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Tables Turned! Student becomes the teacher! (Part 5)

Tables Turned! Student becomes the teacher! (Part 5)

Continued from Part 4

Khushi was still in restless slumber when Payal was already waking her up. “Khushi..wake up...Khushi wake up.”
“Jiji, kya..kya hua...”she slowly opened her eyes and disorientedly replied back.
“Khushi, Anjaliji had called. We need to go to the temple today so let’s hurry up and finish the work so we can go.”
“Temple? Today? But you just went to the temple yesterday..”Khushi asked in a confused voice
“Yes, but I can meet Akashji there..”She blushingly replied back.
Khushi understood and started teasing Payal and went on about bothering her for the entire day..
Evening fell and Payal and Khushi started getting ready for the temple. Payal wanted to wear a saree and asked if Khushi would also wear one to give her company. Akashji’s family would be there, and she did not want to be the only one overdressed.
Khushi confirmed and excitedly went to pick up a saree...and while she was choosing a saree, she remembered yesterday’s incident with Arnav and after thinking for a bit, a mischevious smile lit her face and she picked up a red sheer clingy saree with a sexily cut blouse. She decided to go all out and left her hair open and colored her lips in scarlet red and decided to forgo any jewellery.
Arnav had no interest in going to any temple whatsoever. And he almost said so but overheard Di talking to mami about Payal and Khushi waiting there. And that made a slow smile break out on his face. He had not forgotten the incident from yesterday. It was so sweet holding her in his arms and kissing her! Maybe today was time for Lesson number 2! He was ready to go to the temple...


Khushi and Payal were waiting at the temple, and Arnav’s eyes zeroed in on her as soon as they reached the temple. She was looking a vision, red contrasting against the smooth milkiness of her skin, hair open, gently flowing with the wind, the scarlet lips begging to be bitten and kissed and the eyes that brimmed with innocent sensuality. She looked gorgeous and that was an understatement! Aranv felt a strong urge to grab her hand and drag her to a secluded place where he could spend some uninterrupted time with her...

The pooja finally got done, and Arnav was wondering how he would get Khushi alone, when Akash said that he wanted to drop Payal and Khushi home and if they could take his car and if bhai would come with them. Arnav did not need to be asked twice and immediately agreed.
While walking towards the car, Akash hesitantly asked “Bhai, woh Payalji and I want to spend some time together alone...would you and Khushiji wait for us for sometime?” “If Khushiji goes home without Payal, Buaji may not like it.” Before Khushi could say anything anything Aranv agreed on his and Khushi’s behalf. He replied, “Sure Akash, of course! anyways I have some work at office which Khushi will be a great help in. Won’t you Khushi?” He looked at Khushi and smirked.

Payal asked Khushi, if it was OK, and Khushi reassured her, “ofcourse jiji, go have fun with Akashji”.

Arnav smiled and when they reached the car, gave Akash his car keys and asked him to drive the car so he could drop him and Khushi at the office. Payal started sitting behind with Khushi, but Arnav stopped her and said..”No Payal, it’s your time, please sit with Akash” He turned and slowly smiled at Khushi and opened the door for Khushi....
Khushi was sitting in the back seat, when suddenly she felt something touch her saree clad leg. She looked to see it was Arnav’s leg touching hers…she looked in shock at Arnav…”Just stretching my legs…just getting ready for the work in the office” making Khusi blush feverishly at his response. 

Akash and Payal  dropped them in the office and Arnav opened the front door. Khushi entered the office and nervously stood there waiting, not knowing where to go. The memories of last time in the studio and the things that happened between them, came rushing through intensifying the blush coloring her cheeks.
Arnav cannily seemed to read her thoughts and came close behind her and whispered, “Not the studio today…We are going to my office, you know something different”….and smirked and led her up to his room.
Khushi’s heart was thudding so loudly that it seemed that it would thump out of her chest. Walking ahead of him was not an easy task when she could feel the heat of his gaze on her..
Arnav was letting her walk ahead, his gaze riveting on her delectble round bottom swaying softly as she was climbing the stairs, making him think all kinds of sinfully delicious thoughts. Remember she is innocent..go slow he tried to remind himself…
Arnav opened his office door for her and  and went to his desk and sat on the desk table and pulled Khushi near him and whispered…"time for a new lesson Miss KKG…”

It’s now or never, Khushi thought to herself..hey DM give me strength, she prayed!!..with a rapidly beating heart, she said “No Arnavji I want to practice what I learned yesterday!” Arnav got taken aback and asked in a surprised tone“What?”

Khushi went near to him, she nudged his legs apart so she stand closer to him, she was standing between his legs, and slowly locked her arms around his neck and looked him in the eye and whispered “I said I want to practice lessons from yesterday first! Kiss me!” she commanded….”kiss me like you kissed me yesterday with your tongue in my mouth”…
Aranv was shocked to hear Khushi talk like this..It was so damn erotic to hear these explicit words from her innocent mouth. His heart started to take on a faster rythem but he complied with her..He slowly bent down and took her lips with his, kissed her passionately…Slowly he entered his tongue in her mouth and gently she started sucking it like he had done to her yesterday! He took in a sharp deep breath..Dear lord! Did she know what she was doing to him? Her actions reminded him of her doing similar motions southwards. He tried to gently pulling back. But she was not letting go..she loved what she was doing, knew it was starting to bother him and moved even closer to him. He could now feel the cushion of her breast against his chest..could feel her soft thighs brush against his..their hips were only inches apart….He groaned and pulled back…breathing harsh and taking deep breaths to calm down his breathing. 

Khushi was steadily looking at him. She leaned ahead and kissed his nose and gently moved away from him. She repeated the same words he had used on her yesterday.. “Too much for you? No worries…More tomorrow..” she said and started moving away..

Aranv was shell-shocked for a second..unable to comprehend what happened here and then understanding dawned on him and amusement broke over him. He grasped her hand and  pulled her back..”I see…Is that how it’s going to be Khushi?” with laughter rumbling in his chest…”You want to see who can make whom loose control first? The things you know in this department can be written on the back of a pin head and Khushi let’s just say I have been around. Are you sure it’s a good idea Ms. Gupta?” He asked, amusement laced with desire dancing in his eyes.

Khushi lifted her chin and said, “I may only know some..but”..when she felt pain in her arms..” know some.. know some…what do you mean know some..Who have you kissed? he threateningly asked..
“Well…you and..”
“And who else”..he thundered…
“Only you”..she replied…

His grip softened and he triumphantly laughed…”Well Khushi..you only know what I taught you and I have not even started as yet. Believe me when I tell you I have not even started at all…The endless possibilities of the things I am going to teach you”..he smirked.

It was Khushi’s turn to blush now…But she gathered her courage and said, “As I was saying, I  may know only but I am not stupid…We will see!” And then she slowly went up to him her lips near his ears, softly brushing his ears and whispered in them…”and one more thing Mr Raizada…you may have been around…but not around me..you have been fairly warned”..she seductively challenged him..taunted him and moved back, once again leaving him staring at her in surprise and with passion blazing in his eyes…

Part 6 coming soon..
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