Saturday, February 11, 2012

Engaged! - Arnav's Jewellery Fetish

Set after Arnav and Khushi are engaged.  A series of OS based on that premise

Arnav's Jewellery Fetish

It's less than a week that he will get married to Khushi. He has been feeling varied emotions at the thought. He is at peace with the depth of feelings he feels for her. Happy about the prospect of sharing his life with her. Fearful, should he not be able to protect her for the rest of her life but the topmost feeling riding him these days, giving him sleepless nights is the thought of their wedding night. Just thinking of it makes his heart go wild and burns him with excitement. He has spent so many nights thinking, wishing, fantasising about things, right since that night at the photoshoot when he saw her breathtakingly beautiful in the red saree...Today he had a gift for her...he had a wish he was going to ask of her..would she agree? Would she accept?

Khushi regularly came to RM now a days, for some or the other preparation for their wedding. She had no complaints as it gave her some moments to cherish with her LG. She was almost done with her stuff today and was preparing to leave..She went to Arnav's room to tell him bye and wish him Good Night..
She shyly knocks his room door "Arnavji, I am leaving..I will see you tomorrow.."
"Arnavji??" he asks indulgently.."What have I asked you to call me when we are alone.."
"Ar-Arnav" She says, still not used to calling him Arnav. It also brings back memories of times when he makes her whimper his name in passion..
"Say again"..he commands
"Arnav" she says
"Now close your eyes and say my name" he asks..
She blushes...and closes her eyes and whispers "Arnav"
Arnav slowly walks towards her and holds her hand and guides her towards his closet. "Khushi, I have a gift for you...for our wedding night" "Will you wear it?"
Khushi blushes at the mention of wedding night and looks down and slowly nods her head. She still feels very shy of her LG..
Arnav hands her a gift bag..and says "Open it" Khushi shyly opens the contains a bunch of boxes..She removes the first box from it and opens it...It contains a beautiful pair of gold earrings..She takes another box from the bag, and it contains a set of matching bangles..She smiles at him.  she removes yet another box and it contains a beautiful neck piece that would sit by her heart...She removes one more box from the bag and it contains matching payals...

She reaches inside the bag again but surprisingly the bag is empty. She is perplexed and asks Arnav in a surprised tone.."Arnavji, I think you have forgotten to give me a dress to complete the outfit". Arnav does not say anything but continues to just steadily look at her. Khushi again says.."Arnavji, you have forgotten..." but pauses as Arnav is intesnsely looking at her and then she gulps as the meaning of this dawns to her. Hey DM, he does not intend for her to wear anything else but what was in the bag. She blushes fiercely to the core and lowers her eyes...she cannot even look at him anymore. Arnav is watching her reaction, watching her comprehend what he's asked of her...Slowly he questioningly whispers.."Will you wear it Khushi?"
She gives a barely perceptible nod, snatches the bag and runs away from there. Arnav gives a slow smile...

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  1. *flies to ArHi dreamland*!!!

  2. Oh dear... Brains going into overdrive

  3. Naught y girl!, someday maybe this will be shown onscreen*gulp* and ahem* what in ur opinion should Arnav be shown wearing?.. *imagination running wild here hence running off for a glass of water*
    Keep writing dear, u r too good