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Tables Turned! The Initiation(Part 4)

Tables Turned! The Initiation (Part 4)

Continued from Part 3..

Khushi slept fretfully that night. Her thoughts and dreams were strange.. interspersed with the events that transpired that day. She dreamt that she was dancing for him, she dreamt that he wanted her to take tuitions on one of the dreams she was touching his bare chest and learning the things he liked...She woke up drenched in sweat and her breathing laboured. Hey DM, what is happening to me? She thought to herself. What has LG done to me? Was he serious about what he said? No can it be...It was just a joke...he couldn’t be serious...but knowing LG, she could not be sure of anything...Hey DM, please help me..she prayed furiously, but a small voice inside her mind said.. Oh really? Are you sure you want to be helped? She could not deny that a small part of her was excited at thre prospect of knowing and learning how to please him.....NO NO NO!!! she went instantly in to a denial mode.

Arnav was lying calmly on his bed. Looking at him, one could hardly judge the raging storm that was going on inside him. Maybe, except when you looked at those hazel eyes..those eyes burned with the memories of events that happened today, they burned with unsatisfied hunger that coursed through him, they burned with the intensity of emotions he felt around her. Recollecting the memories from earlier today still had power to get him aroused through a throbbing point...and he was not sure if he liked being so much out of control, so powerless to another person. He had many women over the years...Well he was good looking, with a hot body and even hotter bank balance. So yes, women flocked around him regularly and he enjoyed them but without any emotional attachment whatsoever. Then what was with her? Why was it so different with her? Maybe he just needed to go ahead with her, get her out of his system...then they could go their own separate ways, without her having any such hold on him. He felt a little calmer...Yes! That was the answer, he knew she was not immune to him, he would seduce her...and when they both had enough..they could move on. He to his life, and she to her life, maybe marry some nice guy who could love her. But thinking of Khushi with another man, somebody else kissing her, touching her, undressing her, making love to her filled him with a blind rage...He could do physical harm to somebody at the thought...NO, she belonged to him and him only!!! Ok change of plans...he needed to do something that she would be bound to him and him only..always! He would figure it out...he was ASR after all...and with that he closed his eyes.

Khushi woke up after a restless night of sleep. She started going around in her daily motions preoccupied with thoughts of what he had told her yesterday visit his office today at 5.00. No, No I will not go anywhere...she told herself firmly. Persistent ringing of her phone broke her out of her daze. “Hello” she said...”

Promise yaad hai na...”said the voice on the other side..
Khushi started panicking...”Aap? Aap ne kyo phone kiya?” “Hum kuch nahi karne wale...kahi nahi aane wale...Samjhe aap?”
“I am not going to come anywhere...”and she went on ranting for next couple of minutes

There was absolute silence from the other reply whatsoever..
“Hello?”  She hesitantly asked.
“I will see you at 5.00 today evening. Dont be late Khushi...Punctuality is one one of things I like”...and with that he disconnected the phone..
“Hello, Hello..”.she yelled and slowly disconnected... She went in full panic mode and started hyperventilating. Calm down! she told herself. Well he can’t force me...I am not going to step out of the house at all today. I will stay in the house the entire day. We will see then...and with that she felt a little better.

Arnav smiled to himself...He knew KKG would not come to the office. Well he had other plans!!! he could easily read her and had already anticipated her next actions...he would not be a successful businessman otherwise. He had made arrangements to make sure her parents, jiji, buaji, all of them would be otherwise occupied with his Di and Nani today evening...he slowly smiled...he could not wait for the evening.

Around 4.00 oclock in Gupta house
“Khushi...what is wrong with you today? You are acting very strange. I am observing you since morning..” Payal asked
“Nah-Nahi, Nothing is wrong with me..I am good..” Khushi replied
“ you are coming to the temple for the pooja with us right, how come you are not ready?” Asks Payal..
“Hum abhi ready ho jaate hai” she replies...and gets up and immediately recalls what she had no she won’t step out of the house...what if that LG is there with them and takes her to his office on pretext of some or other work....her heart starts beating fast...”Actually jiji, I am not coming...woh I am not feeling that well..” she said
“What? You just now said you were...”said Payal...”You are strange!”
Finally the family left without her...dismissing her behaviour as one of her quirks...
Time was slowly ticking...Khushi was restlessly sitting...It was 5.00 o’clock and she was still at her home...she breathed in a sigh of relief but at the same moment, her phone started ringing...with Arnavji flashing on her screen..

She picks it up...”Hello...”
“It’s 5.00 PM, where are you? I am waiting...”
“Keep waiting I told you I won’t come...didn’t I?” And with that she disconnected the phone...She felt a sense of relief and power at having the last word over him..She started giggling..Her phone rang again...flashing Arnavji...but she refused to pick it up...still giggling.
At the same time, the doorbell her door bell rang, she wondered who could it be...maybe Happyji. Well she would tell Happyji, that today she was also happy and laughing at her own silly joke she opened the door....only to find Arnav leaning against it.

“Hello Khushi..”
“Aap? Yahan..”
“Haan mein yahan.” He moved her aside, came inside and locked the door..
Khushi was flabbergasted...and repeated again...”Aap yahan?”
Anrav smirked...”Haan mein yahan..though house calls for private tutoring costs more you know..”and purposefully walked towards her.
“ yeh kya har rahe hai?” She stammered while walking back..
He quickly reached out and grabed her by her waist and stalled any further movement from her..
“What am I doing? What do you think I am doing? I am only trying to keep my word..You know, you did extract a promise from me....”
Before she could reply anything..he sat down on the couch, pulled her on top of him, so she was sitting on his lap... “Let me refresh your know yesterday you were sitting on my lap just like now and kissing me...when you collected a promise from me that I would teach you how to really kiss me...Do you remember? Or we should kiss and make you recollect?”

Khushi’s heart started beating fast at his closeness...breathing started becoming shallow...”Arnavji please...”she said..
“Please what Khushi...please teach you? So much eagerness to learn?” He smirked...
“Arnavji..please no..!!” And started to get up...But he held her firmly by her waist..
“Khushi teach you I will” he said flatly..”Up to you whether you want to get it over quickly by co-operating or wasting time and make it last longer. Your call. Oh and maybe if you co-operate I may just stop at a lesson or know.” He said with a glint in his eyes..mouth barely containing the suppressed laughter.
Khushi looked at the determined glint in Arnav’s eyes...She understood that there would be  no backing out..Excitement, shyness, nervousness, recklessness, defiance bubbled through her. “Ok, Fine!!”she murmered.

“Good...”he said, brought her close to him...and commanded...”Kiss me!”
She closed her eyes and slowly brought her soft lips close to his hard ones pressed them against his. And hesitantly, shyly she started sucking on his bottom lip and kissing him..and after some time pulled back and shyly looked at him...

“Not Bad, KKG”. He murmured against her lips..”But let me show you what I really like” and with that, he brought his lips close to hers...hovering over hers for a moment...making her wait and anticipate the touch...slowly he pressed his open lips against hers...alternatively sucking and nibbling her lips..Khushi’s eyes closed...she was transported to heaven...this felt good! and a moan escaped her lips. 

Taking advantage of the opportunity, without any warning he firmly thrust his tongue in to her mouth...making her gasp in surprise. Her eyes opened only to find herself staring in to passion darkened set of brown eyes..She gasped and tried pulling back. But he firmly held her...while looking in her eyes, he slowly withdrew his tongue only to firmly thrust again in her mouth and repeated the motion again and again. Khushi could not stand it anymore...She closed her eyes and a moan escaped her. She did not even know people kissed like that...the things he was doing to her made her imagine wilder things...she was not aware of anything except the feel of his mouth against hers. Arnav went on relentlessly till her breathing got really laboured...Finally he broke the kiss... 

He slowly smiled at her. “Khushi, it was such a pleasure to teach you!” "But time to practice what you learned”  “Kiss me back like that”...he whispered.
Khushi blushed and gulped. “You want me to kiss you like that?”
“Yes” he replied..”I want your tongue inside my mouth..”
“Arnav!!” She exclaimed in shock
“Come on Khushi..dont make me wait.”

She gulped and slowly leaned and kissed him with her open mouth. Trying to mimic his earlier movements, nibbling on his bottom lips and then shyly putting her tongue in his mouth..He let her explore him for a bit and then without any warning gently held her tongue and started sucking on it. Khushi gasped her surprise and held on to him for support.  She could feel heat gathering at the pit of her stomach..pleasure coursing through her. She pulled back from the kiss, breathing hoarsely and opened her eyes to look at him..only to find him intensely looking at her.

He was observing her..her breath was shallow, her color heightened, eyes glazed with passion, surprise and shyness. She was his for taking...he could read the surrender in her eyes...and he had only kissed her as yet! God she was such an innocent!! She was his..only his!! He would make sure of that...But he had to slow down, back down a little..give her some breathing place...
He kissed her nose and gently moved her to the couch. “More tomorrow..” he whispered and got up to leave..

Khushi watched him go, disappointment mingled with defiance..Her whole world had seemed to turn topsy-turvy..and he did not even seem to be out of breath or affected in any which ways...Tomorrow! she thought..Tomorrow she would show him!!!

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