Saturday, February 11, 2012

OS- Kissing Game

Short OS based on the episode where Aranv challenges Khushi to kiss him back..

Arnav: So Khushi, are you sure, you will be able to do everything I do?

Khushi: Hesitantly, yes

Arnav Slowly leans forward and kisses her and then smiles and says now your turn!

Khushi is shocked and flabbergasted...She stammers...yeh yeh kya kiya aapne?

Arnav: You want me to show you again, what I did? And smirks...Now your turn KKG!

Khushi: No. No I can't do that. She stammers..and starts walking back

Arnav: so then you lost. You admit, you can't do everything that I do. I already knew that, why don't you just admit it? He smirkingly says trying to rally her.
Khushi is walking back and hearing this stops. I did not loose! I can still do everything you can do!

Arnav: In that case, I am waiting. Come here.. you know what to do.

Khushi raises her chin a fraction and tremblingly walks towards him. Her heart is going haywire. Hey DM, please help me, she prays. Arnav's heart skips a beat as he sees her walking towards him. Dear god, would she actually do it? Khushi is nervously walking towards him and stops in front of him. She is nervously trembling and Arnav intensely looking into her eyes is not making it easy for her. She leans forward to get it done and over with, but last minute gets cold feet and backs out..."No, No, I can do it, but I am not going to." She says trying to save face.

Arnav looks at her and starts smiling.."Khushi, let me make it a little easy for you.I will give you one more option. Either do what I did. Or say that you can't do everything I do and admit your defeat" Or Answer some questions I ask with full honesty.

Khushi thinks to herself, damn if she would admit her defeat. Well answering questions may not be so bad. OK I will answer your questions, she says

Arnav: Good, let's start. What's my name

K is perplexed, what an easy question, she thinks. She confidently replies Arnav Singh Riazada..

Arnav: and it starts with?

Khushi hesitates and then says A..

A smirks and says good. Now next question...What did I do just now to you to that you couldn't do back

Khushi swallows. What kind of Question is this? You know the answer..I am not answering.

Arnav: Rules of the game is you need to answer any Qs I ask, honestly. I am waiting Ms. KKG.

Khushi: hearts beating very fast...and slowly nervously mutters..I..You..You kissed me...and starts blushing..

Arnav: OK, So when I kissed you, you felt bad, that a rakshash kissed you...

Khushi: Nahi...

Arnav: cut her off mid then  you felt happy that I kissed you..

Khushi: No fiercely blushing..

Arnav: Tell me Khushi, how you feel, when my lips touched your cheeks.

Khushi: Woh hum..Hum..I got acidity and dhak dhak

Arnav: what??

Khushi: My heart starts beating very fast when you are know acidity and dhak dhak.

Humein jaana hai..she mutters..

Arnav: Smiles even more broadly..and thinks to himself..Good to know. "I am not done Khushi..and holds her hand and pulls her closer. Tell me Khushi, if I kiss you again on your lips this time..will you slap me?

Khushi: can no longer look at him..she looks down and mutters in a small voice...No..

Arnav: Slowly lifts her chin with his finger, so that she meets his gaze and whispers..I am glad, cause that's exactly what I intend to do..and kisses her deeply