Friday, March 30, 2012

FF -Soulmates & Bedmates - Part 1

Chapter 1: The First Meeting
Arnav Singh Raizada was watching the fashion show, proud of his little sister’s achievement but other than that, it was  nothing out of the normal. He started to dial on his phone and froze mid way when a girl with a body like aphrodite donning a red gown that hugged every single of her curve walked down the ramp. Arnav worked with models all the time, dated a quite a few of them and yet none had captured his interest as fast as this one. He took a second look at her, beautiful long tresses flowed on her back, full succulent ripe breasts thrust gently against the fabric, tiny waist, lush curving hips, and long never ending legs that gave him many ideas causing his lower body to stir. He needed to find out who she was and take her to his bed to discover that gorgeous body first hand. He knew she would give in, women usually did. His good looks, innate charm, the power he weaved, and his bank balance did not make the women refuse, rather all of them flocked around him like bees. He leaned towards his PA sitting next to him, and asked her to find out information about the girl in red. Once again his eyes turned on the stage to observe the person who was currently occupying his thoughts, pushing the annoying incident that took place  half an hour ago with the childish brat out of his mind.
Half an Hour ago
Arnav Singh Raizada parked his car and walked towards the auditorium. Today was his younger sister Anjali’s last fashion show at Academy Design School before she would graduate and he had promised her he would be there to witness her show. Arnav was a busy man, a successful business tycoon, his fashion house, one of the top ones in India, however he would always make time for his sister. Anjali was everything to him, the only person he cared for after their parent’s had passed away.
Lost in his thoughts as he was walking, he bumped in to a girl and almost got the scalding coffee spilled on him. “Can you not watch where you are going?” he rudely asked her, fully expecting an apology from the girl.
“Me! Why can’t you watch where you are going? You know god has given you eyes to see!” she replied back insultingly.
“You almost burnt me and spilled coffee on my suit, you know how much the suit costs?” he sneeringly asked her.
“So! It’s not my fault! and who wears a suit in a college campus..unless ofcourse you are a professor and in that case I apologize! It must be difficult to be quick in reflexes with the old age creeping up professor” She insultingly sneered back!
“What the F***, how dare you?” He looked at the brat in sweats with her hair untidily tied back. He had no respect for people who didn’t value their appearances and that combined with her insolence made him want to physically shake her and show this brat her rightful place! He clenched his fist in control! But before he could say anything or do anything he saw the girl give him a contemptuous look and walk away huffing.
Khushi was fuming away! What a rude man! Clearly money didn’t teach people manners and compassion! She was already late for Anjali’s show and Anjali would be freaking out by now. She had promised Anjali that she would model her final piece and be part of her finale. Anjali was a sweetheart and they had struck a bond right since their first day of college. She and Anjali were both studying Fashion Designing and soon graduate. She couldn’t wait to step out in the real world to pursue her dreams, she thought with all the youthful optimism. Well needed to rush to meet Anjali and get ready for the show…

Arnav’s PA knew consequences of not being able to deliver what Arnav Singh Raizada asked and was relived that she could get the information that was asked of her. Arnav noted the information given to him and walked to the indicated room and knocked the door. It was opened by her and she was even more breathtaking in close-up. He couldn’t help notice her breasts which were more fuller and she more slender and her face was gorgeous too! Porcelain skin, cute button nose, and plump succulent lips and beautiful hazel eyes... but currently her eyes were spitting fire at him! “You!! Why are you here? You want me to pay for the damage to your suit?” she asked angrily
What the! it was the same girl who had bumped into him earlier. He was about to react to her statement when he  heard his sister’s voice, “Khushi you were fabulous! I told you, you would be, you were just getting nervous for no reason…” and stopped short as she saw her brother standing there. “Bhai??? Aaap?” But before she could say anything, she was enveloped in a bear hug by her brother. Anajli chattered excitedly for a few moments and then  said “Bhai, oh I forgot…this is my best friend Khushi…and Khushi this is my brother, Arnav Singh Raizada!”
Khushi pleasantly replied, "Pleasure to meet you Mr. Raizada.." but her eyes were spitting venom, making mockery of her words. Arnav smirked, well well well! this was going to be interesting! he thought. He looked her up and down and replied back with devious smirk ”the pleasure is all mine…Khushi…” 

How is it? Should I spend my energy writing and developing ahead? Let me know your opinions..


  1. OMG Nancy!! This seems very promising. You absolutely have to continue and believe me it is going to be time worth spent not only for you but us readers as well. The FF is onto a great start. Thanks for the PM dear but sucks that you won't be PM'ing going forward. Oh well, I will just have to check your blog regularly for updates

  2. ahhh I'm lovin' it already!

    continue soon!

  3. absloutely lovd it!!
    u wont send pms??dat is sad!!
    of possible pls do..
    im quiet off d forum due to xams!!
    it wud b really great if u cud!!

    and abt d story..cant wait for d next part..!!

    (anodaksgfan from IF)

  4. OMG!! You should DEFINITELY continue!! I love the way you write!!! Continue soooooooooooooooon! This story looks soooooo promising!! Can't wait :)

  5. sounds promising ... wonder what you have in store for us...would love a pm if you have the time .... TQ

  6. omg i love it! i hope khushi doesn't fall straight into his bed(make him work for what he wants!)

  7. Theres no words! I already love the story because of the way they meet and i cant wait to see their other meetings!!! By the way its batgirl from IF

  8. please continue. Great start.

  9. interesting c0ncept....sisters best frd and as per the title bedmates.....well i know going to be somnethg and yes let him sweat first

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  11. OMG! loved loved loved it...................................
    Please continue soon..................
    I like the story u made is quite interesting.....( IF)

  12. I liked this post and thanks for PM ....

    It's different and it clearly shows what both think of each other
    Can't wait to read more

  14. Hey!! Do continue!! It's a really good start!! :D

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    How do i add u there
    Nice part

  16. Yes definitely. Love the start. Fire and attraction. Please do continue.

  17. wow! interesting start.
    the first look of Khushi by Arnav was beautifully written.
    their first meeting!
    eager for the next part.

    thnx for the PM

    Natasha (IF)

  18. AAHHH!! LOVED IT!! It felt as if I started watching a new serial! Do continue soon! Cant wait..


  19. Well, well, well... This is going to be interesting. I loved it and I can't wait to read more. Please continue soon.

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  26. hey to the writer of this FF..!
    im actually not on IF....

    but i have seen on a blog that we can get subscription for a work..n i have subscribed to another arnav-khushi story..but i cnt find the button which says subscribe this work...can u please help me...i really wanna read this thing...its awesome!:D

    thanks! :)

  27. Jus started reading this FF... quite awesome start.. Telefan recommended this FF on her blog, and I am seriously loving it...

    ArnavLuvsKhushi - IF

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  29. btw...i am B.S.I_Love_You on IF... :)

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