Saturday, February 11, 2012

OS - Farq Pada??

A short OS after the Teri Meri Dance Sequence

Arnav had felt acutely aware of Khushi, while dancing with her. He was aware of so many things...The smoothness of her silky skin as he wound his hands around her waist. The light brush of her breasts against his chest, as they waltzed around. The knowledge that her soft bottom was so tantalizingly close...He could have just reached out his hands and hold her bottom in sweet anticipation and then grind his hips towards hers so that she could feel for herself, her impact on him.

He groaned in frustration, in confusion, with unsatisfied hunger. He had a teasing taste of how she felt like and now he wanted more. With all those thoughts running through his head, he slowly walks towards Khushi's room, and knocked. 

Khushi opened the door thinking it was her sister and continued talking. He could not listen to what she was talking...his eyes were riveted on sensual picture in front of him. Her hair were haphazardly tied up exposing the silky skin of her back - the choli just put  up with 2 thin strings. The sweet curve of her waist beckoning him to hold her and steady her. And the luscious, sexy arched curve of her gently swaying hips were putting sinful thoughts in his mind ...god help him! All he had to do was walk a few steps and hold her, pull her to him, her back to his chest, gently feel her full round bottom, make her aware of his aching need for her...continue their dance in private...

"Humein koi farq nahi padta...suna aapne?" she yelled, snapping him out of the spell. He looked at her, did not know if she was trying to convince him or herself about that. Her flushed cheeks, heaving breasts and glazed eyes yelled another story. She was not indifferent to him as she claimed...and it would be his pleasure to show her, prove her wrong.

Slowly, purposefully he walked towards her, each step measured, each step increasing her heartbeat, each step increasing her tension, till she could not bear it anymore and turned away from him, downcast eyes facing the mirror. He came and stood behind her, not touching her, not holding her, but so close that maybe he could wrench out the secrets from her heart, ones that she  guarded so safely. She could feel his warm breath on her hair, could hear his steady heart beat. Yet he did not touch her, did not say anything, just stood there still, waiting for her to acknowledge him, the effect of him on her, the effect of his roughened fingers on her skin, the effect of that sexy stubble on her face. She gulped! She would not do so. She raised her downcast eyes, and met his gaze in the mirror. It was clash of their wills, who would give in first..not her she prayed to DM..

With holding her a prisoner of his gaze, He slowly lifted his hands and pulled the dori on her choli and untied it. "Farq pada" he asked? Khushi gasped!

He slowly put once side of choli down, kissing her neck and shoulders, licking them, opening his mouth and loving her.. "Farq pada" he asked? Khushi feverishly blushed...

He moved both his bare hands against her belly, caressing her soft skin "Farq pada" he asked? Khushi gulped!

Slowly his hands moved upwards from her belly. They caressed her breast with the lightest touch...Khushi could see in the mirror, the tanned fingers touching her, his palm grazing her, teasing her. A moan escaped her. She felt she was drowning, He could see her resolve weakening, he could feel her body trembling, could feel her desire building. 

Like a hunter cornering his prey, he swooped in with his instinct. He slowly leaned in, closing the gap between their hips, glorying unashamedly in the feeling invoked by her soft hips against him.  He moved his body against her, without any apology, without any reservation. His face mirroring the pleasure her body provided. Softly he asked, "Farq pada", the expression of pure pleasure on his face mortified her, fascinated her!! She couldn't take this sensual assault anymore.., she needed to submit to this torrent of emotion riding in her or she would die. 

She turned around and hid her face in his neck and murmured "Haan, farq pada..."


  1. All your OS are awesome.....Loved it!!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback..Will help me write more ;-)


    When Arnav touches Khushi, I blush! Hehe :) Love it


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