Friday, March 9, 2012

Holi Suhag Raat - Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of the Suhag raat OS. I am not that happy with it. I wanted to keep it funny but it wandered away...Anyways here we go.

Arnav was looking at his wife sleeping peacefully , while he was busy carrying out his plan. He had reserved a fabulous resort for 2 nights up in the mountains and had packed toiletries and a few clothes for himself and Khushi, not that they would be needing much clothes with the things he had planned in his mind! He went down to meet his Di who was thankfully sober and said that he had a sudden business trip come up for 2 days and he was taking Khushi along with him. And with that his plan was set in motion.
Khushi started stirring around 4.00 pm from her bhang induced slumber. Arnav shook her and told her they needed to head out and she needed to wake up now. Khushi was still feeling a little after effects of the Bhang agreed to Arnav without much questions or ado. They left for the mountains and she slept off again in the car, while he was driving. Arnav smirked looking at her, Good, sleep well! he thought you will need your  strength with the things he had planned. And he prayed for immense reserve of patience for himself.
Khushi was slowly coming to her senses as they reached their room. She asked Aranv, why they were here and what they were doing…but Arnav just brushed her questions…and now that they had dinner, it was time to put his plan in action.
Khushi was sitting on the bed and again started asking him questions on why they were here when Arnav removed his tie and slowly started unbuttoning his shirt looking at Khushi. Khushi gulped..”Arnavji what are you doing?”
“Trying to keep you happy! I am just doing what you like! You like me without a shirt don’t you?” 
“What! Ofcourse not!” She denied… “You don’t. I thought you liked me in Indian clothes and even better without anything!!” He cheekily replied back.
She blushed, Hey Devi Maiyan, how does he know? she thought to herself.
Arnav knew how her min worked and guessed her thoughts and said aloud “Khushi I know! I can read your mind you know” and smirked, and continued the unbuttoning process.
“Wait, wait stop” she said. She was now panicking…could he really read her mind? Did he know that she thought about him kissing her all the time? She said thinking to herself
“Haan, I know that too! And other things too” came the pat reply
Khushi gasped “What nonsense!” she told him. “You can’t read my mind…you don’t know any such thing like that I ….that I prefer you without your shirt” she stammered.
“I do”He confidently said..
“No you don’t” she replied with equal confidence “and if you do then prove it.”
“Ok, I will but if I do, then what?”
“Then I will do whatever you say…but you got to prove it without any doubt whatsoever!” She said smirking to herself…let him now prove he reads my mind. And she continued “if you can’t then you need to do whatever I say! OK?”
Arnav hesitated pretended to think for a while…giving Khushi more confidence and then finally agreed…”but anything the other person says…no backing out..Deal?”
“Deal” she said. “I will give you my word.”
Arnav smiled to himself slowly and whispered “Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada, you don’t know what you have gotten yourself into.” Khushi’s smile faltered a little, but she didn’t back down.
Arnav removed the cell from his pocket and replayed the message from Khushi where she had ordered him to have a Suhag raat with her tonight and had told him that she preferred him without a shirt.
Hey DM when did I really tell him all this things? She thought.  She was mortified and stunned hearing herself say all these things to him. “Nahi Nahi this is not fair…this is not even me..I don’t believe it and I wont accept it.” She exclaimed..
“Khushi, it’s you, and I can prove it beyond a doubt but woh kya hai that everybody else will end up listening to what you ordered your husband to do. So it’s your choice, you do what I say now or once it’s proved and other people have also listened to what you told me…then you can do what I say.” He said with a smirk.
Khushi was stumped, she finally gave in sulkily and said. “Fine!! I will do what you say!” “Good choice Mrs. Raizada” he replied back. He went to the bed and lazily lay down, looking at Khushi up and down, making her very conscious of herself and making her heartbeat slowly increase.
“Mrs. Raizada, you have too many clothes on you. Remove your saree! He commanded.” Khushi gulped. “No I can’t do that…” she said
“Sorry you need to do anything I ask of you, so start”
Khushi conceded and with trembling hands started removing her saree. Once discarded, she looked at Arnav waiting for him to say it’s done. But he smiled and said “now your blouse”
Khushi gasped at the direction at this was going and looked at him with pleading eyes. But the heat and desire in his eyes made her instantly look away. She took a deep breath and started removing her blouse and discarded it to reveal a black lacy bra to his eyes. She crossed her arms over her breast and stood trembling in front of him. Arnav was feeling thick desire running in his veins as he continued looking at her. He took a deep breath and huskily said, “Now the petticoat.”  Without looking at him, she undid the petticoat tie and it fell on her leaving her exposed to him only in her innerwear. Arnav’s breath hitched at seeing Khushi’s gorgeous body revealed to him 2 pieces of black lace. He wanted to just grab her to him and make love to her till she would scream his name in pleasure. Khushi hesitantly looked up at him to see his hot eyes all over her and turned away in shyness, unintentionally providing him delectable view of her round pert bottom. Arnav clenched his jaw in control, he wanted to get up from there and give a bite that succulent bottom, and press him self against her bare bottom, his control was slowly ebbing away.
“Khushi, turn around, face me, and now remove your bra. “ he commanded huskily. Khushi whispered in a trembling voice, “please anravji..yeh mujhse nahi hoga.”
“Come on Khushi, you gave your word..Are you backing out on your word?” knowing that this would instigate her to continue. Slowly she turned around and faced him and unclasped her bra. For a moment he could see those glorious full breast before she put her hands up to cover them. All he wanted to do was take those virginal rosy peaks in his mouth and suck to his hearts content. This was getting so difficult…this was torture. But he wanted to make this special for both of them. He swallowed at his next words, his heart beating erratic. “Khushi, you know what is next, remove your panties.”
Khushi pleaded…”please please please Arnavji I can’t do it.” Arnav’s heart contracted at her innocence, this was her first time for her for all of this. “Ok that case, come here and please put your arms down, I want to see you baby” Khushi now a deep shade of crimson, breathing heavily, slowly walked towards him. Arnav couldn’t take his gaze of her ripe breast which were heaving at her every breath. He itched to feel them, taste them, bury his face in them. He tugged her hand when she stood by the bed making her lie down fully on him, savoring the feel of her soft body  against his for a moment, before gently laying her down next to him.
“Khushi…now remove my shirt.” He ordered.  Khushi looked at him with wide eyes but complied and unbuttoned his shirt. Her breath caught again at seeing her magnificent husband shirtless. She wanted to reach out and touch him, but was too shy to do so. “Now my pants Khushi..” he commanded again.  Khushi looked at him with pleading eyes asking him to show her some respite but the intense desire clouded in his told her otherwise. With trembling hands she started unbuckling his pants and sliding it down. She accidently brushed against his arousal causing him to draw in a sharp breath. Khushi pulled her hand back as if scorched but he asked her to continue.
“My boxers next, Khushi…”he whispered. Khushi trembled again… “No no... please.. Aranv..” she pleaded and just hugged him and hid her face in the crook of his neck feeling very shy at the request. In her innocence she did not realize that they were both nearly naked and her pressing her soft body against his was making him loose it. He could feel her soft breasts against his chest, could smell her sweet smelling hair, could feel her soft femininity against his aroused hardness. It took all his willpower to not push the bits of clothing aside and thrust into her till he was satisfied. Remember she is a virgin…go slow…this is her first time…make it special…he went on repeating again and again in his head.
“Ok, Khushi,” he said moving her gently a little further so he could look into her eyes, “but you need to repeat everything I do.” And with that he placed a kiss on her lips. “Now you do it, he whispered“ She leaned ahead and kissed him. Next, he raised his hands and caressed her face and she copied him and did the same. Slowly he moved his hands lower and cupped her breast and teased the peak till it was stiff. He expectantly looked at her. Khushi’s eye widened and with shaky  hands she caressed his chest and hesitantly touched his nipples making him draw a harsh breath. She was now lost in the sensual web her husband was weaving. She was lost beyond any realms of logic and just blindly obeyed him. He leaned in and finally took her breast in his mouth and kissed the tips, licked them and sucked them, causing her to moan in pleasure... He gave the same love and attention to the other breast and moved back and looked at her. Khushi trembled again but leaned in and kissed his nipples sucked them, nipped them causing him to groan and shudder in pleasure.
His hands, which now trembled in anticipation, moved lower and slipped inside her panties and touched her sensitive spot with gentle hands, starting to pleasure her.  “AA-rnav…” she moaned in surprise, fighting to close her legs and remove his hand at the totally foreign touch. But Arnav didn’t move away and eventually she  gave herself in to her husband’s expert touch . She moaned deeply at the pleasure his touch caused, but Arnav slowly removed his hand causing her to let out a disappointed sigh. He knew she would not be able to do this on her own so he took her hand and guided it to inside his boxers to touch him, stroke him and cup him and he clenched his other fist, praying for control at her first hesitant touch.
Slowly he removed his hand, let her explore him on her own and resumed pleasuring her with his fingers while his mouth creating havoc on her lips and breasts. Khushi was close to the edge. He could sense it from her moans and increased breathing. Without breaking the rhythm his fingers was creating he deftly removed their last piece of clothing and positioned himself above her, continuing the magic with his finger and when Khushi finally went over the edge and came, he thrust into her in one clean motion and held still. Khushi gasped in surprise, pain pleasure becoming one…
She was so soft, warm and tight and Arnav held himself still with great difficulty. She lay spent under him, but he still did not move, giving her time to get accustomed to him. He was not done with her and he again started caressing her down there again building the pleasure for her again. Slowly, gently Aranv started thrusting in and out of her. But Khushi was almost there, ready to come for the second time and instinctively wrapped her legs around him making him go deeper. Aranv groaned and finally gave in to his primitive instincts and started thrusting stronger and deeper. Khushi was more than ready to match him with it till they both were on the edge of heaven.

Afterwards, Arnav gently kissed Khushi and teasingly asked her, “so now you don’t think I am shirking from my responsibilities?” Khushi looked at him in confusion, not comprehending what he was saying. Arnav gently laughed and said…”remember what you said on the phone..I had a suhag raat with you…” Khushi blushed at hearing this making Aranv break out in a grin. Khushi…”tomorrow morning I will take my responsibilities even further and I will have a suhag day with you.” Oh and by the way…it did fit well, didn’t it? He said with a wink. Khushi blushed further and hid her face in his chest…feeling happy content and peaceful….

Hope you liked!! Comments and feedback please...

Hope you liked!! Comments and feedback please...


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    Please update soon.

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    Much love

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