Saturday, February 11, 2012

After Teri Meri Dance Part 1

Prologue -  Arnav had danced with Khushi and Khushi  has got a perfect 10 score. She had now won the challenge and the winning ceremony was about to begin.  
Part 1

Arnav walked out of the room. He did not know what he was feeling. He felt frustrated and restless , touching her had left him wanting more. He was feeling so angry  but also felt happy to see her smiling. He hated this! He was used to being in control of his emotions. He ruled his emotions, his emotions did not rule him. But nothing made sense anymore. How he hated this feeling! Best he walk out of here, away from the noise, away from this madness, away from her, away from her smell, touch, eyes...and with that he stormed out of the room.

Everybody was congratulating Khushi and praising her for her performance. Naniji called her name her name to hand out the Natraj trophy.  Khushi went over the stage to accept the trophy but winning suddenly did not seem to matter. She had so many questions bubbling in her. Why did he help her? Why after a very verbal open challenge of past so many days? Why did he not let her forfeit and just win himself? Was this out of his arrogance? Did he care? Where was he? Her eyes searched for him, trying to seek him out. Where was he? She needed to meet him, talk to him, be held by him.

As soon as Nani finished, Khushi walked down the stage, in search of him, ignoring people calling out to her. She went to his room to see if he was there. She slowly knocked his room door .  Arnav was standing near his closet, facing the closet, his back towards the door.  He was in process of removing his shirt to wear something else. He wanted to remove all traces of her teasing, taunting touch from him. He heard somebody knocking  and gruffly replied, 'Who's there?, what do you want?"

Khushi apprehensively opened the door and slowly entered the room.  "Arnavji hum hai, kya main aapse baat kar sakti hoon?" He stopped his actions, he was feeling vulnerable, feeling weak , especially to her. He didn't want to meet her, see her at all. He replied back, "Go away, leave!"

"Aranvji...aap," said Khushi.

Arnav cut her off, "didn't you hear  me Khushi Kumari Gupta! Leave!"

Khushi 's temper was begin to rise, this was so typical like ASR. Come near, make her feel soft and dewy and then push her away and hurt her! Not this time! "Nahi , mujhe aapse baat karni hai" she said.

Arnav's temperature started to simmer. How dare she disobey him! How dare she not listen to him!  He turned around and looked at her and said "You don't understand anything in one time, do you?" However Khushi was not listening. Arnav turned around and his shirt was open and she could see the strip of his muscled chest. Her mouth went dry, everything she wanted to talk to him, went out of her mind. New emotions were coursing through her, She couldn't tear his eyes away from his chest. She stammered "woh mein... mein...woh aap...mein"

Arnav looked at her, and saw her staring at his chest, could see the innocent desire written in her eyes. His heart skipped a beat. Things he was trying to bottle up were trying to come out like a volcano. Good,he thought to himself, let her get a taste of frustration; let her get a taste of what he always felt around her. He watched her glazed expression as she was looking at him and desire coursed through his veins. He slowly started walking towards her, with a predatory look in his eyes, purpose in his stride. Today he would make her pay for all the things she made him feel! Today he will make her know what it is to walk around with unfulfilled desire! Today he would make her touch him!

With purpose in his each stride, he walk towards her, and slowly shrugging out of his shirt with each stride. He threw the shirt on the ground. There he was, bare chested, so magnificently built, Khushi swallowed and trembled. She woke up from the spell. "Arnavji!  aap kya " He cut her mid sentence and said "Yes Khushi, you wanted to talk? What did you want to talk?" stalking towards her. Khushi felt apprehensive, started backing up, feeling feverish, feeling excited, feeling aroused and could not stop looking at Arnav.  Arnav increased his pace towards her. No! Today she would not escape. "Kya hua Khushi, ab baat nahi karni?, cat got your tounge?"

As Khushi was backing, the pallu of her emerald green saree came under her feet, and she stumbled, and safety pin that secured the pallu came undone and the pallu fell down, exposing her to Arnav's eyes.

Arnav stopped mid-way, just froze.! he couldn't breathe at the sight  he saw in front of him! Khushi's pallu had fallen down and he could see khushi in her tight fitting choli. He could see her shape in her low cut tight fitting choli, and he could see the top of her breasts exposed. She looked so breathtalking! Her skin looked so soft and creamy and milky! She looked so innocent, untouched and so very sensuous!!  He was deeply aroused and excited. He felt elated, no other man had seen Khushi like this. He felt a deep surge of possessiveness run through him. He was on a fever! He could not breathe, he could not think, all he could do was just feel!  He quickly closed the gap between them! "Khushi" he called out.

Khushi was just standing still, she was shocked, frozen to the spot. She felt him come near her, felt his warm, minty breath on her face. Khushi felt the yearning in his heart as he called out her name. Out of it's own violation, her hand went up and rested on his bare chest. She heard his indrawn breath, she opend her eyes, and realized what she was doing and tried snatching her hand! But Arnav didn't let her. He held on to her hand looked deeply into her eyes, and slowly moved her hand over his muscled his chest, heard their simultaneously indrawn breath as her nails grazed over his nipples. She moaned, was scared at the feelings he invoked in her  and now earnestly trying to remove her hand from his grip.  Arnav let her, but woudn't let her move. He slowly raised his hands and caressed her cheek, played with her silky tresses. He gently moved the pad of his thumb over her lips, as if readying her for his kiss. A moan escaped Khushi. She could imagine him kissing her and  she was beyond any more rational thought. She was totally his, putty in his hands, slave to the feelings he invoked in her.  He slowly moved his hand and trailed his fingers lower over her neck, feeling her silky soft skin. His hands moved over her with a gentleness she could not associate with him. Slowly his  hands moved even lower and Khushi let out a gasp. Her breath came out in short spurts. She closed her eyes and whimpered "Arnav.."  He gently touched her, his hand moulded her. She was so soft, so beautiful!, perfect! even better than his dreams!  Arnav could not stop now no matter what, not for all the money and power in the world. He was at at a point of no return. He wanted to touch her with his bare hands, see her, taste her, imprint himself on her.

He slowly moved his hand over the opening of her choli and started un-buttoning...Khushi again whimpered, Arnav"...

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