Sunday, March 11, 2012

Holi Suhag Raat - Part 3

Part 3 - I was not intending to continue and write Part 3, but so many of you requested, so here it is, though a bit short..Hope you enjoy!
Arnav was watching his beautiful wife sleep peacefully with a sheet partially covering her,  such that her beautiful breasts were bared to his eyes. His heart contracted with love just watching her, she looked so beautiful and innocent, well he was not so sure about the innocent part now, thanks to what he did to her last night and with the things he had planned in his mind for today, he wickedly thought. He saw his wife slowly stir from her sleep, stretch like a Cheshire cat, making her pert breasts even more enticing to him. His lower body tensed in anticipation of things to come. He saw her slowly open her eyes, still a little dazed from waking up and wince a little, from possible soreness from their lovemaking yesterday.  “Sore sweetheart?” he tenderly asked.
Khushi had the most peaceful sleep in ages, she stretched luxuriously, before she felt a little sore and recollected the reason for the soreness. She blushed a pretty pink when a husky voice asked her “Sore sweetheart?”
"Ky-Kya?" she asked… “Are you sore there?” he asked again. She blushed a deep red and stammered "I..I" and stopped, she did not know how to answer to such an intimate question.
Arnav felt her shyness, and he pulled her close to him and gave her a kiss on the cheek and wished her good morning.  She shyly greeted him back and tried pulling back, but brushed against his arousal in the process. She pulled back from him as if she was scorched and jumped out of the bed forgetting for a second that she was totally naked. Arav saw her in her full glory in the daylight before she realized her mistake and went back to the bed with the sheet covering her till her cheek, looking at him with wide eyes.
Arnav was doing his best not to show amusement at her shyness. He wanted her to be more open with him and asked her, “Did you like it yesterday?” Her eyes flew to his but could not reply anything back. Arnav decided to take another track. “No? I am so sorry it was not good for you, Guess I am not very good at it.” and made a sad face. Khushi looked at him and felt in her heart for him, so she shyly replied back “No.. no it was not like that, I..I..I liked it.”
"No you are just trying to be nice to me, so I will not feel bad, just like a good wife." He replied in a sad voice.
"No Arnav I really liked it..I did." she insisted.
"Achha really? If that is the case then tell me what you liked?" he asked
She blushed and looked away
"See I told you, you were being nice..its OK." he said once more
"No..No..I..I liked it..when you…when you touched me there" she mumbled with shyness
"And?" he asked..
"And I liked when we…when know..when we finally..when you, when we did know what I am saying.." she stammered turning beet red
He nodded to her and triumphantly thought to himself that glad you could talk to me about it. He replied back to her.." I loved it too when you touched me there, stroked me there...And I loved it too when we did it, when I entered you, you were so soft and warm..." making her blush harder.
"However, you know my shoulders are aching and hurting, maybe I have pulled a muscle can you massage it for me?" he asked and rolled over on his tummy, with his eyes closed waiting for her to massage him.
She shyly sat up and started massaging his shoulder. Him being on his tummy with his eyes closed gave her a little confidence to touch him and massage him. However the smooth skin of his shoulders, back and exposed butt, started creating a now familiar pool in the pit of her stomach. She swallowed and continued with the massage. "Can you do it a bit harder?" He requested.
She continued with a little more pressure… "A little more harder please?" he requested.
She started kneeling on him, almost straddling him but without touching him and continued massaging him. Aranv was enjoying the feel of her soft warm hands on him and with the last action as she almost straddled him, he gave a wicked smile. Without warning he flipped over so he was now on his back, facing her and pulled her hips down so she was straddling him, his arousal now grazing her warmth...
Khushi squeaked, "Arnav what are you doing?" He brought her upper body lower so her breasts were brushing against him and her lips were hovering over his.
"Sweetheart, you are so beautiful, that I can’t help but show you and continue with our Suhaag Day...: and with that he pulled her in a passionate kiss and started moving her hips, eliciting a helpless moan from her.

Hope you liked!! Comments and feedback please...


  1. looll suhaag day, arnav so funny

  2. Loved the Suhag Morning, I hope we get a follow up for the rest of the day (wink, wink LOL)!!!

    Loving all your writing & very much looking forward to reading more of it!!!

    Please update soon with a part 4!

  3. Lol aww he wanted her to talk about it and faking it that he was sad when she couldn't tell, but then she did

    and woah he cleverly planned his suhaag day hehe

    it's like SURPRISE!

  4. Khushi is such a sweet-heart, she makes me go Awww! everytime and Arnie baby is well, Deadly Sexy Devil with all his devilish plans and that deadly sexy husky voice.
    Loved the series and m on to read the other ones :)
    Plz Plz don't stop writing even though the show is over cz Arshi is forever :)

  5. khushi is awesome and moreover i loved that arnav was so witty yet so caring.

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