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Tables Turned - To the other side (Part 6)

Part 6 – To the other side

Arnav was laying on the bed thinking about earlier events. These days his every conscious and subconscious thoughts seemed to be occupied by Khushi. But today was something special…he could not stop smirking to himself. Khushi was one fiery woman, his woman! and he was going to love experiencing that side of her. She had challenged him today, not overtly, but it was there in her every action, every word and every gaze of hers. He loved all her challenges…it made him feel alive and this sexual challenge that she had thrown at him was better than anything else. He was going to love it when she tried to win, and he was going to love when he tried to win. And she was such an innocent that he knew it was just a matter of time before she gave in..before he could pick his price…and what a price it would be….He was loving this.


It was a beautiful morning, bright and sunny, just like Khushi’s mood. She had a plan that she intended to carry out. One more step in bringing the mighty Mr. ASR on his knees. She grinned at her deviousness and dialed Anjaliji to set it in action.


Khushi and Anjali wanted to gift Payal a set of clothes that Akash had designed This would be a a gift to both of them for them as honeymoon. Khushi had further suggested that she could try the pieces they wanted to gift Payal as she and Payal were the same size and maybe Arnavji could give suggestions if they required any alteration? She had laughed in her mind when she thought of the great business tycoon ASR seeing if any piece required alteration!! But it was worth a try! Worth to see the look on his face.


Khushi reached RM and they were planning out how to get Arnav involved, when Arnav himself walked down. Anjali daringly asked, “Chote, can you please please do us a favor?” 
“Kya di?” Arnav replied. 
Anjali told him of their request and Arnav exclaimed “What the” in shock. He started to argue further when he saw Khushi’s mischief filled eyes mocking him, daring him. 
Understanding dawned..well he was not ASR for nothing. “I think it’s a great idea! I know Akash, he will be very happy to see Payal in his creations. Let me ask Aman to send for some pieces that Akash had designed right now and Khushi can model it in my room.” And with that giving Khushi a predatory smile he went away.

Khushi’s mocking smile slipped a little on seeing Arnav’s reaction. This is not what she had imagined him reacting at all. Suddenly her idea did not seem all that appealing! Hey DM, she prayed…stay with me.


An hour later, Khushi, Arnav and Anjali were sitting in Arnav’s room. There were a bunch of outfits lying there and Anajli had selected a few for Payal and handed it to Khushi to try them on. Khushi picked up the first piece and hesitantly went to change in Arnav’s bathroom.  Anjali sat on Arnav’s bed and Arnav lay down, lying on one hand waiting for Khushi to come out.

Khushi opened the door, and came out wearing a black chiffon salwar suit, fitted to her body, nice modest neckline but dipping quite low at the back, tied together with a single dori at the back. Anajali loved the piece! It had looked great on the rack but even better when Khushi had worn it. She exclaimed in delight! "It’s awesome!. You are looking great! What do you think Chote?" Arnav looked at Khushi from head to toe as if analyzing the dress but Khushi knew the look, she had seen this look in the studio before. He was mentally undressing her! Goosebumps broke on Khushi’s skin and she lowered her eyes. Arnav smirked. He got up from his bed and walked up to Khushi, still pretending to check out the dress. He stood next to Khushi, one hand on her wrist as if checking the sleeves, but slowly his other hand stealthily went to her back and his fingers moved up and down her bare skin. Khushi gasped! “Do you think we should shorten the sleeve length Di?” he asked. All the time his fingers creating havoc on her back. 

“Hmm..I don’t know, what do you think Khushiji?” asked Anjali 
"Yes, what do you think Khushi?" Arnav asked, at the same time pulling her dori and untying it making her gasp even further.  “I..I..” stammered Khushi. “Yes Khushi, what do you think?" Arnav asked as he continued tracing patterns on her back. Khushi jerked back..”I think it’s good as is, why don’t I try another dress” and she ran from there away from those disturbing hands and smirking eyes.

This was not going as Khushi had planned. She took a deep breath and came back back wearing another of Akash’s creation a beautiful midnight blue dress. It was modest enough that Payal would wear it, maybe she may feel awkward at first but knowing that it was their honeymoon and that Akash jiju had designed it. She would definitely wear it. Khuhsi was feeling very happy for her jiji. She came out looking radiant, thinking of her jiji.

This was the first time Arnav had seen Khushi in something other than salwar suits or saree. She looked gorgeous in that dress. Looking at her from strictly fashion sense, she had a beautiful body that complemented and enhanced any dress. Innocent face, reasonable full breasts, slim waist, curved hips and long slim legs. She would make a beautiful model! Not that he would let her..she could model as much as she’d like exactly as she was doing now, in his room..only for him..only in front of his eyes! 

“Chote…Chote..what do you think” Anjali asked and broke his train of thoughts. Again Arnav got up from the bed and walked predatorily towards Khushi. Khushi swallowed and took a step back. Arnav did not miss her reaction and a barest hint of smile escaped his lips. He folded his hands and went near Khushi, looked her from top to bottom and said it looked good and started to go back. Khushi released the breath she had been unconsciously holding. When Arnav came back. He touched Khushi’s neckline making Khushi take in a sharp breath and jump at the touch. “Maybe the neckline should be a little higher, you know Payal and Akash may both feel more comfortable..actually on second thoughts maybe not” And with that walked away back to bed. Khushi knew Arnav was doing this on purpose, but she could not control her body’s reaction.

Anajali unaware of all the undercurrents passing between them wanted to select something different for Payal and she went to the rack to choose something new. She chose an outfit and gave it to Arnav to pass it to Khushi when Nani called her and she went downstairs. Arnav looked at the piece Di had given it to him and mischievously  changed it for a red sexy lingerie and went near Khushi and handed it to her. "Here's the next piece for you to try out" he said.

Khushi was shocked…”What? Yeh? how can I wear this? That also in front of you?” she muttered

“Why not?, It’s just a matter of time when you will wear even less in front of me..You know that Khushi…as well as I do” Arnav replied.

"Arnavji!!" Khushi gasped.

"Khushi tell me something I am so intrigued by it. Sometimes you call me Arnavji, like now..sometimes, like yesterday when your eyes were closed, you called me Arnav..and that day in your house you whimpered my name Arnav in pleasure…and the other day in the studio, you moaned out my name Aa.rr.naavvv please..please don’t stop. Why do you that? What makes you call me, call my name in different ways?"

Khushi was blushing fiercely remembering all the things Arnav was making her slyly remember. Yesterday's kiss, the day in her house when he made her sit on his lap and kissed her, the day in the studio when she was buzzed and hitting on him…He was making love to her with his words. She was getting turned on and he seemed to know the effects of his words on her.

"Arnav please stop"
"Stop what?"
"Stop what you are doing"
"What am I doing.."
"You are.. you are.. you are"
"Yes I am what," he taunted her
"You are making my heart beat fast!" She whispered in frustration, 

Suddenly Anjali opened the door and walked towards them. "Khushiji whats happening? did you try the new dress?What’s that in your hand?"

Before Khushi could say anything, Arnav spoke "Actually Khushi thought that maybe since it’s their honeymoon, she should pick something..and pointed to the piece in Khushi’s hand. She was just feeling embarrassed that I was around.. But no worries, I am leaving." and with that he walked away from there, leaving Khushi embarrassed, shocked and opened mouthed at his actions. What a devil! Well she would get back at him!

Anjali completely believed Arnav and just giggled at Khushi’s naughty thought and said Akash and Payal would love it and said that now that they were done, she needed to help nani and would meet Khushi downstairs.

Khushi started to fold and pack all the clothes for Payal with the red piece right on top when she got a brilliant idea to get back at Arnav. Khushi picked up the red piece and went to the bathroom and changed in to it and then with  trembling hands dialed Arnav’s number from her cell phone. "Arnavji I need your opinion on one final dress. Can you help?" Arnav was surprised at Khushi's request! "Fine I will be there."
In two minutes Khushi could hear footsteps in the room. She cautiously opened the bathroom door to peek outside to see if anybody else was there. And finding no one but Arnav, she slowly opened the door wearing only the sexy red piece that Arnav had picked and came out. 

Arnav froze in his tracks! His eyes glued to the siren in front of him. She was wearing the red lingerie he had picked and taking the meaning of sexy to a new level. Her curvaceous body was displayed enough to send his blood rushing to his head and concealed enough to overwork his imagination. He could see the top of her full breast against the red fabric, the rest of her beautiful breasts were concealed under satin and lace but in his mind, he could see them, making his blood rush downwards. He could see her slim tiny waist, her round belly button and then the endless slim legs. They seem never-ending. He could easily imagine them wrapped around his waist. He always knew she had a gorgeous body, but the full impact of this was just hitting him right now.

He turned around and locked the door and slowly walked towards Khushi. Khushi had intended to turn around and lock the bathroom door once Arnav saw her and she saw his reaction. She had meant to tease him just get back to him for his earlier mischief, but looking at the raw passion blazing in his eyes, she had frozen to the spot, incapable of making any movement. 

Arnav stopped in front of her, his eyes never leaving her face for a moment. Khushi was starting to tremble. Arnav lifted his hand and ran his fingers on the bare hands starting from the tips of her fingers, moving caressingly up to her shoulders, slowly slipping his fingers underneath the strap of the top and tantalizingly he pulled it down. Khushi gasped “Arnav!" But he didn’t stop. He went on pulling it down, lower and lower till a perfect round breast was exposed to his gaze. His breath hitched and turned harsh looking at Khushi. Khushi was trembling. "Arnav please" she whimpered, trying to frantically to cover herself. 
But Arnav held on, "Khushi, you are beautiful!" He slowly leaned in and kissed khushi on the sweet spot near her ears making her moan. He gently moved down placing open mouthed kisses finally capturing one perfect breast in his mouth envelping it in warm moistness and kissing her. 

Khushi moaned deeply. Khushi never felt anything like this ever!! The whirlwind of emotions that were raging through her. She wanted him to stop but go on at the same time. The image of his dark head nestled against her fairness was making her go crazy. She felt heat pooling in the pit of her stomach. she felt beyond herself She moaned again, cluching his hair. Arnav slowly looked up at Khushi’s glazed eyes, sensuality and passion,  brimming in those innocent eyes...

"Khushi do you like it when I do that?" He asked. Khushi closed her eyes and swallowed, unable to say anything. "Khushi answer you like it when I kiss you there?" Arnav asked.

"Arnav!!" Khushi exclaimed blush staining her cheeks deep red.
"Tell me Khushi I want to hear you say it."
"Y-Yes" she stammered. 
Arnav could see confusion on her face. He hoped that this was not too much or too fast for her.  He wanted to protect her..reassure her...
"Khushi, what are you thinking? Baby, what do you want?" He asked reassuringly..
"Do it again"..she whispered

Arnav was stunned! shocked! turned on! Behind the shy innocent girl, hid a highly passionate woman. She would give him the world but demand equally too. God! she would burn him up when they would do it!! Arnav swallowed, he slowly pulled the other strap down and bent down to kiss the other breast, only this time, he took it in his mouth and sucked her nipple, creating warm moist suction. Another moan escaped her lips. She held on to Arnav for support incase her knees might buckle in. 

Arnav looked up and saw Khushi’s face, passion written on it,  echoing his own inner turmoil. Her beautiful face mirrored the feelings that he had evoked in her. He could read it in her eyes that she wanted more, she wanted a respite to the strange restlessness she was feeling, even if she herself was not aware of it or unable to comprehend it. He had enough experience to know what it meant. This was getting out of hand. He had to do something about it..soon..he couldn’t control it any longer.

Khushi was trying to contorl her breathing. She was shocked! Shocked at the intensity of the feelings she the intimate thing Arnav had the way she demanded that he do it she had wanted something more. What was all this? She was so confused…She picked up her clothes, changed in the bathroom and ran out of his room…without even glancing at him…


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