Saturday, February 11, 2012

Engaged! - The Scarlet Gift

Set after Arnav and Khushi are engaged.  A series of OS based on that premise

Khushi & Arnav's wedding is less than a week away...and Anjali and Payal are little concerned about Khushi. She is so innocent and Payal knew she has always been sheltered, from the 'marital facts' of life. She did not even have a mom who could have educated her in those matters and she knew her own mom and buaji would never even think of talking to her about that subject...It was up to them to do the needful. Payal & Anjali had bought a book for Khushi that would hopefully make her a little more aware about few truths of life...

They were sitting down after chai when Payal and Anjali cleared their throats.  Payal slowly said, "Khushi, we have brought a gift for you for your it when you are alone...We have kept it in Arnavji's room...but only open it when you are alone". Khushi beamed..."a gift for me!!! Thanks!!! But what kind of gift is that I need to open it when I am alone". Payal and Anjali did not meet her eyes...and muttered'"Just do what we are saying". Curiosity got better of her and she decided she was going to open the gift now. Anyways Aranv was not coming for next 3 hours from work, she had just spoken to him on the phone.

Khushi got up with excited curiosity and bounced to Arnav's room, She entered his room and closed the door..she didn't even bother locking it, as nobody but LG ever dared enter his domain.

On the corner of the bed, was a gift box. Khushi, excitedly went to the bed and happily opened the box and took out a book. She saw the book, read the title, and the book dropped out of her hands like a hot potato!On the book was written 'How to pleasure your man' with intimate picture of a guy and girl! She didn't know how to react!! She was so embarrassed, upset and uncomfortable. What were Anjaliji and jiji thinking giving her a book like that!! She just sat there for a few minutes, very embarrassed, but then natural curiosity got better of her and she hesitantly picked up the book and opened it.

Arnav was quietly walking towards his room. He was supposed to be in a conference call for next 3 hours but damn, he could not keep his focus on work these days. He had delegated it to Aman and had left for home to surprise his lady love'

He opened his room, and there he saw Khushi, sitting on his bed, lost in thoughts, looking upwards with glazed eyes..Next to her was a book lying open with cover on the top...She looked so pretty!! just looking at her filled him with happiness. She was not aware of his presence as yet so he quietly walked towards her. What he saw when he reached her, knocked him out of breath. Khushi was gazing upwards with limpid eyes and next to her, was a book titled 'How to pleasure your man' He read one more time to double check, in case his eyes were deceiving him.. 'How to pleasure your man' WOW!!!!   "Khushi??" he called out in  incredulous tone, "What are you reading?..I did not know you were curious about these things"

On hearing his voice, Khushi jumped from where she was.."Nahi..hum nahi.." she stammered. She was embarrassed and mortified beyond belief!! She wished the floor would open up and swallow her!!! Hey DM, save me and started to run.

Arnav was quick for her. He quickly held her by her hand and brought her very close to him and whisperingly asked "Khushi, it's OK, tell me what were you reading?". She tried to struggle..but his grip though gentle, was iron clad. Once he again he gently asked, "What were you reading Khushi?" She swallowed..and replied.."woh di & jiji..they thought...they gave..they.." she stammered uncomfortably and paused, she could not go on further..

Arnav understood in a flash. But wished that she was not uncomfortable about talking these things with him. He gently reassuringly kissed her on her cheeks."Khushi, what did you read about?" he asked. Khushi's eyes flew up to his and she faltered to see him steadily looking at her. She blushingly replied "I can't, I can't tell you that". Arnav whispered back'"No? Ok, don't tell then, show me" She blushed even further "No..No..I'I can't "  She tried once more to run for it. But he was not letting her go.

He pulled her closer and whispered in her ears, "Khushi, either you show me what you read about or I read about it and I will show you'" Khushi gulped...she could feel his thundering heartbeat and could see his passion darkened eyes looking at her.. she knew he meant business..Hey DM give me strength! She closed her eyes, , slowly leaned forward, held his face with both her hands and kissed him. She opened her lips and took his bottom lip in her mouth..gently licked it and sucked it and then hesitantly entered her tongue in his mouth and explored his mouth.

Arnav felt as if somebody had touched him with a live electric wire. He bit back a moan, he was so damned turned on with the unexpected things Khushi was doing. Dear Lord..Dont let her stop..he thought to himself.

Slowly she pulled back, her breathing was heavy, she held on to him as if needing support. She refused to look at him and her eyes turned downwards. He let her have a moment's reprieve and then asked again.."Khushi, what else did you read about?" Her eyes flew to his and she turned beet red. "Khushi, show me" he gently commanded.

Khushi was in no state to disobey. It was like she was in a trance with pleasure! Arnav could see the submission in her eyes and felt wild frantic pleasure anticipating her next actions. She slowly looked down and with trembling hands started unbuttoning his shirt. She started trailing soft kisses along his jaw, neck and slowly moving downwards. In between she randomly opened her mouth to gently suck or lick. He was in hell..he didn't know and didn't care. He felt weak in the knees..He Arnav Singh Raizada felt weak in the knees at Khushi's inexperienced ministrations. He grabbed the bed post to steady himself. Khushi's onslaught continued. She slowly moved downwards till she gently kissed his nipples, licked it and nipped it a little with her teeth. He moaned out aloud. He couldn't control it anymore. Dear god, help him give him strength he prayed, he was so turned on that he could take her right then and there.

Khushi eventually stopped. Drugged on Khushi, drugged with her actions, he heard himself asking, "what else Khushi?" She visibly trembled at the question, breathing very shallow, and her chest heaved up and down and didn't respond anything back. Arnav instantly knew she felt very shy at whatever it was. Still holding her in his arms, he reached out to the open page of the book. He wanted to know...wanted to understand her shyness.. wanted to satisfy his curiosity...wanted to experience whatever it was. But what he saw there knocked the wind out of him.

He saw the open book and  instantly images of her kissing, licking, sucking and pleasuring another part of his anatomy came unbidden in his mind.  He chockingly whispered..."Khushi...'" Khushi looked up and met his eyes for a split second. Something elemental passed between them..a bond, an unspoken future that moment he knew, she would do whatever he asked of her. His breathing turned harsh...the book slipped out of his hand..and his grip on her slackened.

Khushi ran for the door and this time he let her..He stood there for a moment and then headed for a cold shower!

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