Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OS - Laad Governer, Ooooh..pl-pl-please teach me - Part 3

First of all thanks to all of you for such positive and motivating comments for Part 2. It was probably one of the more risque piece of my writing which I feared would border on being a little OTT, but I am glad you guys enjoyed. So this part is for all of you who commented and motivated me to write it :-)

Arav was slowing stirring awake from his peaceful slumber. Feeling her soft body pressed against him, brought an instant smile to his face. How his life had changed after she had entered it. He raised his hands to hug her…but he couldn’t move his hands at all! What the! What happened to his hands? He couldn’t move a muscle and he couldn’t comprehend why in his sleepy state. He opened his eyes trying to shake away the sleepiness to find her staring at him with mischief filled eyes and his hands tied to the headboard with her dupatta!  

His heart catapulted with desire and passion tightened his lower body as he read her intentions. Wow!! Here he was a little apprehensive about her reaction to what he had done to her yesterday, wondering whether it may have been too much for his innocent wife…and here she was, returning and reciprocating in full force! Damn he was totally bowled over. He decided to play along..

“Khushi what is this? Untie me at once!” He said
Khushi hesitated, her courage and resolve slipping for an instance wondering if she did the right thing, before she replied…"Nahin”
“If you are Laad Governer than I am your wife, Mrs. Laad Governer, and I can do everything you can do…Samjhe Aap!” mimicking him,  trying to act fierce like him but then ruining the effect by shyly looking away at his intense stare.
Aranv could not control his amusement. A smile broke his usually stern face making it tender and soft. “Accha?”he asked
“Haan!” she replied back.
“In that case, remember what was the first thing I did to you yesterday” he said and smirked.
She looked at him and then a blush stole over her face as she remembered him kissing her there and making her come with his skillful mouth and tongue.
“You are in no position to ask anything. I will do whatever I wish to do.” she answered him back.

However Aranv had seen the emotions flit across her eyes, shyness as he had reminded her what he had done to her, desire as she remembered the pleasure he had given her and then heady determination to meet the challenge. He knew she would do it and he became almost unbearably hard in anticipation.

She raised her hand and put her fingers and traced his lips as he himself had done multiple times earlier. She touched his lips feeling and exploring the hard counters when he suddenly opened his mouth and took her fingers in and looking in to her eyes, started sucking it and playing it with his tongue in imitation of how he had kissed her there last night. Khushi gasped and removed her fingers.

This was not going as planned…Khushi thought, He was too wicked... making her blush all the time…well time to up the stakes, she thought. Taking a deep breath and trembling with shyness, she moved down and bent to take him in her mouth.

Aranv groaned deeply at the first feeling of her soft warm mouth on him. It felt so good….soooo very good. Another moan escaped his lips in anticipation. However she hesitantly stopped…what should she do now? she did not have much clue as to how to please him this way. “Arnav..what what should I do? What do you like? Can you help please?” she asked

In spite of himself, he smiled at her innocence.  "Do you like what you are doing?" he asked her. "Ha..Haan" she replied. "Tell me what do you like.." he asked. "Arnav!! please just tell me what to do" she asked blushing again.
 "Tell me what do you like Khushi" he asked persistently
She flicked her tongue on the tip, moaning as she tasted him..."I..I like ..how..how you feel in my mouth" she replied with extreme shyness

The combination of her innocence yet an eagerness to please him and openness to be adventurous moved him very much.. He graoned at the feeling of her tongue and whispered “Baby take me in your mouth as much as you can and suck me” and she did that and he stiffened and clenched his hands at the powerful feelings that coursed through him. Khushi repeated the motion again and again and hearing his breathless moans, knowing she was doing the right thing. 
He looked at her with hooded eyes - her eyes closed, her hair flowing free, her lips wrapped around him, taking him in and out of her mouth…Jeez this would be burned in his memory forever…he graoned again at the image and couldn’t take it anymore. He was on the brink of loosing it. “Khushi..stop…baby….let me take you.” he whispered. But Khushi did not untie him, she just straddled him and took him in and moved in and out, slowly increasing her rhythm. This was torture for him. He was so turned on and needed a release now! 

“Khushi please..now!” he commanded
But Khushi was in her element and said
“Tell me I am Mrs. Laad Governer..”
“You are..” he replied and Khushi started moving faster
“Tell me that I can please you however I like..”
“You can..” he replied.. both of them now panting, so very close
“Tell me you love me..” she asked..
“I do..”he replied.

Hearing that,  Khushi sighed deeply with contentment and clenched around him multiple times as she came, making him go over the edge too..

She untied him and both of them lay spent and after a while she gently trying to disengage herself from him to go to the bathroom and get ready for the day. He stopped her and turned around taking her with him and asked her, “Where do you think you are going?”

“To get ready. We need to go down. I need to help di and Payal..” she said as a matter of fact.

“You are not going anywhere for a long long time…You can help Payal & Di later, but first you better finish helping your husband! Your Laad Governor!!” he said wickedly and bent down to passionately kiss her and take her all over again.

As always comments and feedback please..Once again, I am asking..is this too much? Frank feedback welcome..


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