Friday, March 23, 2012

OS - Laad Governer, teach me - Part 2

Khushi moaned Arnav’s name as she came back to earth. How he loved when she did that, when she let go in his arms and cried his name aloud as if he was the only one that mattered. He gave her a few minutes of respite as she caught her breath and then asked her “what did you say, laad governor please teach me?”
“Haan... why” she asked confused.
“And why did you call me laad governor”? He asked huskily
“Because you are,” she said with a smile
“Oh really! Laad governer am I?” he said and slowly turned her around till she was lying on her tummy and raised her hands up.  He took the tie he had recently discarded and before Khushi even realized what he was upto, he had tied her hands with his tie to the head-board of the bed. ”If I am a LG, then let me behave like one” he said with a smirk.
Khushi was shocked…”Aa-rnav what are you doing?, let me go..” struggling to get free. He bent down and kissed her cheek “Why sweetheart, I am only behaving like what you called me...just like a laad governor..and No I would never let you go. I can let you come however ” he said wickedly
He slowly moved his hands over Khushi’s neck, back, moved his hands to her round firm butts and couldn’t help but massage them which elicited a moan out of her. “Aah so you like that, do you?” he said, doing it again, making her moan again.
“So Khushi, how will you please your LG today?” He asked huskily.
“Ma-Matlab?” she asked
“You want to know the meaning?” He said. He slowly started stripping his clothes one by one making sure her eyes stayed glued to his body. When he finally was free of all his clothes, he triumphantly noted that Khushi’s eyes were once again glazed with desire, as they went over his muscled body. He slowly lay next to her and kissed the hollow of her neck. He fondled her breasts with one hand and asked, “Meaning - how are you going to please your laad governor today sweetheart?” and moved himself against her, rubbed his arousal against her, till the meaning of his question was crystal clear to her.
Khushi blushed deeply and he laughed wickedly at her blush. But Khushi couldn’t help it anymore. She was loosing herself in the sensual haze he was creating. She did not understand it much and could not understand why, but it was strangely erotic to be at his mercy and in his control. She never knew people did such things or she was capable of enjoying these things. He was right; she was still a babe in the woods. And how he was changing her! She had been just pleasured but she was starting to feel the heat pool in the pit of her stomach again! Her husband was turning her like him, totally insatiable wanting and needing him and his touch again and again. “I will please you however you want” she moaned.
“However I want? Oh really?” he asked with a quiver in his voice, his voice trembling in anticipation.
Khushi was not capable of thinking anymore as she felt his as she felt his hands play with her aroused rosy tips…she just moaned again saying yes
Arnav groaned at her willingness…he groaned at the thought of all things he had done to her today and things he intended to still further do. He couldn’t control it any more he thought. He bent her legs, raising her butt and entered her from behind in one swift motion and started thrusting into her, holding her butt. 
“Aa-rnav” she said with a  shock.
"Ssh baby..just enjoy"He said thrusting in her hard and moving in her with a fast rhythm and at the same time moving his hand in front to pleasure her.
In a hoarse voice, he asked her “who am I?”
“Arnav” she replied
“NO…who am I” he asked, thrusting in her harder and faster
“My Laad Governor” she moaned
“Do you like to please your LG?” he asked breathlessly
“Ye-Yes” she replied
“Would you you do anything to please him?” he asked breathlessly
“Ye-Yes” she replied
“Do you love LG?” he asked incoherently, as if the question came from the trenches of his soul
Khushi was stunned, they had never talked about the ‘L word’ ever. He knew she loved him, she knew he loved her, but it was always left unsaid.
“Haan I love him,” she said hesitantly
“I love MY laad governer very much,” she said more confidently and she trembled and came for the second time in his arms tonight. Hearing her say those words, feeling her quiver and clench around his arousal as he was thrusting into her took him over the edge too and he gave one final thrust before he went over. They both lay exhausted, Arnav giving feathery kisses to her before sleep claimed both of them into blissful oblivion.
Khushi woke up early next morning to find that she was snuggled up to him. She blushed a deep crimson at the thought of things they had done yesterday. She had never felt such intense feelings emotionally or physically…What had he done to her! He was right, she still had a lot to learn…but than mischief lit her eyes as she thought that she was nothing if not a good learner.
She carefully moved and picked up her duppatta that he had carelessly discarded last night and slowly and carefully, so as to not disturb and awaken him, she moved his hands up and tied it with the duppatta to the headboard. She lay awake next to him, waiting for him to wake up so she could return the favor...
 Guys, feedback and comments please...Is this getting too much? Please let me know. This is the first time I am writing something so I would really appreciate your feedback


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