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Tables Turned! The color of Love (Part 10)

Part 10 – The color of Love

Here's the last part on this SS...I got so many PMs to make it hope this hawt enough for you guys ;-)

What the F***! What was with all these rasams and poojas every single day! He could barely tolerate it when all the rasams were carried out for Aksash’s wedding and now that it was his own wedding, there was  no escape route!! He was only taking the crap for 2 people his Di and Khushi, else he would have told everybody to go to hell! Thinking of Khushi, made him ache with frustration, it was so many days since he had held her or had a private word with her. She was always busy with one or the other bloody rasam and there were always so many people around her. Enough! he thought to himself as he picked his phone and dialed her number.

Khushi was lying on the bed, dreaming about her LG, preparing to fall sleep when her cell phone rang. “Hello” she said..
“What are you doing?” asked the husky voice on the other side
“Aap? I am about to sleep...” She replied in a flustered voice, surprised and happy to hear from him at the odd time.
“What are you wearing?” He asked
“Ky..kya?” she stammered in surprise
“I asked what are you wearing?”
“I.. I am wearing a salwar khameez..” she shyly replied back
“Aacha? What color?”
“P..Pink” she replied back
“What else are you wearing?” Aranv asked
“What else matlab? I am not wearing anything else..” said Khushi in a bewildered tone.
“So, you are not wearing anything inside?” asked Arnav with a smirk
“Arnavji!!” Khushi exclaimed in a shocked whisper. Ofcourse I am!”
“What’s the color?” Asked the voice from the other side
Khushi swallowed at the strange direction this conversation was going to…Her heart was beating  so fast that she had to actually clutch it.
“Answer me Khushi.."he asked again
“Black” she replied…
“And what color are your panties” he asked…
ARNAV!!! I..I.. she blushing furiously
“Answer me Khushi” he whispered softly this time…
She was blushing so furiously, she was sure her cheeks were glowing. “Let..Let me see ”she innocently replied..
Arnav’s jaw clenched at her innocent reply. The thought of her checking her own color put so many sinfully delicious possibilities in his head. He took a deep breath to calm a little.
“Black” she replied again.
“Wear Red tomorrow.” He commanded. Khushi gulped, unable to say anything at his request.

“Khushi are you not going to ask me what I am wearing?” He asked teasingly 
“Aap..What are you wearing?”  she shyly asked him
“I am wearing my cologne…and ”
“And?” she asked
“That’s it!!” He replied with a smirk
“ARNAV!!” Khushi was shocked and when she imagined what he was saying, she was a little turned on..
“Yes Khushi? Kya hua? You don’t like it?” He asked her, laughter rumbling in his chest. She was so innocent that he could resist teasing her…
“P…Please Arnav stop it…” she whispered
“Why? After our marriage, I expect that even you will only wear my cologne to bed…won’t you Khushi?”
“Arnav..I…I..please…I..” she could not put two coherent words together. She was so worked up and turned on…and she was getting a little annoyed at his deliberate teasing and the restless mood it had left her in.
“Well GN Khushi…Dream of me” he said in a laughter laced voice.
“I wont!” She replied back in frustration..
“No? you won’t dream of me? Ok then dream of my cologne... he answered openly laughing as he disconnected the phone.
Khushi kept the phone away and took deep breaths to calm herself down and went to sleep. Her dreams that night were full of her LG and his cologne.


Arnav was in a better mood this evening as he came home from work. Khushi would be at his place today and he was going to make sure they would get some time by themselves. He went to his bathroom to freshen up and seeing a cologne bottle in front of him, he burst out laughing. 

Khushi was floating around in RM…she was doing everything her mom, buaji and Anjaliji were asking of her, but her mind was lost with Arnav and the shocking things Arnav asked of her these days..Lost in her thoughts she kept on walking around and did not realize when a hand grabbed her and pulled her into his room.
“Hello Khushi” Arnav said.. ‘Na..Namaste’ she replied back
He turned around and locked his door. 

“Yeh..kya kar rahe hai aap? What are you doing? Somebody will come..” She squeaked…
“Don’t worry…nobody will come. The only person who dares to come to my room is DI and right now she is doing a pooja with Jijaji for the next 1 hour. So nobody’s going to come” He smirked.
“But..but..why did you” stammered Khushi
“So did you listen to what I asked of you last night?” He asked. 
Khushi blushed crimson…She looked away and then slowly nodded her head.
“Show me…” he whispered. Khushi’s shocked eyes flew to his. She just stood there, unable to move from the spot.

Arnav slowly held her hand and led her near his bed. He  gently kissed her cheeks, her neck and slowly reached behind to undo the zip holding her Khameez, and discarded the Khameez on the floor to find Khushi wearing a scarlet bra underneath. His breath hitched at seeing Khushi in his request. He could see the upper half of the breast and the rest of her full breast were enclosed in scarlet satin and lace. He could see the dark disks through the lace and his control started slipping. He groaned and bent down to take one peak in his mouth, sucking her hard through the lace. 

Khushi clutched his shoulders, moaned at the feeling of lace, and his tounge creating unbearable sensations in her. She was starting to feel so restless again. He lifted his head to see a dark stain from his saliva across her bra indicating his recent ministrations and it turned him on to no end. His hand moved down and slowly undid her salwar and it fell down to the floor in an instant. His gaze moved downwards and his breath hitched again seeing her in scarlet panties. Dear lord, She looked so sexy..wearing only two scraps of scarlet satin and lace. He wanted to pin her under him, plunge into her and take her right then and there…He closed his eyes took deep breaths to control himself. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked at Khushi’s trembling shy form. 

“Khushi you are looking beautiful! Thanks for wearing what I asked...” he said. Khushi went on clutching his shoulder for support, her eyes clenched shut in shyness. He gently hugged her and rocked her and lay her on bed with him next to her. 
He knew this was all new to her. He wanted her to be comfortable, give her time to adjust, but at the same time, he did not want to back down. He carressed her, kissing her eyelids, cheeks, nose, lips comforting her and holding her close to him. Slowly his hands slid downwards on her tummy and a little more downwards near the band of her panties. He paused for a moment to let her comprehend what he intended to do ahead before he slipped his hands inside her panties. Khushi almost stopped breathing at his touch. She wanted him to go on, and stop at the same time…it was so confusing.. She started struggling against his hand however Arnav pinned her with his leg and breathed in comforting words, but did  back down this time. He wanted to teach her, pleasure her, satisfy her, like she had done to him the other day. 

His hand moved and he gently rubbed against her nub, eliciting a deep moan at the first touch. She stopped struggling at his persistently gentle touch. She was lost to the pleasure she was feeling and nothing but his touch mattered anymore. She felt like she would die if he stopped touching her now.

Arnav was watching Khushi..her eyes closed, breathing fast, moaning at pleasure his fingers were creating…she was close.. he could tell. He slowly put one finger in her, while his thumb continuing the magic on her. Khushi yelped at the strange intrusion of his finger but his thumb continued to soothe her.  She let out a gasp at what he was doing, but it drowned in his mouth as he had started kissing her at that moment. His finger started going in and out and the other one continuing it’s motion a little faster. Khushi was in heaven, she had never felt like this…she clutched his shoulder hard…dear good she could almost feel the edge and moaned his name aloud when the feeling broke though and pleasure cascaded over her in waves. Aranv was watching her as she screamed his name when she came and he was filled with a surge of pride, tenderness and possessiveness.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, all her love visible for him in her eyes, for him to see it. 
“You liked it?” He asked. She shyly nodded, still looking at him. He slowly withdrew his finger and brought it up to his mouth to taste her. Khushi was SHOCKED at the action…
“Khushi, I want to taste you, kiss you there after marriage…you will let me..wont you?” Khushi closed her eyes and gulped at the images he created. “I..I…yes” she whispered. She didn’t think she could deny anything he asked of her.

Aranv let out a breath he was sub-consciously holding at her answer. He was turned on to a throbbing point, having Khushi like this in his arms, but he controlled himself. Today was for her…just for her, he told himself. He let her rest, catch her breath, before he asked her Khushi…"Are you alright Khushi? All Ok? what are you thinking baby?”

Khushi shyly replied..”I am thinking about what color you might be wearing?” Arav froze, forgot to breath for a moment…Probably first time in his life, his heart missed a few beats, as the implication of her question, her intentions became clear to him. “Why don’t you find out for yourself?” he hoarsely whispered back.

Khushi got up, sat on the bed and started unbuttoning his shirt with nervous hands. He kept on intensely looking at her making her all the more nervous. She lifted her hands to his face and closed his eyes. Arnav smiled at her shyness inspite of himself. She slowly divested him of his shirt and cast it aside. He..he looked so muscled, so hard. so unlike herself... Khushi wondered in amazement. 

Arnav had opened his eyes and was looking at her, he watched every emotion that flitted across her face…curiosity, wonderment, renewed desire. His control was in tethers at her touch but he took in deep breaths for control. He wanted to let her touch him explore him at her pace, to her heart’s content…but this was sheer torture! He clenched his eyes shut praying for some more patience..He felt her soft hands on his chest, his hard abs and slowly her nervous trembling hands went to unfasten his pants and belt. He couldn’t help it anymore,  a moan escaped his lips in anticipation. 

Khushi’s hands were visibly trembling as she unfastened his pants. She was shy, but she wanted to make him happy, wanted to pleasure him,  like he had pleasured her. She removed his pants and saw him in his black boxers with his arousal clearly visible. Her breath caught at that, she had never seen a man this closely before and she looked at him in wonderment. She however didn’t know what to do…he had known how to pleasure her…what should she do? she thought to herself. She hesitantly put her hands in his boxers and reached out to touch him, take him in her hands.
Aranv’s fist clenched at her first touch. all he wanted to do right now was flip her, thrust hard into her, till he spilled into her. But he wanted to give her opportunity to explore him.. Please please please give me patience, he thought to himself…

She continued touching him hesitantly, a little unsure of what to do. She moved her finger and encountered some wetness and decided to mimic his actions. She removed her finger and brought it up to her mouth and licked it, tasting him, and whispered to Arnav…”Would you like me to kiss you there after marriage? Will you teach me how to do it?”

Hell broke loose at her question..would he like her to kiss him there? would he..dear lord, he had thought about it so many times..imagined it so many times..wondered if she would comply his request and here she was asking him if he would like it!! His control broke in a fraction of a second.She could explore him some other time! He tugged her hand making him lie on top of him and captured her lips in a hard kiss. He took her other hand and putting it back to where it was and guided her actions to what pleased him, all the while kissing her, thrusting his tongue in her mouth hard, kissing in a way that left her in no doubts as to what he really wanted to do. He moaned her name aloud, as he went over and slowly came back to earth. 

He lay there, with her in his arms, his breathing slowly returning to normal as he thought about one of the most intense feelings he had ever felt in his life..How she bewitched him..and how he loved her! What the… where did that come from? He loved her?? Did he? And he knew the answer to that question beyond any doubt now. Yes, he loved her. Next time he would tell her.

Hope you guys enjoyed this SS as much as I enjoyed writing it..Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments I  am starting a new SS soon. Hope you enjoy that too :-)

Thanks all for all the wonderful comments below! I am glad you enjoyed reading it :-)


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