Sunday, April 1, 2012

FF -Soulmates & Bedmates - Part 2

Chapter 2 - The cupid at work
Khushi hugged Anjali, congratulating her on success and left from there, oblivious of a pair of chocolate hazel eyes that were following her movements. Anajli however was aware of Aranv’s actions and smirked inwardly, Awesome!! Destiny was co-operating with her, her brother's obvious attraction to Khushi was going to make her plan even more easier!

Anjali and Arav's parents had passed away when they were very young and their parent’s death at an impressionable age had affected Arnav deeply. He had matured overnight but had avoided relationships with commitments and lasting bonds. He had avoided opening his heart and sharing his love with anybody, deep down scared of loosing that person and being abandoned again. Anjali had seen many women pass in and out of her brother's life, with no emotional attachment from Arnav’s side. She worried about him, about his lonely existence, wondering who would take care of him, share his life with him, when she was not around. The worry had intensified double-fold with her upcoming marriage to Shyam in 4 months. Her brother would be totally lonely then, and that had prompted her to play cupid for her brother. 

Khushi though diametrically opposite to Arnav, was the perfect match for him. She was a warm caring person, capable of giving limitless, unconditional love to the right person, something her brother needed. Somebody who would love him so much that it would fill up all his past hurt. She hoped her brother would be the lucky one. One thing that both her brother and Khushi did share in common was their sheer passion and brilliance for design, and that was her brainchild to bring them together. Rest was upto fate and destiny, she would not interfere beyond that she promised to herself.

“Bhai when are you coming back home?” pouted Anjali. “You know I am only around for next 4 months..”
“Dont worry Anjali, I will be there next week and then stay with you till your marriage.. Happy?” Arnav replied, and was rewarded with a wide grin from his sister.

Anjali, Khushi and few of Anajli's friends were loitering in the swimming pool enjoying the cool water. Anjali had invited few of her friends over since they had the whole house to themselves. Bhai was coming next week and though her brother never said anything, Anjali knew that this was his private domain; his recluse and he preferred quiet and peace here. So by the time he would come home, all of them would be gone… ofcourse except Khushi who would stay  at least till her wedding if things go smoothly, she thought with a grin to herself.


Arnav came home early this week, but did not mention anything to Anjali, wanting to surprise his little sister, and be rewarded with that heart-warming smile. He walked in to his home and quietly went to his room, when he heard some laughing and squealing voices from outside. Surprised and curious, he went near the window to see the source of commotion when he saw Anajali and bunch of her friends playing in the swimming pool. He was happy that his sister was enjoying, if anybody deserved to be happy, it was her and with that he was about to turn back when a beautiful sight stopped him in his tracks. 

The woman who was haunting his thoughts lately rose like a water nymph from the pool, long dark hair dripping water on her sleek, wet body. She was wearing a 2 piece modest white bikini but it did little to hide her lush curves. Her magnificent breasts proudly thrust against the bikini top, a little chill in the wind had peaked her nipples, outlining them against the top. Her tiny minuscule waist, which he could eaily span with his hands, her pert round bottom and long never ending legs, that he wanted to.... He swallowed, frozen to the spot, unable to move away from the beautiful sight in front of him. He heard her call out to Anjali that she was done and was going inside, breaking him out of his revire and prompting him to move away from the window.

F***! Why did she have to be here? Arnav thought to himself! Learning that she was his sister best friend had made her off-limits. He had decided against pursuing her in any which way whatsoever, when he had realized that she was Anjali’s best friend. But seeing her again, seeing her like this, made the beast inside him growl again. Damn! He swore again.

He decided to cool down a little, opened his room door to grab a drink, when Khushi walked in his room and they collided against each other. His hands went to her waist to steady her, electric current coursing through him at touching her bare skin. On surface however he appeared calm  “Tum thik ho?” He asked her, still holding her waist..

“Haan..” she replied.  The inappropriateness of their postion and her semi-undressed state struck her, and she moved back feeling self conscious, looking for something to cover herself up. She saw a towel lying around and grabbed it and wrapped around herself.

To say Arnav was surprised, was an understatement! What was she doing here in his room and she had grabbed his towel!!  his towel to wrap around her!! For an instant a strong desire rose within him to demand his towel back, just so he could see those lovely curves displayed again. 

“What are you doing here?” He asked her blandly; Desire and his inability to control the rampant feelings making him rude to her, making him snap at her.

“What?? What are you doing here?? You shouldn’t barge into a girl’s room like that.” She retorted back

“What the! Girl’s room? Which girl? This is my room!!” He said

“Your room?  Your room?” She asked in daze. “I didn’t know… Anajali asked me to sleep in this room for past 2 days…I..I presumed this is a guest room. I…I will gather my stuff and go out.”

She quickly collected her stuff and decided to bunk into Anjali’s for the time being. What was Anjali thinking; give her this laad governer’s room and that too without telling her, she inwardly fumed. He watched her, as she quickly and haphazardly started gathering her belongings. Feeling his intense gaze on her was making her nervous, but she continued ahead. When done, she snapped, “Here I have taken all my stuff, and no I have not misplaced or taken any of your stuff” she huffed, walking past him. 

“Oh really, you have not taken any of my stuff? In that case, give me back my towel…” he said with a smirk. Khushi gasped and looked down at the towel.. Oh no in a hurry to cover herself up, she had probably picked up his towel. She swallowed horrified at the realization, but even more horrified that she had to strip the towel in front of him to return it. She pulled the towel more securely against her, refusing to hand it to him, gave him one wary glance and ran away from there, his laughter following her footsteps…

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