Wednesday, March 14, 2012

OS - What Arnav and Khushi do, when they are alone. :-)

OS - What Arnav and Khushi do, when they are alone. :-)
Just a thought after seeing today’s episode. Khushi inebriated with bhaang and Arnav’s not had any..
“Kisi ko kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai ke hum akele mein kya karte hai (We don’t need to tell anybody what we do when we are alone.)”Arnav stated, trying hard to control the situation as Khushi was giving too much information away in her bhang induced state.
“Accha?” She replied back but before she could say anything else, he pulled her away.
“Arnavji Aranvji stop..wait..” but Arnav continued pulling her away from everybody.
“Khushi don’t you think you have had enough bhaang?” Arnav asked with a frown
“Arnavji why did you say nobody needs to know what we do alone? We don’t do anything when we are alone!!” and pouted sulkily.
She suddenly got a brainwave and she held Arnav’s hand and started pulling him and dragging him.
“Khushi..what are you doing? Where are we going?” Arnav asked
“Akele mein” she replied with a smirk
“What??” He asked with  incomprehension
“I want to be alone with I can do things, things which I can do alone with you..”  she replied with a naughty smile
Arav gulped, “What are you saying Khushi? stop, wait you are not in your sense”..but she cut him mid-way
“No! today I wont listen to you. Today I will only do what my heart says” and continued pulling him and dragging him with her.
They reached the pool side and she pushed him on the recliner and promptly sat next to him.
Arnav was just staring at her in daze, a part of him wanting to stop this but a part of him wanting her to continue
“So what can we do when we are alone…” Khushi muttered,  thinking aloud. “Hey DM, give me some ideas..”
DM can’t give you any ideas, but I surely can, Arnav thought with a smirk,  wicked things going in his mind, a list of things he wanted to do with her when she was alone..
Suddenly she jumped “yes I got it…You work on your laptop and I will clean the closet. See we will do it alone together..then we can tell everybody what we do when we are alone..”
“Khushi you are no making any sense” Arnav said, “why don’t you go lie down and sleep off.”
“OH yes, that’s even a better idea, let’s lie down together!” she said happily.
And before Arnav could say anything, Khushi was already up and pulling Aranv’s hand and dragging him towards bed. She pushed him towards the bed and lay down next to him, still holding his hand. “What shall we do now?” She asked
Aranv’s heart was starting to beat fast, he could breath in her fragrance next to him, he could feel her soft hands and all her talks about wanting to do things alone was putting ideas in his mind, that were refusing to budge.
“Arnavji” she said getting up a little from her position, “what shall we do now that we are alone? Shall we talk? You know I wanted to ask you one thing. Every time you come near me, why does my heart go dhak dhak?”
“What!!”, Arnav asked in a shocked tone. “Why are you doing what.. what.. all the time!” she giggled..”I said every time you come near me, why does my heart go dhak dhak? You don’t believe me? Then see here” She took the hand the were still holding and put it on her heart which was definteily beating fast. Arnav swallowed at the feel of her soft breast under his hands. It took all his control to not cup it and mould it under his hands.
“Now do you believe me?” She asked..”Ha-haan” he stammered probably the first time in his life. He knew he should remove his hand from her breast, but it felt so good, so right that he could make himself do it. Suddenly Khushi sat up and asked, “does your heart also beat faster when I am around?” and put her hand on his heart but in her buzzed state she didn’t realize she was listening to his right hand side and suddenly yelled. “Arnavji, what happened? You don’t have a heart? Where did it go?”
Arnav was too  lost in the feeling of her soft hands on his chest and with her yelling he suddenly got startled….Khushi started quickly unbuttoning his shirt, trying to look for his heart.
“Kh-Khushi..what are you doing?”
“Shh!! I am looking for your heart” she said and put her head on his bare chest, trying to listen to his heartbeat.
Arnav clenched his fist, he wanted to call out to her DM to tell her to end this torture. He could control only as much before his primitive instincts kicked in. “I found your heart Arnavji and it’s going as fast as mine, ” she giggled. And then she rubbed her face against his chest and continued “Uhmm, and your heart feels very nice..” and she placed an impulsive kiss on his chest. Arnav was in heaven…
“Let’s go.” She suddenly said and trying to get up, but Arnav held her close to him, close to his heart. “Where do you want to go?” He asked
“I want to go tell Di, when we are alone we listen to each other’s heartbeat. But wait you didn’t listen to mine…she said with a frown. here listen to mine!” she said and pulling him down so that his head lay on her soft breast and he could hear the eratic thudding of her heart caused by him, caused by his nearness.That was it, he couldn’t control it anymore gave in to the madness. “Khushi wait, he said, we can’t tell Di only one thing…let’s find more things that we do when are alone and then you can tell her tomorrow…” and with that he leaned in and took her lips in a passionate kiss.

Let me know it is...if I should continue ahead..


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