Saturday, February 11, 2012

Engaged! - Khushi gives Arnav a massage

Set after Arnav and Khushi are engaged.  A series of OS based on that premise

Khushi gives Arnav a massage!

Khushi comes to RM, Anjali has called her to narrow down some preliminary wedding card designs. She enters RM and OP while opening the door, tells her that "Arnav baba has called you  to his room, the wedding card designs are there".

Khushi nervously walks to Arnav's room and knocks the door and opens it. Arnav is working on his laptop and looks up and keeps looking at her. Khushi is wearing a beautiful chiffon short sleeve red salwar suit that moulds to her body. She always looks pretty to him, but today in his favourite color, she really looks like a vision.

"Red!!!, nice color..he smirks" She blushes..He knows that she is wearing Red as it's his favourite color. She is awkwardly standing there, unsure of what to do. "Aren't you going to come in? Here, are the designs Di left". Arnav points out..Khushi nervously walks inside, very conscious of the intense stare from him.

At the same moment, Anjali enters Arnav's room.."Chote, here's the oil for your shoulder ache" "Shoulder ache?" Khushi asks with concern.. "Arey..Khushiji, you are here? When did you come?" and then naughtily adds "Now you have forgotten came straight to Chote's room..huh?"..Khushi blushes..and mutters something...and asks again "Shoulder ache, what happened?"

"Nothing!" says Arnav..

Anjali: Nothing?? Your shoulder was swollen yesterday and you better apply this oil that I have made with Naniji's will help you immensely. Here let me apply it for you then I need to help Mamiji with something.

Arnav: It's Ok Di..please don't make a big deal out of this..

Anjali: But it is a big shouldn't ignore it..Right Khushiji? Asked Anjali

Khushi's concerned but does not want to show it much and mutters.."Anjaliji is right, you should not ignore it"

Anjali:"See even Khushiji agrees with me..Chotte now you are outnumbered" and smiles

Arnav gives Khushi an irritated look as if trying to say you should have supported me!!..Khushi is defiantly looking at him..and he gets even more irritated at that and but then he gives a slow wicked smile.

Arnav: "Thik hai Di, whatever.  But first I need to talk to Khushi, why don't you leave it here, she can apply it for me later.

Khushi: "Hum..nahi Hum kaise"

Anjali ignores Khushi and smiles naughtily and says.."Yes, good idea, I anyways need to go and help Mamiji.." and winks and leaves..

Khushi is still awkwardly standing and looks at Arnav and blushes again. Arnav smirks again and gets up and walks towards the door and closes it and locks it.

Khushi: "Arnavji, what are you doing? Why are you locking the door?"

Arnav: "Aren't you applying the oil on my shoulder? I need to remove my shirt for that and what if somebody else walks in?"

Khushi: "But if you lock the door, everybody will think that we are... that.." she stammers..

Arnav: gives her an innocent look..."what?"

Khushi: "everybody will think that we are know that we are ..." she stops unable to continue and blushes..

Arnav smiles wickedly "You mean kissing each other? Or you touching me, since I have no shirt? Or me wanting to strip you of some of your clothes and look at your delectable body??"

Khushi is blushing fiercely at the images this invokes and looks away from him, cannot meet his eyes anymore..

Arnav: slowly walks towards her and stands right in front of her. "Dont worry Khushi..we are not doing any of that.." and slowly leans forward and whispers in her ears "..yet"

Khushi's heart starts beating fast and color rises. She quickly changes the topic..and says "Ok should I massage oil on your shoulder?"

Arnav smiles in reply and slowly without breaking the eye lock starts unbuttoning his shirt button one by one. Khushi is mesmerized, she can't look away from this slow seducing of her senses. There are butterflies in her stomach and her knees are feeling weak. She better hold on to something soon or her legs might give away.

Arnav is still continuing this sensual assault on Khushi..still looking into her eyes, he slowly removes his shirt and throws it away. Khushi looks at Arnav's muscled chest, toned body and swallows. There is a stirring deep inside her that makes her want to reach out to touch him. She clenches her fist and takes a step back from his overpowering personality.

Arnav was observing Khushi and accurately reading the emotions flitting across her face. He could read the innocent desire in her eyes and that instantly turned him on. But he knew that he needed to take it nice and slow with her, being the innocent she was, or he would scare her away.

He took hold of her hand and took her to his bed. He sat down there and quietly said, "I sprained my shoulder the other day." Knowing that he was hurting, melted her. She sat down behind her took some oil in her palms and starting hesitantly rubbing his shoulders. Her first touch to him was sooo soothing. It felt as if she could wipe away all his hurt with her gentle touch. Arnav closed his eyes and just enjoyed the moment of bliss. After a few moments Khushi felt a little more confident and her strokes turned more purposeful, trying to remove the pain and stress. Her touch was now starting to drive him crazy..he was starting to imagine all sorts of things..she nervously touching him elsewhere... first hesitant touch..and then slowly getting more confident..more bolder..more purposeful...dear god! This was sweet torture!!

He slowly turned, so that he faced her. Khushi, "the front of my shoulder and my sides are also hurting"...he said...Khushi gulped. She took some more oil and hesitantly started rubbing his upper chest and his sides. Her smooth hands slowly gliding up and down, up and down. Arnav groaned and closed his eyes..He was so turned on, it was uncomfortable now ...Damn! he could so easily imagine her touching him just like that...a little more south, with a little oil in her hand.. with same gentle movements..AAHH..the pleasure it would bring!!

He swallowed..What would she do, if he asked her to touch him there..Obey him and hesitantly cup him and stroke him or run away scared? Most probably run away scared...He needed to go slow...he needed to remember that. He took a deep breath and willed himself to remember that and took deep breaths.

Khushi mistook the reason for his groan and deep breath for pain and asked with concern in her voice, "Arnavji is it hurting very much? Why don't you lie down? It will be more comfortable"

Arnav's control was in tethers..he blindly did what she said without opening his eyes. If he saw that beautiful face, he might snap and loose control..He lay down and she sat next to him, continuing her gentle massage.

Khushi was feeling so nervous, her heart was beating super fast, the butterflies in her stomach threatened to reduce her to incoherent state, yet she was also loving this excuse to touch him. He was so handsome! So attractive! She loved him and apparently her hands loved touching him!!

It had been a while and there was no movement from him, so she slowly dared to look at his face. His eyes were closed, his breathing was rhythmic and there was no movement from him. He had fallen asleep!

How peaceful he looked while sleeping. He no longer looked like LD. Her hands slowly went to caress his face. She touched his forehead to gently put back a lock of hair that had fallen on it. She touched his long aristocratic nose with the tip of her fingers. She touched his cheek feeling his rough stubble.. She slowly traced his lips with her index fingers. They were so soft yet hard, she longed to feel them on her...She was loving exploring his body, discovering him in a new way,  without him being aware of it. She slowly hesitantly moved her fingers over his neck and chest. Hey DM, she thought, he was so different from her own self..She continued exploring and her fingers accidentally grazed his nipples and she heard a sudden intake of breath from him. Her eyes flew to his face..

His eyes were open..flatly watching her with raw naked passion blazing in them. She blushed fiercely and snatched her hand away. But he was too quick for her and caught her hand and slowly bought her hand to his face, gently making her repeat the same caresses, with him guiding her hand.

She was drowning; she was unable to tear away her eyes. She was pliant and putty in his hands with the gamut of emotions she was feeling. He kept continuing with the caresses, made her fingers touch his forehead, nose,  his cheeks, his lips, he kissed each and every finger of hers and his lips parted and briefly sucked her index finger..She visibly trembled and closed her eyes...

Slowly he took her hands lower, to touch his chest, ran her hand over his hard nipples. She gasped! He kept continuing this assault on both of them. He guided her hands to his flat stomach, and slowly, ever so slowly, he guided her hand even lower,  to the very core of his desire for her.

Khushi jumped as if she had been burnt. She tried to yank her hand away, but he wouldn't let her. He held her had there, just lightly moving back and forth.. as if showing her the evidence of the power she had over him...

"Arnav!!! Arnav please"...she pleaded. He slowly took her hand back to his heart.."Khushi...look at me..Khushi please look at me". "It's Ok Khushi...we are engaged to be married", he whispered reassuringly.

"You are so innocent my KKG"..and pulled her to him and hugged her tight...

Hope you enjoyed!! Please comment! Motivates me to write more..



  1. Fantastic! Keep it up..

  2. You are an amazing writer!! I love each and every single one of your work!!

    1. Thanks Hafsa!!

      Appreciate your comment..feels good to hear that.


  3. Fabulous, loved it!!!

    Enjoying all your writings, slowly making my way through most of them this weekend!!!

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