Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Holi Suhag Raat!! - OS Part 1

This OS is more sexy and fun..not the hot kinds I usually write..just saying to set expectations. But read won't be dissappointed Wink

Prologue -Arnav knows the truth about Khushi's innocence Khushi still does not know why Arnav married her and yes their marriage has not been consummated as yet.

It's day before holi and Arnav is very irritated with all the holi festivities going on in RM. There were holi things everywhere..Colors in every room, water pichakari(guns)   here and there..his home was turned into some kind of holi stadium. He needed to work! Why people did not understand that simple fact!
He went to the only place in RM where he could find peace, i.e his room and stepped outside to the pool side to work on his laptop. Suddenly he heard the noise of  payals and a laughing Khushi quickly entered their room and locked it while yelling to somebody outside, "Sorry jiji, clearly this time I won."

Arnav irritatedly observed Khushi, damn there was no peace here also. Khushi and her saree were soaking wet, after locking the door unaware of her husband's presence, she started removing her saree, standing only in her white colored  blouse and petticoat. The blouse which also somewhat wet, moulded to Khushi's breasts and wet white blouse gave him glimpse of the peach skin underneath. Arnav's irritation disappeared in a flash as he saw Khushi's state and got replaced by smoldering desire to have her. He slowly, stealthily started walking towards Khushi, so as to not scare her away. Khushi in the meanwhile removed her blouse and walked towards the closet to pick another set of blouse and saree and as always happened with her, bumped in to her husband. Arnav held her from her bare waist to steady her, and her hands automatically went to his shoulders. "Aap yahan.." she said in a startled voice and looked at him. But finding Arnav's heated gaze on her very visible breasts made her aware of her semi-undressed state. "Hey DM" she gasped and pushed him away and ran back into a corner, facing the wall, so as to hide herself from his hot eyes.

Arnav couldn't help smiling at her shyness and innocence. But her milky white beautiful skin on her back and waist exposed to his eyes beckoned him, Ok fine, he would go slow, he thought to to himself, but he could not leave her totally unmarked! He lazily walked towards her with a wicked smile,  picked up some color on the way from a 'thaal' which lay in the corner. Khushi was trembling with mixed feelings as she sensed him standing behind her. He slowly leaned in kissing her neck, his breath on her neck creating havoc on her senses and whispered with a smirk.."Why are you so scared, I only want to play holi with you" and slowly wrote ARNAV on her back with the color in his hands... starting with 'A' at the base of her neck and ending the 'V' just above her petticoat. "Happy Holi Khushi!" he again whispered and with that he left again for the poolside and closed the french doors after him.

The moment he left, she grabbed her clothes from the closet and ran to the bathroom and locked the door. Khushi, leaned against the closed door, still trembling at feeling of his fingers on her body few moments ago. What came over him? He never touched her like this, she thought..and now she would have to have bath again since he put color on her..she thought a little irritatedly. However she didn't realize he had written his name on her back or that the color he had unknowingly used was fast color and would not go with a mere shower.

She showered and wore another saree, left her hair open and went downstairs to help out in the kitchen. While helping in the  kitchen, Anjali suddenly noticed some weird markings on her back. "Arrey Khushiji what is this on your back?" "What?" Khushi asked in a surprise tone. Anjali moved her hair aside and could spot something that looked like a beginning of the letter A rest was covered by her blouse and then the letters 'AV' were visible. She started laughing, "Aarey Khuhsiji why do you have Arnav's name on your back?" "Arnavji ka naam??"  Khushi asked in surprise "Nahi..kaise?"  and then the 'how' dawned on her..Before she could reply anything back, a smirking voice from the kitchen door said'"Khushi why did you write my name on your back? Everybody knows that you belong to me. No need to mark it in writing." His voice contained barely suppressed laughter. Khushi irritatedly said'"now see here Arnavji"'He cut in and said'"NOT Here...let me see here'" and pushed her hair aside to admire his handiwork. 

Anjali could not control it anymore and burst out laughing and went outside the kitchen. Seeing that they were alone, Arnav took another opportunity to tease Khush, he put his hands ahead and caressed her tummy and  leaned in whispered "Waise my name looks good on your back, maybe we should also write it on the front also?" Khushi blushed and ran outside to safety in the presence of other people. Arnav lazily followed behind. On the dining table, Anajli had apparently told the other folks who were now busy teasing her. Khushi flashed irritated eyes at Arnav with a promise that she would get back to him..

Next day was Hoil,  Khushi excitedly went down to the kitchen but right then NK gave her 2 glasses of Milk-like drink and said this is for you and Nannav..special Holi drink'.and as an afterthought he added, "Anjali di gave this and said you and Nannav need to drink it now before coming to play Holi" he said with a smile. She said OK..and took the drink to their room, but in between she realized she had a perfect opportunity to get back to him, so she put some poppy seeds in his drink like she had done once before and smiling to herself she took the drinks up.

"Arnavji, Anjaliji has sent this holi drink for us. Here this is for you'" Arnav was on his guard however. He knew Khushi would get back to him for yesterday so he slyly took his outside on pretext of network connection while talking on the phone and dumped the contents outside. Khushi meanwhile drank the other one and smirked when Arnav gave her the empty glass. She went to the kitchen to keep the tray but came back to their room in 20 minutes because she was feeling very strange.
Arnav  watched Khushi as she came in, she was looking strange. Her eyes seem glazed, and movements seemed a bit uncoordinated. He asked her if she was feeling OK..and she replied in a slurred voice, that she was feeling OK OK OK and then started giggling.

Anrav got alarmed..something was not right here, "Kya hua Khushi?" but Khushi just continued giggling. She was OK just half an hour ago, Arnav thought to himself, what happened..she was Ok till that holi drink..HOLI DRINK..DAMN! "Khushii, Khushi did di actually give you the holi drink? Who gave you the holi drink?"  Khushi thought for 5 mins and said "Nanheji gave me" and started laughing. Arnav's suspicions got confirmed. "Khushi Khushi..Tum theek ho?" He asked her again. Khushi went to Arnav and put her arms around his neck and planted a kiss right on his lips..and then giggled again and answered "Ab hum thik hai" Arnav was  stunned. Before he could react, she bowled him over again. "Arnavji I have a question for you, Why didn't you do anything on our suhag raat?" 

Arnav was SHOCKED! "WHAT!! "he exclaimed. "Not What...why why" and she giggled.."actually What also.. What happens in Suhag raat? I asked jiji what happens..and she said you should know!  Arnavji must have done it too! go ask Arnavji, don't talk to me about that stuff. So tell me what happens in Suhag raat..and whatever happens why you didn't do it?" and she asked pouting her lips sulkily.

For the first time in his life, Arnav was stumped for an answer. Here, his sexy wife was asking him to talk about things he had been dreaming since forever long and she actually wanted him to do it. Her arms around his neck,  her breasts pressed against his chest and and her pouting  bottom lip was not helping at all. He tried to be noble and told her "Khushi ..why don't you lay will feel better," and he led her towards the bed. But Khushi refused to lie down alone and tagged Arnav along and pulled his hand when he was making her lay he fell fully on top of her. "Uff Arnavji what are you doing? Are we going to do our suhag raat stuff now? I hope not, cause it's not night..and it's called suhag know" Arnav rolled over. He was caught between so many emotions, tenderness at her innocence that suhag raat can only happen in the night, amused with her nonsensical talks but most potent of all was arousal - he was heavily turned on with all her suhag raat talks and the heavenly feel of her soft body against him.

He rolled over and made to get up but she put one of her legs on top of his leg and held his arms and smiled sweetly at him. She continued her chatter on Suhag raat. "You know I have one theory on what really happens on suhag raat." Inspite of himself he asked her.."ache what is it?"  "No no it is very disturbing..and I don't think it's even know it cant fit at all,  the sizes don't match...something's wrong with that theory." she replied.  Arnav tried his best to not laugh out loud. He really wanted to show her that it would fit..Dear it would fit!. He noncommittally muttered "accha?" "Haan" she said. "But I am going to find out from Laat Governer. After all he is my husband he needs to have some responsibility. Give me my phone, I am calling Arnavji" she commanded. Arnav trying  hard to suppress laughter,  handed her the phone. She dialed his number, and when the voice mail beep came she ordered.."Arnavji, you are not fulfilling your responsibilities as a husband, you need to have suhag raat with me..tonight!" Arnav instigated her from behind, "any other message you want to leave?" Khushi thought for some time and said "Haan..why are you not not wearing Indian clothes more often? you should wear them more often! you look good in it. Actually on second thoughts.. why don't you just remove your shirt more often? You will look even better!!" Arnav raised his eyebrows and asked if there was any other message she wanted to give. She said no and blew a kiss on the phone, Muaaah! And disconnected and half lay down on Arnav and instantly falling asleep.

Arnav looked at his wife's innocent face, her soft body pressing against his..he was overcome with desire so strong, he thought to himself, tonight you will get your wish Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada and gave a slow smile.

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