Saturday, February 11, 2012

After Teri Meri Dance Part 2

Prologue -  Arnav had danced with Khushi and Khushi  has got a perfect 10 score. She had now won the challenge and the winning ceremony was about to begin. 

Part 2

Khushi whimpered Arnav's name and was totally immersed in all the new emotions that racked through her body. Right now she would follow Arnav to hell and back if required. With trembling hands, Arnav was slowly unbuttoning Khushi's emrald green choli. With every single button he un buttoned, his heart was beating faster.  He finally unhooked the last one and the sight of Khushi's bareness...oh my..his breath got stuck in his throat. Raw passion blazed in his eyes! She was gorgeous! There were no other words, so soft, so curvy, so pert, so feminine, everything he was not.  She was his! Only his!! "Khushi you are beautiful" he whispered. Khushi saw the passion he was feeling mirrored in his eyes and made some incoherent sound.  "Khushi, come to me" he said and pulled her to him. The thought of disobeying never occurred to Khushi.  He pulled her to him and his hard muscled chest brushed against her soft bareness. Both of them moaned at the first contact.  Arnav moved a little, watching Khushi's face. Khushi closed her eyes and bit back a moan at the pleasure it created.. Arnav was transfixed at the expression of intense passion on Khushi's face. He never thought  it would be so beautiful.  Soon this was not going to be enough.

Suddenly he heard somebody knocking on the door and calling him "Chote" "Chote" They both froze!  Arnav bit back an expletive word at the timing. "Chote, Chote" "Are you there? Is Khushiji there with you? " Arnav was surprised and looked at Khushi. But Khushi was still standing there with a glazed expression on her face. A tenderness filled his heart at how innocent Khushi  was and how much his touch affected her. "Chote?" Arnav replied as normally as he could, "Haan di, Ek minute" He took Khushi's pallu and gently covered her and lifted her and looked for a place to hide her. He saw the open closet and gently put her there and told her, "I will be back, don't make any sound."

He closed the closet door and went to open his door and asked Di "What happened Di?"

Di: "Did you see Khushiji? Do you know where she went, all her family is looking for her."

Arnav thought to himself, if they see Khushi like this, they will know and Khushi will feel very embarrassed and upset. So he improvised and said, "yes, I think she got a call from Sarita and I think she has gone to her place. I think Sarita had some problems and Khushi said she will come back in couple of hours and not to worry about her."

DI: Thank god chote you know. I will tell khushiji's family. They will be relieved and she went away.

Meanwhile, Khushi was in the closet, and listening to everything and was mortified at what happened. How could she do that? How could she let him do that? What was wrong with her?  She heard Arnavji's footsteps approaching and she wrapped her saree  more securely around her.

Arnav was glad that for once DI left fast. He went to the closet and saw Khushi tightly clutching her saree and refusing to look at him. He realized that what had happened was way beyond her, was too much for her. She who had never even kissed a guy... He was moved by her innocence and at the same time, he could still see her breasts through her saree and that was a hell of turn on! But he had to back off for now. He quietly picked up her choli and handed it to her and turned his back to her. She was grateful and with shaking hands, she outfitted herself and came out of closet.

"Khushi"  he said. "Khushi, what happened now, between usI". Khushi  blushed a deep shade of fiery red and didn't let him finish, she said," I need to go now", refusing to meet his eyes.

Arnav gently stopped her and said you will have to wait. Di and your family is outside and they now think you are at Sarita's house.  You will have to wait for sometime.  Khushi's heart started beating fast at hearing this, her chest heaving up and down with her quick breaths. She was almost hyper -ventilating.  Arnav was observing Khushi. He wanted her to relax and not worry about anything. What happened between them was utterly natural ! Anyways he did not want to think about what happened or he would loose what precious little control he had. But looking at Khushi worried him.

Out of the corner of the closet which was still open, he saw something shiny. He suddenly remembered the liquor bottle one of his client had given him. He had meant to take to his office and give it to Aman, as alcohol was not allowed in his house. But maybe he could give a sip to Khushi and relax her nerves so, she would be in an OK state when she went home.  He looked at Khushi, she was still almost hyper-ventilating, He quickly made a decision and poured a little in a glass and gave it to Khushi. "Khushi, drink this" Khushi still would not look at him, but slowly said "ye kya hai?" Arnav replied "tonic for the nerves, just gulp it down in one go." In normal circumstances khushi would have questioned more, but today she was shaken and did what Arnav said and gulped in one go. The liquor burned as it went down her throat. And she screamed, "Yeh kya tha?" He replied "trust me, it will help with your nerves." And with that he left and opened his laptop and started working.

Khushi slowly moved away from him and sat on Arnav's bed, pondering about the events that happened. She was still very mortified at her own behaviour. How could she behave like that, how could she let him do all that? Thinking of that, she blushed deeply. The tonic Arnav gave made her feel slightly better. She was feeling a slow warmth spreading through her.

Opening the laptop, was just a pretence. He was watching her from the corner if his eyes. Slowly the liquor did it's work and Khushi was feeling all warm and no longer worried. Infact she was feeling so very carefree and happy.  She looked at Arnav and saw that he was busy working on his laptop. She remembered the song didi tera jeth deewana and started giggling to herself.  She was so tired after all that dancing!! She stretched like a Cheshire cat and stretched out on Arnav's bed. Arnav looked at her and his heartbeat started going haywire again. No he couldn't think like , Khushi was not in her senses and  he would never take advantage of the situation. His frustration was getting to him and making him cranky

Khushi was feeling extremely lightheaded and on top of the world. There was nothing beyond her reach any more. She could grab the sky, if she wanted.  She boldly addressed to Arnavji,  "Arnavji, aap hamesha laptop pe kaam kyo karte ho?" and started giggling. Arnav answered back, "Didn't you say enough about me and my laptop during the sangeet?, tumhera pass aur koi kaam nahi hai, aur koi topic nahi hai?" And he buried his head in the laptop again. Khushi was quiet for a moment. Then she asked, "Agar Di nahi aati to aap kya karte?"

Arnav's hands froze, swallowed and looked at her. She looked very high on the liquor and not in her senses." Aap ne jawab nahi diya, kyon, yeh topic bhi pasand nahi hai?" And she giggled again. Arnav looked at her, desire renewed again. Forget telling her, he wanted to show her right then and what he would do if di had not come...he wanted to show her all the new things he could teach her and all the new ways he could pleasure her. Thinking of that got him so hard..She looked so sensuous sitting on his bed, proud and royal like she owned it, and giggling like a school girl, asking him all the provocative questions that shot up his blood pressure.

She suddenly got  up from the bed and swaggered slightly to where he was sitting. "Arnavji, " and giggled, "you didn't answer my question" In her intoxicated state while walking towards him, she didn't see his book lying down, and stumbled on it and landed softly in his lap.

Arnav felt her soft body land on him, then settle itself comfortably against him. He thanked his lucky stars that she was too innocent to recognize how utterly turned on he was.

Hope you enjoyed!! Please comment! Motivates me to write more..


  1. Please continue!! Will they do it or won't they?

    1. LOL..Was not intending to continue. Started with an OS that became 4 parts..

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