance to avoid Khushi, because to avoid somebody you needed to meet them first. Arnav had not seen Khushi for the past two days. Where the heck was she!! His eyes searched around the house without being obvious, but there were no signs of her. On the third day, after much deliberation, he asked Anjali whereabouts of Khushi on the pretext of work, and if she had gone somewhere for few days. However he was taken aback to know that she was very much here in RM. Where was she then? and why had he not seen her? Another day passed without him catching a glimpse of her and he started to get very agitated.  Where was she? What was she playing at? Was she purposely avoiding him? A slow rage started to built up inside him at the thought of her avoiding him… How dare she!

It was 2.00 am in the morning, and she was tossing and turning in the bed. In spite of avoiding him for so many days, the things that had transpired between them during the last meeting was still vividly etched in her mind. Her body still burned with the feelings he had evoked that night and Ms. Khushi Kumari Gupta who did not run away from anybody, for the first time was running away from the strong response he evoked in her body. 

Finally she got up and decided to head out for a swim as there was no fear of bumping into ‘him’ at this ungodly hour. Remembering how he had shown her to shut off the motion detector, she stepped outside and dived in to the pool and swam with long elegant strokes.

Arnav was lying on his bed staring away into nothingness, when he saw the pool motion detector light go off. He knew it would be none other than the elusive person who monopolized his thoughts lately and in an instant he headed down to confront her.  He quietly stepped in the pool area, observing her. It had been so many days since he had last seen her, last held her; he just stood there and gazed at her, taking his fill of her like a starving man. Eventually she stepped out of the pool, and donning a robe, when  he called out to her “Khushi…” 

Khushi jumped out of her skin at the sudden voice, dropping the towel in surprise. “Aaa…Aap? I am sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you” she said.

“You always disturb me Khushi” he retorted back.

“What?” Khushi asked still a little taken aback to find him here at this time.

“Nothing. Where were you this past week?” he asked flatly

“I was here…”

“Really? How come I didn’t see you. ”


He moved near her, till he could almost feel her breath. “Why are you avoiding me?” he asked her evenly

Khushi quietly stood there, unable to retort anything back.

“Khushi answer me!” He ordered. Khushi was still mute and now his bottled up rage started to simmer. He grabbed her upper arms and pulled her closer on to him, so that their bodies were held flush against each other “I am waiting for your answer” he stated softly, increasing the pressure on her arms.

“Let me go…you are hurting me…” she protested 

“I will, after you answer me. One more time Khushi...why are you avoiding me?” He queried almost shouting at her, his patience in tethers.

“Because I didn’t like what I felt with you last time…” she replied back hotly

She didn’t like it!! it was one the most exhilarating experience of his life and she didn’t like it!! Was she disgusted by what happened? Disbelief and hurt clouded his eyes for a moment before he masked it and raised indifferent eyes to her. “Oh really?”

“YES!” Khushi yelled. “I didn’t like it at all. I wish we did not meet that night for hot cocoa. Now, I am never at peace and I feel restless and edgy all the time. I can’t even focus on my work anymore!!”

Arnav was stunned for a moment to hear her reply. What the!! Was she saying what he thought she was saying…Here he was thinking that she was offended by what they had done that night, but on the contrary she responded to it...that also so passionately! An euphoric lightness flooded through him making him smile and laugh lightly at her words.

Khushi saw him laughing and her anger and the feelings she was trying to keep in check this past few days erupted. “Are you laughing at me??” “How dare you mock me!! This is all your fault!” she shouted at him. “I cant stop thinking about how you touched me. I think about it all the time and I want to touch you like that too… I think about doing crazy things to you.. It’s so unsettling, I cant even talk to Anjali or focus on my designs and it has never happened to me..THIS IS ALL YOUR  FAULT…and I..” she continued her tirade, oblivious of what she was revealing to him, too focused on venting out her bottled up emotions.

“How do you want touch me” he softly asked, his caramel eyes darkened with desire

“wha…what?” Khushi asked

“You said you want to touch me and do things to me…What things do you want to do to me?” he asked in a husky voice, her innocent words making him throb to an aching point.

Dear lord did she tell him that? Oh no! “Let me go…” she muttered starting to struggle against his grip, thoroughly embarrassed at her revelation.

“Please please Arnav let me go. ” she hoarsely requested…

His answer was to hold her more intimately against him..He moved his face closer to her and whispered against hers… “I will, I promise, but first you tell me how you dream of touching me and what things you feel like doing to me… Tell me Khushi”

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