Saturday, February 11, 2012

After Teri Meri Dance Part 4

Prologue -  Arnav had danced with Khushi and Khushi  has got a perfect 10 score. She had now won the challenge and the winning ceremony was about to begin.

Khushi suddenly woke up feeling very strange. She looked around for her jiji but could not find her. She adjusted her eyes to the dark, to the unfamiliar surroundings with confusion and then suddenly she remembered last nights events. She blushed deeply at the recollection of events last night. Did all that happen last night, Did she actually touch him, called him Aranv! Oh no! She looked around, she was in Arnavji's bed!! She scrambled up quickly. Thank god Arnavji was not around here. She didn't think she could ever face him or look him in the eye. She quickly walked out of the room. It was 5.00 am! She could still reach home and nobody need know anything.

Unknown to her, a pair of dark brown eyes were watching her every move. Arnav was sitting in a darkened corner of the room. He watched the range of emotions that crossed over Khushi's face. Disorientation and confusion, as she woke up, Embarrassment and bit of desire as she recollected last night's event and then determination to flee from the situation to avoid it.   Well he would be damned if he would let her run away this time. He had spent an extremely uncomfortable, sleepless night. The events of last still had the power to have an instantaneous effect on him. She was gorgeous, innocent, and breathtaking. She responded to him at a very deep level. She was his! Only his!

Anyways, he did not want to analyze her effect on him, and his feelings for him too much. They made him feel so vulnerable and ASR was not vulnerable to anyone! What he needed was a plan to get her back. The businessmen in him told him to logically analyze the situation and come up with a plan. And he had a plan! With her values, she would fight within her for what happened last night. She would go in denial mode and would start avoiding him.  He needed to back down, give her some breathing space and then make her acknowledge last night's events, her actions, her feelings for him. A small voice at the back of his mind said, what about acknowledging your feelings? He ignored it and went for a shower to get ready for work.

Khushi had reached home and lay on her bed. Her mind was totally frazzled and her nerves were stretched to a breaking point with her constant thoughts of last night's event. ..Devi maiya please help me, she thought...She finally told herself, no more thinking. I am going to avoid him from now on at all cost. But with upcoming shaadi of jiji, how was that going to be possible. Well she will, she decided!

The next few times, she went to RM, she was very apprehensive, but he was never to be around. The few times that he was there, he refused to look at her, or acknowledge her. He just started to ignore her. She felt irritated at this, but atleast her nerves remained calm.  One week before the wedding, Khushi reached RM. Anjali asked her to get some flowers from Arnav's room as she and Payal needed to leave for a pooja. Khushi immediately panicked! She said, "Anjaliji, hum nahi, aap le aiye".

Anjli started laughing, "Khushiji, chote aap ko kha to nahi jayenge. Aur waise bhi woh business trip pe gaye hai. Woh kal anne wale hai. Aap please le ayo"

Hearing this Khushi felt a little better. She slowly walked to Arnav's room. The moment she reached his room, all the memories came rushing back. She gulped and focused on what she needed to get for Anjaliji.

Arnav slammed his car door and entered his home. Nothing was going right this past few days.  He was perpetually in a bad mood and wearing a scowl all the time. Maybe it was time to have a meeting with Ms. Khushi Kumari Gupta he thought, and with that he entered his room. And right in front of his was the object of his thoughts, picking some flowers, unaware of his presence...yet.

With a wicked smile slowly spreading over his face, he closed his door. He called out to her name.  Khushi was lost in thoughts and on hearing her name she snapped out of them and looked up. She was shocked to see him standing there and muttered. "Aap Yaha?abh? Aap to kal anewala the.."

"It's my house, my room, I can come here anytime I want." He smirked.

"Nahi, woh hum, hum woh phool lene aye the. Anjaliji ne.."She stopped as he was just staring intensely at her.

"Hume jaana hai, woh anjaliji aur jiji humara intezaar kar rahe hai"' she said

"Di aur Payal bahar gaye hai, I saw them go out." He replied back

"Humein jaana hai."

"Acha?" He said.  He turned around locked the door and crossed his arms and stood by it. "So go. Who's stopping you?"

Khushi's heart started beating fast. Khushi hesitantly walked towards the door but stopped mid-way looking very uncomfortable. She was extremely aware of Arnav now and was breathing very fast.

Arnav was keenly watching Khushi. Her heightened color, quickened breathing, heaving chest. He smirked. He had Khushi cornered exactly where he wanted her. He started walking towards her, without breaking eye contact. He stood in front of Khushi and asked, "Kya hua Khushi? Jaana nahi hai?"  Khushi tried to go around him to escape, but he was too fast for her. He caught her in a swift second and pulled her hard toward him. She was now standing so close to him that he could see the dark brown flecks in her eyes, could hear her thundering heart beat, could see those luscious pink lips up close. But that was not enough for him. He was not in relenting mood today. No more running around, no more barriers between them, no more pretence. He pulled her even closers with one hand on her hips other on her upper back, his legs touching hers, hips together and face barely inches apart. He held her firmly in his grip.

He was very aroused and making no effort to shield it from Khushi.  Khushi could feel him through the layers of clothing, she could feel the heat emanating from him.  She was not that innocent that she didn't know what was happening to him. She started struggling and tried pulling back, She was mortified! She whispered, "Arnavji, humein jane dijeye..aap..aap to.." But he was not going to let her hide anymore. He did not let her pull back, maintained the contact, let her feel him, her effect on him. "Haan Khushi, mein kya... What's happened to me?" Khushi blushed fiercely. She felt totally out of her depth. She felt she was burning in this emotion that would just consume her.  She was on fire and only he could extinguish it. She felt she was going to die and yet she had never felt so alive.

Arnav experimentally moved a little, letting her know the exact effect she was having on him. Pleasure rippled through Khushi and a soft moan escaped her. "Khushi, tumne batay nahi, What's happened to me... Say it!" he commanded. "Woh, aap, woh..Humein apse kuch baat nahi karni" She breathlessly muttered.

"You don't want to talk? Are you sure? Fine! let's find something else to do beside talk". He said. And with that, without any preliminaries, he lowered his head and caught her open lips with his and kissed her hard. No softness, no gentleness, just showed her the intense desire she invoked in him from deep within his heart. He had dreamt of this for so long, kissing her with all consuming passion that she would fully surrender to him, be his. He had waited so long...

Khushi was lost. She had no coherent thought in her mind. She had no will left of her own. She had finally surrendered to the feelings that swept through her. Arnav had slowly started moving towards his bed, taking Khushi with him, without breaking the kiss or without slowing the pace. As he reached the bed, he picked up Khushi and lay her on it and lay down beside her, still not breaking the kiss. Finally he lifted his head and looked up.  Her eyes were closed in surrender, lips swollen from his kisses, heightened color from passion. God! She looked so beautiful! So gorgeous! This time he would not let her pull back. "Khushi.." he whispered. She slowly opened her eyes. "Do you trust me?" he asked. She nodded, with all the love she felt for him, visible in her eyes. He gave the briefest smile and slowly started removing his clothes.

Hope you enjoyed!! Please comment! Motivates me to write more..


  1. Thanks Kathrina...I am glad you enjoyed!

  2. Lovely. Wish I could receive pms of all your updates.

    Neemsundari on IF.

    1. Thanks Neemsundari...

      Buddy me and I can send you PMs on the updates.
      Glad you like reading my works :-)


  3. Loved it!!Real good.hope you continue from ..removing his clothes..

  4. hey really hot...

    plz update soon ok...

  5. Very intense and passionate... Pls continue soon


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