Saturday, February 11, 2012

Engaged! Khushi's Sweet Payment

Set after Arnav and Khushi are engaged.  A series of OS based on that premise
Khushi & Arnav’s wedding is less than a week away...Arnav was in a cranky mood since a few days. He and Khushi had a trivial argument few days ago and now Khushi was teasing him past couple of days. Flirting with him, finding excuses to hold his hand, touch him, be so near him that he could smell her sweet fragrance...but everything when there were people around and disappearing fast at any prospects of them being alone...He definitely was not in the most happy mood since past couple of days and Miss KKG was getting away with all this...well not for long if he could help it!

Khushi was in one of the guest rooms getting ready for going to the temple for pooja with his Di, Payal & Nani..and he here was pacing up and down thinking about how to get Khushi alone...when an opportunity presented itself.
Di was calling for Payal...”Payalji, can you take this saree for Khushi, she is waiting for it...”. Arnav gave a slow wicked smile...before Payal could reply anything back..he got up and took the saree from Di. “Di, let Payal rest, I will take the saree to Khushi” “But” “It’s OK, Di...” and before she could reply anything back, he started walking towards the guest room with a slow smile spreading on his face.

He knocked the room, Khushi was in. “Jiji?” Khushi asked and opened the door a little bit with her hand outstretched. Arnav caressed her outstretched hand and Khushi got startled. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he pushed the door open, entered in the room and locked it. Khushi, standing in a red color tight choli and red color petticoat, got startled and stammered ”Aa--Aap?”

 Arnav locked the door and slowly turned around thoroughly looking at Khushi from top to bottom, taking in her open neat hair, which he was going to love to dishevelle, temping pink luscious lips... her swan like milky neck..the top of her firm rounded breasts, emphasised by the red tight-fitting choli, her petite fair waist, which he could just span so easily with his both hands and the gentle curve of her hips hidden by the petticoat..Desire kicked in with a vengeance...
“Aap? what are you doing here? Give me my saree...?” Khushi said..

Listening to her speak, got him out his reverie. He put the saree next to the table next to him and slowly looked up at her face..”Saree chahiye? Sure....Come here and pay for it?” he said
“Pay for it? What payment?” She hesitantly asked...
“Come here and kiss me...a kiss...for your saree” he smirkingly asked
“No...I am not doing that” she replied back
 As you wish KKG !...In that case, I am taking the saree and leaving, you can stay here..”and he started to turn around..
“Wait, Please Wait..Ok fine!”  She muttered. She nervously walked towards him..went close to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.
“OK, now give me my sare”. she murmured
“For that I can give you a small corner of your saree!”...he said flatly
She closed her eys and kissed him quickly on his lips and then expectantly looked at him for her saree..

“Do you only want the ‘pallu’? Come on you can do better than that...Don’t you remember how I kiss you Khushi? One hand on the back of your neck, buried in your hair..the other hand on the back of your spine...slowly moving my you can feel the effect your kisses have on lips open on tounge inside your mouth”...

“Stop please” Khushi gasped. She knew Arnav was knowingly doing this..he knew the effect he had on her and he was purposely making love with her through his words...she could easily imagine his body next to hers.. could feel him kissing her..could taste those lips...she burned in desire..Well...she would not give in so easily!

She slowly came even closer to him..leaned in closer to his hand on the nape of his neck, and other slowly behind him as if going to the base of his spine...and then quickly she grabbed the saree from the table behind him and made a dash for it.

Arnav smirked! He would not be Arnav Singh Raizada, if he had not anticipated this. He knew Khushi well enough and was quick for her. Before she could run for it, he caught her by her bare waist and brought him close to his body, her back to his chest, he slowly took Khushi near the dressing mirror. With him still behind her, him looking in her eyes through the mirror , he bent down...and kissed her neck and whispered in her ears...”You shouldn’t have done that Khushi, you shouldn’t have tried to cheat...the stakes have just been upped...” and with that he caressed her neck, moved lower grazed her upper breast and then slowly started unbuttoning her choli, one button by one...without breaking the eye lock gazing straight into her eyes. He removed her choli and threw it down. He unhooked her bra and cast that aside too...His gaze steadily looking at Khushi all the time...and now those brown eyes starting to burn with desire as he saw her standing pretty and pert in the mirror. “Kiss me now Khushi!” he whispered

Khushi’s breath hitched...she couldn’t seem to get enough air, couldn’t seem to hide from the intense gaze that seem to burn her. Slowly she turned around. She could feel his shirt buttons on her sensitive skin. She wanted him to touch her, kiss her but he was not moving. She couldn’t contain it any more. She reached out to hold on to the side of his face and leaned in to kiss him. Gently nibbling his bottom lip, and slowly pushing her tounge inside his mouth, exploring his mouth...

Arnav groaned! This was so sweet, but not nearly enough! He wanted to push his hands inside her petticoat and explore her..he wanted to know her without any clothes...he wanted to...He willed himself to  stop this train of thoughts... Reluctantly he moved Khushi away from him. 

But Khushi had other ideas... She turned around so that her back was touching his chest. she whispered,  "No Arnavji..I don’t cheat....” Looking at him straight in the eyes through the mirror, she brought his hands and placed  them on her breast.. she slowly started rubbing her hips against him...
Arnav groaned alound and his breathing turned harsh...” Khushi..what are you trying to do..” But Khushi interrupted him and walked away from him to get her saree...

Smiling sweetly she asked him “Hope that was payment enough for my saree? ” and with that, she quickly grabbed her saree and rushed into the bathroom and locked the door...

Hope you enjoyed!! Please comment! Motivates me to write more..


  1. Hey Nancy/ wanderlust....that was awesome.Thank you for giving is a lighter side of ARHI with so much of really helps to chuck this horrid weekend and look ffwd with renewed energy for the deadly week ahead...LOL!!! I make it sound as if we are going to watch some Horror show.;-))).
    Wow!!! I am the first one here....Congratulations for your BLOG..!!! It's fantastic.

    Looking ffwd for many more surprises.


    1. Thanks Ash! You are the fisst one here :-)

      I know what you mean..Only OS to survive on till things settle down in Arhiland..

      Thanks for your comment! Keep reading...

  2. Hot Hot Hot! Love it!

  3. Reading this cheered me up on a sad weekend. Love the scene in front of the mirror!

    Neemsundari :)

  4. Thats was hot!
    I wish you write more a bit after that hehe

  5. keerthi79@gmail.comFebruary 13, 2012 at 6:29 PM

    OMG..babe u r amazing!!!! awesome.. please continue.

  6. Loved it. Definitely a sweet payment.


  7. that was fucin hottt man
    lol khushi sure she ddnt cheat

  8. Now this was something, great payment, perfectly asked and more perfectly given.


  9. Fantastic......what a tease!!!

    Loved it!!!

  10. I can't believe I just found your blog!!!!!!! So excited that now I can go on a reading spree. Yay!!!!!!!! Great OS. I don't think I can look at Arnav the same way again :P

  11. wow that was so hot.. and the teasing is just what I wanted!

  12. Ohh arnav and khushi, can't have enough of their erot ic escapades. U do this so well

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