Saturday, February 11, 2012

OS - Opportunistic Arnav

A Short OS based on tomorrow's precap (When Khushi and NK leave to get Ghee from Gupta house)

Arnav is fuming..Where is Khushi and why is it taking them so long...Why the hell did NK had to go with her..His blood is boiling and after talking with Anjali, he decides to go check on why they are taking so long..
He takes his car keys and starts walking out of the home..Seething in anger, he does not pay much attention to where he is walking and bangs into Khushi. Khushi also is lost in thoughts and not paying attention to where she is walking and collide with Arnav and some of the ghee she is carrying spills on Arnav's clothes.
A: what the
K: Hey DM, What have I done, Please forgive me Arnavji...
A didn't say anything and  just kept staring at Khushi
K: Sorry Arnavji, I...I was not looking where I was going..I am sorry she says in a flustered tone...I can help you clean it. NK can you take this Amma and Buaji, Hum abhi aate hai..
NK: It's OK Khushiji..I can wait for you...
K: No, No they need the ghee for jiji, they will worry otherwise..please take it to them. NK takes it and leaves
K slowly looks at Arnavji, a little nervous and a little fearful..Arnavji, If you give this to me, I will clean it, otherwise it will stain.
A: does not say anything, just takes Khushi's hand and takes her to his room.
K: Arnavji what are you doing...
A: still does not speak, and keeps on walking to his room and takes her to his bathroom...
K: Khushi is more nervous now..Arnavji yeh aap kya kar rahe hai? Her heart's going kaboom, beating really fast, being in this small confined bathroom with Arnav. His presence seems to dominate the room and the environment.
A: You said you will help me clean it right, so clean it..
K: But but.. can you remove it for me, so I can clean it.. she stammers nervously
A: So, you are saying you want me to start stripping my clothes in front of you..he smirkingly asks..
K: Blushes and says nahi, nahi, I am not saying that.
A: I thought clean it..I am waiting
K: nervously opens the tap on the wash basin and with shaky hand starts rubbing Arnav's jacket. She can feel his muscular chest underneath, she can feel his heart thudding underneath and her hand visibly trembles.
A: At the first feel of Khushi's hand, his heart skips a beat and sings out with joy. It feels so right. She is so near, that he can smell a sweet jasmine fragrance emanating from her,  if he breathes in deep. He can see her milky hand against his suit material rubbing frantically trying to remove the ghee stain. He just wishes, that there was no damned suit or shirt or anything between her hand and him..
K: is feeling very aware of Arnav's proximity, and it's creating havoc on her senses. She can't seem to think straight. "Arnavji, this stain is not going, I think it's best if you wear something else.." she mutters
A: is thoroughly enjoying himself. He not letting the opportunity of being touched by Khushi go so easily...and makes some on the spot excuse. Di, told me this is the auspicious suit I need to wear for Akash's havan. You know how Di is..and I don't want to to upset her..
K: is unaware of the stuff going in Arnav's mind and says but Arnavji, this is not going...hum kya kare..
A: In that case, you need to have a payback..
K: Kya???? You will spill ghee to my dress..Hey know I didn't do this intentionally. I don't even have any dress to change into..what will I wear...she rambles on.
Arnav's mind is going haywire listening to Khushi. Delicious images of her undressing, having nothing to wear and maybe wearing his shirt and only his shirt and nothing else pops into his mind. He swallows and then says in a gruff voice. Shut up KKG! I meant pick another set of clothes for me and when di asks, you figure out what to say
Khushi relaxes and breathes a sigh of relief. This does not seem so bad..They both walk out of the bathroom and Khushi opens Arnav's closet and asks him what he would like to pick.
A: I told you Khushi, you pick. You are responsible for what I wear and what you will tell Di.
K: Khushi looks around Arnav's clothes and starts feeling very conscious. This seems such a  personal thing, looking through his clothes and choosing something for him, just like a wife would do for her husband. She blushes at the thoughts going through her mind.
A: smirks and in the mean time starts divesting himself of the suit, tie, vest and in the process of un buttoning his shirt when Khushi picks something and turns around to hand it to him.
K: gasps and says hey DM..Arnavji yeh aap kya kar rahe hai...
A: nonchalantly replies ' removing these clothes so I can wear the ones you picked..
K: very flustered now...Nahi par hamare samne, I mean I am here..she is looking everywhere around except for looking him.
A: Haan toh? I don't mind and I am just changing my shirt..not my pants..
K: Arnavji!!!! Looks up at him and really really embarrassed...But he is standing there without his shirt and process of wearing the one she handed to him. She cant remove her eyes from him..he is looking so very attractive and she just can't help but look at him and wonder how it would be to touch him..her desire clearly visible in her innocent eyes..
Arnav is watching Khushi closely, observing the range of emotions that are going through her face and visible in her eyes. Heslowly walks over to Khushi lifts her hand and places it on his chest..
K: Arnavji,,,what are you doing???? She yells, jumping back
A: just what you want to do but don't have the courage to...Are you going to deny it...
K: I..I..I..she starts to speak and then snatches her hand and runs away from the room...
Arnav smiles to himself, good she didn't deny time I get her alone...I will make her admit it and with that he follows Khushi and walks out of the room.

Hope you enjoyed!! Please comment! Motivates me to write more..


  1. Cute! But a little more detailed and not so fast!

  2. Soo cute! Loved it as always :)


    1. Thanks Sharna for your generous always ;-)


  3. Very sweet, cute and my dear innocent khushi.

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