Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tables Turned! The Bet (Part 1)


Prologue - Set after the Sangeet, Arnav and Khushi both bicker over who has won the bet, finally they settle that it's a tie and both won. Arnav wants retribution and wants Khushi to follow up on her words. 

This SS slowly unravels the passionate side of Arnav & Khushi which is inevitable considering their personalities. As the story moves ahead, new facets of their relationship comes forth, but the underlying theme remains the same - Passion!

Hope you enjoy! 

Part 1 - The Bet

Arnav: "Khushi, Tumhe yaad hai na tumne kya kaha that..Mein haar jaoongi to kuch bhi karoonigi" stressing on the word "kuch bhi". Khushi's heart started beating fast and she said "Par hum hare kaha hai..."

Arnav replied "Do you want to go over this again?" We agreed didn't we? I'll do what you say and you will do what I say. Are you backing out? Are you admitting you are scared? This fired her up. "nahi, Hum kyon darenge" she replied.

Arnav: "Thik hai, phir come to the office tomorrow."

Khushi: "Office, kal," she asked in a surprised tone.. "par kal to Sunday hai..."

"Toh?" He replied..and started to walk away.  Before he could leave, Khushi daringly reminded him, "aap ko bhi yaad hai na..shart, aap bhi wahi karenge jo hum kahenge". HE turns around, and slowly walk towards her and said, "I never forget anything KKG and walks away.."

Khushi was feeling a little scared, a little perplexed, little wary...Woh kya karwana chate hein humse, she thought to herself..

ASR on the other hand was in a satisfied mood today. Win or loose the stupid bet, he did not intend to loose the opportunity to make Khushi do what he wished, make Khushi dance to his whims, make Khushi a slave to his wants...He slowly grinned at the thing he had planned for tomorrow..

Next Day...
Khushi hesitantly opens the office door at AR corporation. She wonders if laat governer is already here..and she slowly walks inside the building

ASR was already there, waiting for her, and observing her. He knew how she thought, how her mind worked, if he wanted her to do this thing, best he instigate her and rally her, play her to gather her courage..he said to her, "tum aa hi gayi..I thought maybe may  not come.. you might have got cold feet.."

Khushi lifted up her chin and saud, "Hum DM ko chodke kisi se nahi darte..humne apni jaban di hai.."

Arnav replied back.."Acha, chalo phir mere saath studio mein"

she asks."Studio mein?"

"Haan Studio mein"he replies

They reach the studio and ASR told her, remember Khushi, the photo shoot that you would not do earlier, well I want you to do it now, today and held a very short red outfit for her along with a pair of tall sliver strapped heels.  (the dress was  a short strapless figure hugging,  red satin dress)

Khushi is flabbergastered.."Kya..Aap pagal to nahi hai..Hum ye aadhe adhure kapde nahi per sakte"..Arnav smirks and says, "so you are easily admitting that you are backing out on your words, Woh kya kaha that tumen...meine apni zaban di thi..."

Khushi says, "nahi hum yeh sab ke samne nahi pen sakte".. Arnav smirks and replies, "Well Khushi,  it's your lucky's just you and me here."

Khushi gulps.."sirf hum aur aap..."

"Haan koi problem hai? Are you finding reasons to back out?" Aranv answered back

Her eyes flash angrily at him, she snatches the red outfit from him and walks to the changing room.

She closes the dressing room and plops down. Hai DM..yeh kya can I wear this in front of him..par pehna to padega. With trembling hands she looks at the dress and starts undressing to wear it.

Outside, Arnav's heart beats in anticipation. He had been dreaming about this since the would she look in would she fill it out.., he used to break out in sweat sometimes thinking about it. Today finally the day was here...And yes, there was no photographer..He would take her photos and keep in just for his private pleasure! He would never, never ever let her wear something like this in front of other men. Dont know what was about her that got out his possessive streak full on.

Khushi donned the dress and the strapped heels and slowly walked over to the mirror. She gasped when she saw her reflection. She was positively indecent.She could not wear this alone, forget wearing it in front of him. Maybe it's best to eat her words and admit defeat.

As if he could read her mind, right on cue, came a question from other side of the door. "So Khushi are you coming out or ready to admit that Lucknow wallas arer not all perfect, they can go back on their words too." asked the conceited voice from outside.

It was like he had said the magic word, she said, "Didn't I say I will do it? I will be there in 10 mins."

She sat down to gather her courage and pray to DM to show her some way. In the dressing room, she saw a bottle of wine..She had never had any alcohol ever, but she remembered Lavanya having some during the anniversary party and then having the courage to talk back to nani. She hesitantly looked at it and then with determined nod, walked towards the bottle, opened it and gulped some down, and sat down till the warmth from the wine slowly spread in her blood. She felt blissful, ready to take on anything, any challenge. So Arnav thought he could break her, make her submit to his will. Well today she would beat him at his own game!!

Arnav was waiting impatiently...he could not hold on anymore. He needed to see her now! He heard the door open and looked up and what he saw left his mouth open. He forgot to breathe! Dear god she looked like a vision! Like somebody sent on earth to tempt the very devil himself. And he was just a mere man!

The short red dress hugged and caressed her every curve. It looked as if the dress had been poured on her like a second skin!  The dress showed off the top of her creamy full breast and her shapely legs looked like they were never ending, perfect for wrapping them around his waist! His thoughts were driving him crazy, but the one thing that captured his eyes the most was the expression she was wearing. There was no hesitation in her, no second thoughts, she had accepted his challenge head on. It was like she was challenging him, taunting him teasing him that look all you want but don't touch.  With the instant turn-on he felt on seeing her, it looked like he would be the one suffering.

He saw her walking towards him, her hips swaying softly, breasts bouncing gently, while looking straight into his eyes, daring him, challenging him, calling out to his primitive instincts.

"I am ready, Are you?" She huskiliy asked! And it did not look like she was talking about the photoshoot.

"Wh-What"..he said?

She smiled coyly, and re-iterated. "I said, I am ready for the photoshoot, where do you want me?"

Her words created delicious images in his already over worked mind. He could have her anywhere...any god damn place.

He took a deep breath and said.."Stand over there.."

"Ok, what do you want me to do? pose?"

"No, just be yourself," he said. "I will click the photos at what I like."

"Ok." She smiled. The wine effect in full swing now. "As you say." She smiled back..

And she closed her eyes and let herself surrender in the moment. She dreamed of him kissing her and started pouting back. Her cherry glossy lips very succulent, tempting him to want to bite them and kiss them. She bent down a little at the front giving him a little more view of her cleavage. He was breaking out into a sweat!. But the torture did not stop there..Turning sideways and putting her hands on her hips, she looked at him, straight in to his eyes. He could not stop staring at her rounded pert bottom and the look in her eyes were instigating to put all this thoughts into action..

Arnav's mouth was open, his hands sweating and frozen, heart beating like it would burst open. What was with her? He though Dear god, he did not know she had so much passion hidden in her!

"Arnavji, you are not clicking any picture..What happened?, is something wrong? Maybe with the camera?" she smirked. "Let me help you" and she slowly walked towards him.


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