Thursday, March 15, 2012

OS - What Arnav and Khushi do, when they are alone. :-) Part 2

Part 2

Arnav kissed her passionately and pulled back to breath for some air. He looked at her face and felt like the wind knocked out of him,  her eyes cloudy with desire, lips swollen from his kiss, and cheeks flushed with color "Umm Arnavji," she moaned. "Don't stop pleaaase!"  Arnav groaned at her statement, he turned over so now she was lying on top of him and pulled her down to take her lips again, holding back nothing, having tasted her once, he couldn't stop himself again.

He finally let go and Khushi looked at him up in wonder and awe. She slowly pulled herself up, her neckline dipping low beacause of her position, giving Arnav a unintentional view of her full breasts

"Arnavji, this feels so good. If I knew how it would feel, I would have asked you earlier Please please let's do some more 'alone stuff'" she said with such enthusiasm and wonder that it made his blood pool downwards. He was having difficultly controlling his body's wild reaction. He took a deep breath and huskily said, "Khushi, I know it feels so good but I think we need to stop."

"Stop? Stop?" She said in a loud incredulous voice, "hum kyo stop kare??" "I don't want to stop and today I will only do what my heart wants and not what you want..samjhe aap?"
And she went on oblivious to whatever he intented to say, "Today I want to do lot of 'alone stuff' with you, so that is what we will do." She giggled..and lay next to him and dozzed off in the next instant.

Aranv didn't know what to expect, should he go ahead a little, oh how his heart wished to introduce her to some more 'alone stuff' as she put it, but she was not in her senses what if she hated him tomorrow? He slowly turned to look at her and she was sleeping  fast, much to his surprise and disappointment. But he couldn't help a smile forming on his lips at her silliness and innocence. He gently kissed her cheeks and was about to move away, when she suddenly got up and started muttering something. "Arnavji it's so hot..on the AC..uff it's so hot."

Arnav said the AC's already on She muttered, "but it's so hot " and then in the next moment, she started removing her clothes, till she was remaining in 2 pieces of black laced underwear. She smiled as a blast of air touched her, cooling her hot body and she sighed in pleasure and lay down on his bed, covers flung aside peacefully sleeping.
Arnav's throat was dry..his breathing hitched, his eyes almost not being able to believe the vision he saw in front of him. She looked like a goddess displayed for him, just for him. He felt she lay there for his personal pleasure and dear lord, the pleasure she would be able to give him!! He saw her full ripe breasts begging to be kissed, her smooth milky skin, her tiny slim waist that he could easily span with his two hands..her gently curved hips, and then he physically trembled as his gaze continued further to linger on her panties. He uttered a deep guttural groan and turned away. He could not leave her in this state and did the next best thing he knew, opened his laptop and started working on it, keeping his back to her, trying to avoid temptation.

He was working on it for about 30 mins when he heard Khushi moan.."Uuhmmm" He froze for a second, his heart started beating fast again and then continued to work on the laptop when she moaned again.."Uhmmm Nanheji, chodiye humein..let me go.."
Arnav's blood started boiling "what the F***" he exclaimed, she is my wife..MY WIFE! then why did she called out NK's name and that also that also with a moan!! How dare she! How dare NK touch her and hold her! She was only his to touch!! Arnav was boiling with a murderous rage..when she started moaning again "Uhmmm Nanheji, chodiye humein, I don't want to put color, I want to go to Arnavji, he and I are going to spend some alone time together, and we are going to do some things I need to go to my Arnavji my Laat governer" she muttered sleepily falling back to sleep.

The pain in his chest slowly eased at hearing this... OK she just wanted NK to leave her so she could come to him..her Arnavji, she had called him. His heart sang on hearing this, he relaxed, feeling light and happy. Damn this work! he thought, putting his laptop aside he lay down next to her and on impulse removed his shirt and hugged her and slowly went to sleep, feeling unsaid pleasure and contentment at sleeping off with her in his arms, unaware that there was more pleasure awaiting them as they would wake up later.

Too mushy mushy? Feedback please...


  1. Awesome. Please continue.

  2. have we ever told you not to continue?!? hehe aww poor Arnav, I know more of your writing is in SS format and don't factor in the Shyam situation; but I'm really hopping that shyam attempts to blackmail Arnav with the new info hes learned in todays episode(that someones been sleeping outside) and Arnav just throws it back in his face. hehe i cant wait for the next installment :D

    1. Thanks...glad you liked..

      No shyam in my stories...I can't even handle him in the show :-)

  3. Omg! Continue continue!!!!! You're awesome. And nahh, it wasn't mushy mushy. It was amazing! ;)

  4. LOL that was hilarious! NK?! Where did he come from!! And no it's not mushy. Please continue soon!! You're an amazing writer btw.

  5. I love reading your writing. Never can get tired of reading it. So please please continue :)

  6. Hahahahah the bit where Khushu starts talking in her sleep made me laugh!

    Good continuation ;)

  7. AWW!! I LOVED it. SOO cute and funny. Especially how Arnav was being a gentleman and resisting temptation and Khushi wanting more.. hehe Loved it.

    Not at all mushy.


    1. Hey Sharna,

      Reading from you after a while...Glad you enjoyed!


  8. I've always been a fan... :D

  9. good stuff. The whole NK thing caught me totally off guard.
    WTF moment of the day :P
    do continue

  10. Never too mushy mushy!!

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  12. I read this twice already and I find a little more adorable and beautiful after a new read.

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