Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flirting with Mr. Raizada - Part 1

Had a random thought and wanted to put it in writing..Not sure how it turned out..but here it is...

Khushi was observing her Jiji since a few days looking very sad and disturbed. Finally Khushi couldn’t take it anymore and asked Payal what was the matter. First Payal refused to say anything but after Khushi's constant prodding she replied, “I think Akaashji is disappointed in me..”
"Disappointed in you?? What? Are you mad?? No he loves you too much.." Khushi exclaimed in surprise.
"No Khushi..I know he does..I don't mean  like that…I mean the other way." Payal replied feeling very uncomfortable..
"Other way means…?" asked Khushi thoroughly confused now…
"Khushi, you know..he..he once said that I never initiate anything…"she said "what if..what if he looses interest in me  and starts liking somebody else? You know how they are constantly surrounded by beautiful models…” and now Payal was earnestly worried and started sobbing..

"Jiji please don’t cry. Aakash jiju would never do like that…" Khushi said consolingly
"Nobody does these things, it happens" Payal replied wailing even more
 "Jiji please please don’t cry..You know what I will teach you.." Khushi said, her face lighting up with her idea
"WHAT??" Payal said confused
"Jiji I will teach you..When Arnavji comes back from work,  I will flirt with him..and then you can learn" Khushi replied excitedly
Payal was not at all convinced, but Khushi was not listening anymore, once the idea struck, she was all over it, refusing to budge from it!
Arnav came back from work tired, but looking forward to be greeted with his wife's shy smile and she would always ask him if his day went well.
He opened the door, stepped inside and as usual Khushi came to him with a glass of water. He waited for her shy smile to brighten up his day but today she looked at him, batting her eyelashes and gave a sexy smile...she came very close to him and asked.."Did you miss me today..Arnav?"
What the!! she asked him if he missed her today? And did she just call him Aranv without the 'ji'?? The only time she ever called him Aranv was when they made love and she with her eyes closed moaned his name aloud, especially as she came in his arms. Damn!! the images caused his lower body to start stirring..
"Aranv…you didn’t answer me.." she pouted..."
Aranv again from her lips ..What was with her today? He was getting considerably more turned on..and soon it would be noticeable to everybody..Would she do it with him right now in her present mood? He bent down and growled in her ears..”Let me show you how much..let’s go to our room” and with that dragged her to their room..
"Nahi Aranvji wait..Nahi Arnavji.." she started exclaiming
But Aranv pulled her to their room and locked her to their room…put her on the bed, lay down on top of her…"so what were you asking me..did I miss you?" He asked in a husky voice
"No Arnavji I asked because…" Khushi started speaking
But Arnav bent down and took her lips in a passionate kiss holding her close to him, his hands roaming all over her back, kneading and squeezing her butt, making Khushi moan, making her oblivious to  everything else in the world till she cried out his name in pleasure and both lay sated in each others arms.  

After what seemed like an eternity, Aranv got up from the bed to  take a shower and Khushi freshened up and went down to help start for dinner..still lost in haze of the passionate rendezvous with Arnav. She smiled, walking down wondering what was with Aranv today, when suddenly she realized the reason..Oh no..she was supposed to flirt with Aranv,  to show Payal...and she had asked Arnav if he missed her, and the Laat governer had just dragged her to their room, without letting her do anything more! How will jiji ever learn, if she didn't get a chance to flirt with Aranv. How will jiji learn if the laat governor didn't let her flirt with him....Khushi sighed, now she would have to start flirting all over again with him after dinner.
Part 2 - Precap -  One more failed attempt, then Arnav teaches her how to really flirt with him.
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