Friday, March 2, 2012

Tables Turned: The calm before the Storm (Part 7)

Part 7 – The calm before the storm

Khushi was lying under him, her face flushed with pleasure as he thrust into her. A moan escaped her lips as he started building the rhythm, his thrusts becoming more deeper and faster. He looked at her, cupped her face, and whispered in a  hoarse voice “Stay with me Khushi” but she couldn’t control, she moaned his name aloud, as pleasure washed over her. Hearing his name on her lips as she gave in, Aranv gave one final hard thrust and let himself go too, to find release in her sweet young body, finding peace at last…..Arnav woke up with a start..drenched with sweat, and breathing very harsh. It had been like that since past few days since that incident in his room. The image of Khushi in red lingerie with her gorgeous breasts exposed was still imprinted in his brains. He groaned, frustrated with unfulfilled desire. He had never known what it was to be the past there was a never ending supply of women he could pick from, he never had any dearth of women earlier, but now the only woman he needed, was not available. To make the matters worse, Khushi had been hell bent on avoiding him since that day. She had dallied coming to RM much, and even if she did come, she made sure not to look at him in the eye or be in a situation where they were alone. Why, was she avoiding him? Was it too much for her? Hope she was not disgusted with what had happened...Damn! Well he was not going to wait anymore. He couldn’t take the angst anymore. He got up from the bed and picked up his car keys and left his home.
Khushi was lying in her bed, sleep eluding was the same story since that day with him. Pleasure and guilt washed over her at the memories. Hey DM…I am sorry..she felt confused at the intimate things that had happened between them…should these kind of things happen only between husband and wife? She didn’t know. She was deep in her thoughts when her phone started buzzing. Who was calling her at this time? She thought in a puzzled manner. “Hello” she answered.
“Haan mein. Come out in 5 minutes” the voice said
“What???” Khushi asked in shock
“I said come out in 5 minutes, I am waiting for you outside”
“But How can I come out now” Khushi asked
“Either you come out or I am ringing your bell and coming in” he replied.
“What…Are you crazy Don’t come in, what will I tell buaji and ammaji” Khushi replied angrily
“That’s your problem..Khushi, either you come out or I am coming in..” he repeated again
“Fine..I am coming out” Crazy LG”, she muttered under her breath.
She fed some silly excuse to her jiji and went outside to meet him, muttering under her breath at his bullying.

She quietly opened her main door and stepped outside, her hair loose, face devoid of any makeup and wearing a white salwar khameez,  which had become thin over years of use. The light behind her illuminated her figure and Aranv could clearly see her silhouette outlined against the light tightening his already tensed lower body further.
He opened his car door as she came near. Khushi immediately started asking a barrage of questions “what is this? why are you here at this time? You know what time it is? You can’t order me like that” But Arnav just shoved her in closed the door and started driving..

“Arey…what are you doing? How can you do this? Don’t you have”
Arnav cut her off and asked her point blank..”Khushi why are you avoiding me?”
“K-Kya” Khushi stammered
“You heard me…Why have you been avaoiding me since that day.. when I kissed you there”
Khushi blushed crimson…”Arnavji, pleasee”
“Khushi just answer me. “ He had now stopped the car and turned sideways folded his hands and glared at her questioningly.

Khushi further blushed. She lowered her gaze and couldn’t meet his eyes…Looking at Khushi in an embarrassed state, he softened a little. He held Khushi’s hand and pulled her towards him, so that she now was sitting on his lap and he asked her gently, “What happened Khushi, why are you avoiding me? Was it too much? did you not like what I did that day?”
Khushi blushed even more but couldn’t not answer to his gentleness and shook her head in reply "no it’s not like that.”  “Then what is it, khushi, tell me” he asked
“Woh woh Arnavji, we shouldn’t have done it…it’s not right, it’s not normal..and I didn’t know that people did what you did.” she hid her face in is neck, unable to look at him.

Arnav’s heart contracted with tenderness at her innocence. How could he forget she was such an innocent! He brushed her lips with his and whispered, “Khushi what happened between us was perfectly normal. You know these things happen between two people…There are other things that happen between a man and a woman like...”
”Hush” Khushi covered his mouth with her hand, feeling extremely shy. “I may not know all, but I am not stupid. I know what happens between a man and a woman.”
“Really Khushi, you know? Good then tell me.” He said with a smirk on his face. Khushi looked at him with a shocked face and asked “What???”
“You said you know, so tell me what happens between a man and a woman.” he smirked even further
“Of course I am not telling you…” she shot back in a scandalized tone, now struggling to get up from Arnav’s lap.

But Arnav’s grip didn’t ease, and he continued holding her from her waist.. “Tell me or how else do I know that you really know it.” Holding her after so many days, breathing in her scent, feeling her warm body, talking about sex and having her delectable bottom move in his lap, rubbing against him as she was struggling to get free was not doing him any favors and he was getting more hard with every minute…
“Arnavji please…” she continued her struggle to get up from his lap and accidentally pushed herself against his arousal and immediately moved back as if scorched and her nervous eyes flew to him.

She stilled herself…and whispered “Arnav please let me go.”
He leaned in and bit her earlobe and whispered in her ears, “So you do know something about what happens between a man and a woman.” He shifted a little so she moved again and her soft bottom was again pressed against his arousal. She could feel the heat emanating from him, imprinting her…
She tried to move away but he firmly held her, “Arnav” she whispered, “please.. let me go.”
“Why” he asked not letting her move
“because...because..I don't’s not right” she whispered
“It’s so right. How can it not be right when it feels so good.” He closed his eyes and moved her against him, holding her by waist. A moan escaped his lips as he felt her soft warm bottom against him.

Khushi swallowed, watched his face in fascination. She felt so heady with power and at the same time her heart filled with a tender ache to know how strongly he was affected by her. He moved her again and again and again and his face took a strange harshness, his breathing turning very shallow. Khushi felt strangely powerless to want to do anything but give in and obey him. He went on, moving her a little faster…till he bit back a moan and finally stopped. A thin sheen of sweat had broken over him and he looked finally at peace. Slowly he opened his eyes... 

Khushi watched him with unsure eyes, confused expression. “Khushi, you do know what happened here, don’t you?” he asked. But she kept on staring at him, a little unsure, unable to comprehend completely. He smiled and leaned forward and whispered in her ears to what had happened here, what she had given him. Khushi turned beet red when she listened and refused to meet his eyes and resumed her struggle to get out of his lap. But Arnav held on steadfast. He put one hand on her chin and lifted it up till she met his eyes. “Khushi, listen to me, this is normal, these things do happen between people seeing each other. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.” Khushi still didn’t look up. She had never felt so embarrassed…or so excited…or so out of her depth.

“Khushi, I am serious. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I don’t want you to avoid me for the next 2 weeks because of this. Do you understand?” She nodded a little.. “Khushi I didn’t plan this, it just happened for me. I am not going to say I regret it, cause I don’t. It was amazing. I can make it amazing for you too, if you let me….” 

“Arnav!!!” Khushi almost yelled in embarrassment. “I am going from here.” Inspite of himself Arnav smiled. “Ok Ms. KKG we will go slow..but no more hiding, do you hear me? I wont let you.” She nodded again, still not looking at him. He lifted her chin and looked in her eyes, “Khushi you trust me don’t you?” She nodded. He smiled and kissed her nose. “Good, no need to worry then. Everything will be alright tomorrow” And with that he started driving them back.
Arnav was lying in his bed…finally at peace a smile curved on his face as he slept…totally clueless of the impending storm waiting at his doorstep ready to create havoc in his life tomorrow.


  1. Amazing...I like this new twist...Eagerly waiting to see Arnie baby eating his own words...

    1. Nancy...this post was meant for the 8th part...sorry...

      Amazing...I like this new twist...Eagerly waiting to see Arnie baby eating his own words...

    2. Thanks sun_shine_girl.. :-)

  2. Brilliant update!!!

    Looking forward to reading about the impending storm!!